Ghost Stories

my second story

hello all!!! i finally got access to the internet again. i had mentioned in my first post about my youngest daughter and her gift, here is a few of the things that have happened.
sorry this is so long but i like to tell the whole story, i hope ya'll enjoy it.
we bought the land i live on in summer of 2000 and put a house there. there was alot of hard work involved in cleaning it up. me and my uncle hauled off 7 1/2 tons of cars and scrap metal. on the front acre there was a house that had been there as long as i can remember. the original owner died in the house, (my mom had knew the gentleman all her live) after he died the house stayed on the market for several years until the people we bought it from got it. they lived there for a few years and the youngest girl who lived there was close friends with my wife. she had told my wife many times about her seeing an old man in the house and around the land, her folks had seen it a couple of times also. wanting a quick way to make money the woman of the house and her boyfriend (both who are major physo's) decides to make meth and sale it. well they cought the house on fire and it pretty much burnt down. they put a trailer on it and live there for a while but decided to move shortly there after. so i go the land and the burnt house pretty cheap.
i gave the house to a man who had it moved so we could get our house put on the place. we didn't put our house in the same place as the old houes because i felt it was to close to two roads that cornered the land. we moved it about 50 yds from the old spot. after geting everything set up and we moved into the house. my wife called me at work (i workevenings from 3:30pm-12:00am) and would tell me she had seen an old man on the acre were the house had burnt down. after coming home couple times and not finding any evidence i began to wonder. she had her friend come over and decribed what she had seen, it was the same old man.
keeping everything in mind we went on with our summer vollyball games at night. when we would finish playing and everyone would leave i wolud sit outside to cool off. i started feeling very uneasy, this progressed, when people was there i felt nothing, but when it was just me i would get scared. it got so bad that when i had to go outside at night i would carry a gun with me. the one time that something happened with someone there during the night vollyball games it was with my mom (who is 3/4 cheorkee), my youngest daughter, and me.
my mom was giving my daughter a ride on her atv while we were playing ball. mom hollered at me to come over there to where they were. she told me that boo, my daughter told her se had seen a little old man on the front acre, it scared mom. so i got on the atv with her and had her show me where she had seen him at. when we got there she said he didn't want to see me and that they had played before. boo told me he was behind our wellhouse, when we got there had run behind some bushes, and from there he went behind a pine tree and waved bye. we were all a little nervous.
not to long after that my wife and i would hear boo talking to someone in her room when we knew she was the only one in there. she never acted scared of the old man, and the one time she did get scared she came running in the front room screamimg that there was a bad man in her closet, when i asked if it was the old man she replied no daddy a bad man!
the next week was my plant's summer shut down and i had talked to a older indian friend of mine at work and told him about what had happened, he told me that he could help. the friday before i was going to see my friend with my daughter we were lying in bed after my wife left for work at 4:00am and she kept asking asking who the man was standing in bedroom doorway. i told her that there was no one there, but she said there was. when my wife got home at noon i told her about what boo had said and my wife told me she had done that a couple times while i was at work.
that saterday we went to see my freind and he smoked us with sage and several other things and told me to not be afraid, to go home and smoke my house, put medicine bags over the doors of my house and over the bedroom doors and that night build a fire, clear my mind, and just talk to them just as i talked to him, let them know how i felt, what i wanted, and that if they still had problems to go see smiley and he would help. that night i did that. i told them i was there to build a home with my family a place were they could be safe. i knew that bad stuff had happened there but i wasn't a part of it, and that i would be more than happy to have them stay there to look over the place and help my family and freinds. since then things are great, i'm no longer scared to go outside my own house at night infact i go out just to talk and clear my mind at night now, boo hasn't been scared of anything at all and things have been going pretty good.

one of the things i forgot to mention was that my medicine man friend told me was that boo had the gift of indian medicine and to see things that others couldn't, he also told me i did too but was afraid of it! that was two years ago and since then i have seen so many things and been showed so much!! in the spring i start more "schooling" i can't wait!!!
one more word, thanks for the great stories about oklahoma ghosts, vampiresfury, i live about 40 mins from fort gibson, also thanks waterlilly, for being so caring about my last post, that ment alot!!!