Ghost Stories


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my sister and I grew up in a triple decker that was built by our great, great uncles, my grand mother owned the house, and lived on the third floor for many years, before moving in with us, but she took quite ill and was placed in a nursing home for better medical treatment.

My father bought the house from my grand mother for a dollar and took over the responsibilities of being a home owner. My father needed to have more income coming in so he decided to rent out the second and third floors, for years my sister's and my bedroom were on the second floor, my bedroom moved from the second floor to the first floor den, no problem. My sister still had her second floor bedroom which had a separate entrance way, and it was better because my sister would have to share the den with me, and she didn't want that, so she kept her bedroom upstairs. My father got a tenant, a widow and her daughter, her daughter was staying with her mom until she got married in a few months and would be on her own. My father's new tenants had no problem with the fact that my sister would have the second bedroom, all was well, they just blocked off that doorway, and my sister still had easy access to her room via the second floor hallway.

Things seemed to be going smoothly, until one night my sister burst through the first floor living room doorway armed with her blanket and pillow, and her already fair skin, pale white, she kept repeating.."something's in my room and I'm not going back"..after we calmed her down enough she began to tell us what happened, and to be honest I was intrigued by it. She sat in my mom's rocker and said that as she was laying in bed watching t.v. in the dark, she could see her porcelain dolls heads doing 360's as she saw this by the glow of the t.v., she couldn't believe her eyes, then without warning her bed started shaking violently to the point where she had to hold on to her head board. This lasted a few minutes, when it was done she leaped out of her bed and ran to the door, but found she couldn't open it, she said it was as if someone was on the other side holding it shut, after a several moments of this occurance my sister pulled on the doorknob and was sent flying on her butt, the door opened as nothing was wrong. My sister didn't lock the door, we grew up that you don't close or lock the bedroom doors in case there is a fire, and you need to get out, well there was no fire that night, but she needed to get out of her room fast. I took it upon myself to sleep in her room, hoping that the same thing would happen to me, but it didn't, I told my sister after 3 weeks of her sleeping on the couch that I thought it was safe for her to go back in which she did, but she slept with the light on from that point on.

No one really knows what happened that night, and my sister has never mentioned it again all these years, but I speculate that it was the widows husband paying a visit and to let my sister know he wasn't too pleased that she had the second bedroom while his daughter slept on the couch.

the Second encounter...

Back in 1990 my father retired and I was getting married while they were making arrangements to move to GA shortly after my wedding, I stayed behind to begin my new life as a newlywed, but my sister moved down with them.

For a short period of time my hubby and I moved down to GA, had our oldest and decided we needed to move back up to Mass, we lived there from 91-93.
In 1997 our Uncle Eddie passed away from spinal Meningitis, and about 3 months after his passing another strange experience happened to my sister. She related to me that she was in her bedroom watching t.v. and got a strong whiff of a man's cologne, she figured that her cat Muffin must have jumped up on dad's bureau and broken a bottle of his cologne, upon investigating, she found nothing broken or knocked over, not even the smell was there, in that room anyway, but as she got to her room, the smell was still lingering, as it had been before. Another thing, her t.v. decided to go wacky, her show that she had been watching with no problem suddenly went to static, she decided to turn it off by the remote, only it wouldn't shut off, thinking that the obvious happened, the batteries died, she replaced them with fresh, out of the package ones, and still it would not shut off, she finally had had enough and pulled the plug, a few moments later, she put the plug back in and the same thing would happen..this went on for a while and then all of a sudden, remote complied with her wishes and she was able to get it to work.

My theory on this and I have told her this too is that it makes sense that it would be Uncle Eddie, because Uncle Eddie was my sister's God Father, and I guess he just wanted to come to let her know that even in death he would always be with her and look out for her.