Ghost Stories

My Personal Ghost Experience

Well to start off my name is Michael Garcia. I was born in the rio grande valley in Texas. I was raised in Port Lavaca, Texas. I'm currently 24 years old but my experiences date back from being only a few months all the way to now. I have had a lot of experiences from UFO/Alien type to ghosts. I made a post on the UFO thread about my experience.

To start off i have always felt i was a little different than every one else. Not better or any worse than some one, just not the same. I've been able to relate to a lot of people but not fully connect with any one completely because there is so much about me i keep hidden and secret like my experiences with the psychic, ghosts and UFO's. I know it sounds like a lot for one person to have experiences but i am going to be typing out every thing paranormal related that i have ever experienced and hope to make some sense out of it or to get a better insight on it.

I'm going to start off with stories first told to me from my mother and grandmother from back 1-6 years old because i've successfully blacked out that part of my childhood due to tramatic experiences with my father. These stories/events were told to me when i was much, much older when i went to them with some of the things i was feeling and seeing and they hoped it might put my mind at ease.

When i was a child i had a 'friend' that nobody could see but it was more than an imaginary friend. I've had this 'friend' since before i was able to talk or walk. My mother would hear me making noises and laughing in my room and find me sitting up in my crib looking up at the ceiling and smiling or looking off in to a random direction with a smile and pointing. I still to this day do not recall any of it only what i'm told from my mother and grandmother.

I was a loner as a child i liked to be left alone and play alone and would often wander off in the house to be alone and when they would find me it would be the same story. Smiling, laughing and looking off in the a corner of the room or at the ceiling and when my mother or grandmother would lift me up to take me to another room with them i would start crying and pointing back to the room and become very upset. I was 5 when i actually started to become so stressed and my blood pressure became so high that i had to be put on medication and began losing my hair and bald spots started to appear and i went from wanting to be left alone and heard laughing and baby talking by my self in rooms alone and pointing at the ceiling and smiling to crying and being terrorfied to stay in rooms alone. I'm still not sure why and i still don't fully remember it but i guess there can be two possible explinations for it.

One might be that what ever it was i was looking at and talking to was bad and began frightening me or as i started to become older i was more aware and it was just frightening to see or speak to it. I'm not sure which it was or if it was either or those or had any thing to do with my 'friend' that i was talking to on a daily basis although as i stated, i still don't fully remember any of the events. Just what was told to me by my family as i got older and began seeing, hearing and experiencing things and my family started telling me these stories with the notion that it was a 'guardian angel' and not to be scared of it.

This of course did not help the matter because up until that point where i had the talk with them i had thought maybe my imagination was getting the better of me but all their words did was help to fortify the fact that i was indeed seeing things, real things be it dead or alive. And once i was open to the fact that i was seeing these things they seemed to come more frequent.

My first real memorable one was at my grandmothers house. My older brother was putting my younger brother to bed and i was in the room with them. I walked out and in to the living room and caught some thing out of the corner of my eye and my entire body ran cold. My feet seemed to freeze to the floor and every hair on my body stood on end. I turned and looked and just saw the outline of a figure standing there bathed in white light but not blinding, just a dullish white light and then the feeling of absolute terror filled my body and i bolted back to the room and told my brother what i saw. My entire body felt like it was going to just fall to pieces from how bad i was shaking. He yelled at me and forced me out of the room. The room was attached to the living room so after forcing me out with my back to the room and once the door shut i turned around and saw the figure still there but not in the same position it was in a corner behind a couch that had a small triangle space between the wall and the couch once it had faded which happened only seconds later the corner that had once been luminted was dark again and at that point after it had disappeared is when the feeling of shock and terror filled my body again, not when i saw it but when it left and then i ran out of the front door in to the yard. My body at that time was actually cold. I had to rub at my forearms to warm my self back up and i waited for my brother to come back out side looking for me before i returned to the house. It was this experience that promted me to tell my mother and grandmother about the things i had been seeing and it's then that they told me about all of my experiences when i was a young child which like i said, did little to make me feel better, i had hoped i was going crazy instead of seeing spirits.

After that had happened i was expecting to see a ghost at every corner i turned which of course i did not. It only seemed to happen more frequently after that point where i knew what i was seeing, or, at least, think i know what i've been seeing.

The next experience i had was a year later at our house on tilley street we were playing 'blind mans bluff'. It's a game where you blindfold some body and turn out all of the lights and every one hides and they try to find some one. It was my brother, keenan, micah, aaron, brannon and my self. I was the 'blind man' with the fold over my eyes. I made my way down the hall and too my room. I closed the door except for a few inches because closing doors was against the rules. I opened my closest which was a fold out door that went to the sides and i reached in and grabbed a handful of hair and distinctly felt hair and the top of some one's head because they moved their head back. I let go and turned to flick on the light and removed the blindfold and opened the door and yelled out "Keenan's it!" which Keenan was the only one with long hair, like the head that i grabbed in the closet. Keenan walked out of a door way at the end of the hall and said it's not him because he was at the other end of the hall in a different room. I turned and opened the closet which had remained closed the entire time because i closed it after and it didn't re-open because i would have seen and heard it. And of course once i opened it there was nothing or no body inside of it. It was at that point the game ended and all the lights were turned back on. I've gone through this scenario in my head time and time again but nobody, absolutely nobody besides keenan had long hair and he was over 30 feet from the room down the hall and it was only 4-5 seconds after grabbing the handful of hair in the closet that keenan appeared at the end of the hall. The closet door remained close because it was noisy and not easy to open especially from the inside and i closed it after i grabbed the hair so if it was an actual person they would have still been inside of the closet but nothing was. After that i actually became so frightened to stay in my room i moved to my grandmothers across town.

It of course did not get much better here.. And i feel the need to clarify that it wasn't a "Haunting" i wasn't torrmented by what ever this thing was or is. It was just a long, long series of encounters that still happen to this very day.

When i moved in with my grand mother it was only a few months later that i had another experience. I woke up and began getting out of my bed and saw some thing move very fast on the other side of my room so much so that i twisted my head around only to see my door move side to side that lead to my bath room, it moved like some thing or some one brushed against it while running which at this point i was only a few feet from the door because i shot up to see who was in my room and then not even a second later i heard a loud crash and my shower curtains had been knocked off the braces, well, not so much knocked off as completely broken off and the curtain was crumbled up in the shower but the only way out of my bath room is through the door which i was standing 3 feet infront of or through the tiny 16 inch by 6 inch window slit which is impossible for even a child to fit through. It only took a few seconds to process what it was that i saw and i bolted, i ran to the living room where she was and had to calm my self down to try and explain to her what i saw. She again tried to tell me. "Don't be scared of it, it's just a guardian angel, you've always had it."

There are about a dozen other instances where i've seen, felt and heard things but nothing too big to tell you about. Just groans, some times things from the corner of my eye and when i turn i just see a split second of some thing faded out against the wall. Feeling things on my bed like the feeling of some one standing on the edge of my bed or sitting on the edge of my bed when i hear it creaking and slumping over and then slowly go back to normal. What most consider 'typical ghost activities'. Doors opening and closing themselves. Quick jerks of chairs like one of the wooden kitchen chairs that scooted over as if somebody bumped against it which nothing and no body was in the kitchen with me. And another thing is all of these experiences have happened in a number of different houses. When i lived down in the rio grande valley with an aunt for a year and when i moved back with my mother and lived with them in three different houses and with my grand mother in two seperate houses and now that i lived with my girlfriend in two different apartments and now in the house we own. The same experiences in a large number of different places.

One of the scarier but not the scariest events was one night while sleeping in the same bed with my girlfriend the first night we got our apartment together. I was laying down and i guess having a bad dream. I suddenly shot out of bed and was sweating, not a lot but definately sweating and as soon as i sat up which was very sudden my door swung open with enough force that it had door stop against the wall to prevent the handle from putting holes in it, it hit it with enough force that the handle made a loud clanging noise and bounced off the stop and shook the door which woke up my girlfriend immediately. Nobody was there because it was all hallway infront of the door and if any one had broken in and threw the door open for what ever reason i would have seen them unless they can clear a 20 foot hallway in 1.5 seconds.

The scariest happened in the same apartment a few months later. We had been out with friends all night and had just gotten home. I went straight to the bath room and after that i don't remember any thing else. I wasn't drunk because we hadn't been drinking but she said i ran out of the bath room not even a minute after i had went in and was crying uncontrolably and muttering on about the mirror and she said once i had calmed down enough i began telling her that i saw some thing in the mirror and that this time i had seen me. I don't know WHAT i meant by that i don't remember ANY of it, just what she told me. She said i kept going on about how i saw it in the mirror and it saw me this time and i wasn't safe and that i basically cried my self to sleep but that it had scared her so bad she turned on all the lights, including the TV's and i finally fell asleep while still crying. When i woke up she gave me this weird look i asked her what the look was about and she told me. "You don't remember last night?" I told her that i didn't and she filled me in. I didn't believe her at first i thought it was a joke but after awhile i could tell she wasn't joking. We hadn't been drinking that night or any thing else. She said i went in the bath room just fine but then came out a minute later crying my eyes out and going on about the mirror and they saw me and they're coming for me.

I have no idea what caused me to say that or why i said it. I don't even remember saying it. I remember coming in and going to the bath room and then that's it. I don't remember any thing else. I remember waking up with my head on a soaking wet pillow.

I've had a few experiences since then but nothing quiet like that. Just small incidents. Stuff moving or a noise in the house that shouldn't be being made. So if any one has any explinations, opinions or ideas related to any of my experiences i would love to hear them. I just ran across this website and was reading some of the things so i decided to post mine and see what others thought and what insight people could give me.