Ghost Stories

My own haunting

Hi, new to the site. Been interested in the paranormal for many years and thought it best to share my own story (the first one, had a few more since then) with you all. It first started when I was 16. I moved away from home to be with my partner at the time. I got a live in job at a hotel in Market Bosworth, England.

I had to live on site as I was too young to live on my own. Things where calm at first, but then it all changed. The Hotel is an old mansion and has a history of being a hospital during World War 2 and a rather nasty previous owner who was the local priest. Any how, it all started with small experiences that could be shrugged off as nothing , but my imagination like feeling pressure on the chair I was sitting on as if someone was moving by and hearing noises strange noises, but it's a hotel and this could have been put down to tiredness or other guests in the hotel. There where ghost stories and everyone had some kind of experience to share who worked there, which I found fascinating, but then something followed me to my flat. I lived on the grounds in a shared flat for employees. I'd lived there for 5 months without a peep from the ghosties, but then my flat mate had a dream. She said she saw me walking across the car park and there was a shadow following me and it came into the flat and sat down at the kitchen table and watched us. I laughed as it wasn't the first bizarre dream she had and we always told each other our dreams. I thought nothing more of it, until one night I was woken up, but I didn't know what it was, I just felt complete fear. I screamed and ran out of the room and climbed into her bed and immediately fell asleep, which was very strange. She woke me up in the morning and asked me why I was in her bed and I just said I got spooked, but that's all I could remember at that point. After a coffee my encounter came back to me so I told her and said I was probably imagining things. The usual happening carried on at work, but a little more intense and everyone noticed things where more active than usual. Another thing started happening, I finished at different times, but the church, which once belonged to the mansion and was 20 yards from my house, bells would ring every time I was alone walking across the car park. This was unusual as they only rang on the hour. Again I was woken one night by the feeling of fear this time I saw what looked like crystal balls in different sizes around the turned of light bulb. I couldn't move at first, but I forgot and again I ran to my friend's room. It all started to get a bit much. I couldn't leave the flat after dark without an escort and I either slept with the light on or in my friend's bed.

The worst experience of all happened just as I become accustom to the things going on. I started to say 'you're scaring me, please stop' when I felt something around me and the atmosphere would lift. I was reading in my room on the bed in the afternoon when someone appeared at the side of me. I could only see the lower half of the torso, but it was naked besides boxer shorts and tanned and looked remarkably like my boyfriends. I just turned round and buried my head in the pillows and screamed for my friend, who luckily was in at the time. She decided it was getting out of hand and having seen shadows several times walk towards my bedroom and thought the door she had no doubts that whatever was happening was real. We went to the spiritualist church in Nuneaton to see what could be done. They where no help, but one woman who heard what was going on offered to give me a reading to see if she could find out what was happening. She explained that my farther had taught me how to meditate as a child, which I didn't know until I investigated further, but what he taught me to do was open my chakras in meditatio. Every time I was stressed I would relax, but would open the chakras and had got quiet good at it. That's why I was having problems. She told me that when I was doing this I didn't know how to protect myself when I did and I was opening a door to that side of life.

I learnt to close them and open them through the spiritualist development circles and now have a better understanding of the side they call spirit. I moved, and learned to deal with this more. Funny thing is none of this ever happened when I lived with my dad, but has frequently since I left. He has now passed away, but I think he knew more than he let on.
Thank you for listening