Ghost Stories

My Room!!

Ok so I have read about people on here having things happen in their room. I on the other hand always felt comfortable in my room. That's where I felt safe and spent all my time in in that house. ( We just moved this last summer )

Well I had always had my room a certain way but I decided to change it was then I experienced TWO occurrences during the time my room was arranged that way.

I had moved my bed to the other side of the room. I had a twin bed and the left side of my bed was against the wall with the big window right above the side of my bed. The head my bed was on the adjacent corner wall with a maybe 1 foot wide tall window.

My rooms windows looked out into my fenced backyard. It was a two story house. Well One night I was lying in bed with my night light on. ( I was 17 but have always been afraid of the dark ) I had JUST drifted off to sleep. The part where if awoken from you think wait was I asleep? I guess the very first stage of sleep.

Any who, I had just fallen into that stage when I was awoken by a loud BANG! on my wall. I shot up, and thought " WHAT was that?"

I think started to think I HAD to be a figment of my imagination for I knew your brain can make you hear things or imagine things in that stage. So I lay awake for maybe 5 min straining to keep my eyes open. I was still a lil uneasy even though I thought it was my mind. Waking up to a loud bang whether it be in your head or not can still be traumatizing.

Well My eyes finally gave out on my after 5 min. Then it was there again RIGHT when I hit that stage. This time 2 loud bangs. I shot up again and thought " Ok, That's a little weird, this time TWO times?" "I guess it could be my mind", I thought. I sat up this time for 20 min. Testing to see if it were my mind, if it wasn't maybe it happened every few min. Nothing for 20 min. So I fell asleep. Then AGAIN I awake from that same stage to 3 LOUD bangs on my wall right next to the skinny window. The bangs were so real in fact my 5 by 5 in pic hanging on the walk next to the window fell on to my bed. I though Holy Sh*t.

I was not dreaming the bangs. I sat up and I began to cry I was to terrified to run out of my room into the dark hallway, too scared to scream for my mom. Finally my fear and anticipation of sitting in that room took over and I attempted to scream for my mom.

Nothing came out of my mom. I know this probably has NOTHIG to do with anything paranormal. Cause it had happened before. But the last time it had, had been YEARS like when I was five waking up from a nightmare. I think it only happened when I was so consumed with fear my voice box didnt work. Strange phenomenon though if you ask me.

Anyway I eventually got the courage to get up and run to my moms room. Had to deal with her with hear asking me how old I was and the huffing and sighing to let me sleep on the floor.

Anyway I have taken into consideration that someone could have been messing with me. But its not likely. Again my room is on the second level both wall my bed is against has windows which means there was no room on the other side for my mom to knock on it. I have a black lab that stays in the back yard that barks at every movement back there. I highly doubt my dog didn't overlook someone back there.

Also It ranged from 1 to 2 to 3 bangs all when I fell into light sleep. each time waking up staying up a different amount of time. I can't give any other explanations as too what it could be.

Again I also mentioned I experienced one more occurrence in my room more terrifying ( for me ) than this one. But Ill put it in a separate topic as to not run them both together.

What's you feedback?

I would love to know :)