Ghost Stories

my story from 4th July

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Hey all I posted this before, but now i added some visual. hope you enjoy.

Back last year for 4th July of 05 I unfortunately was home because I was not driving yet. A lot of people around this area Don't bother going somewhere far to watch fireworks because there is a hill that is just up the block from about 8 different streets, so most people go up there to watch the fireworks. From the top of the hill you can see the whole city, including about 3 other cities, pretty much from horizon to horizon.

I decided to go up the hill like many other do. On a regular night that hill is very creepy, maybe from so many stories I've heard from others that have been up there. Its not like that at all on 4th July though, its more like a park, with so many families up there and children chasing each other around. With that in mind I didn't hesitate to go alone.

My sister was here @ home with her bf and they were just sitting outside in the front yard. after it was dark I asked them if they wanted to go with me since they were just sitting on the bench swing. They didnt want to. So I headed on up since I saw a few people were going up there with their kids. I walked up the large trail on the right, passing a few families who were already enjoying firework shows from every direction in sight. and the little kids with their "ooooooo" "look at that one!!" I didn't want to be around all the other families and kids so I ept going farther up the hill.

Theres ONE tree on that hill, a sad looking willow, that droops and barely moves in the wind. under that tree, a man had shot himself and his gf with a shotgun because he had lost his job. I always get the creeps when I pass it so I didn't look at it while I passed.

after the tree theres 2 different trails you can take that go in opposite directions. The one on the left leads higher and farther into the hills, the one on the right leads over, and back towards the front of the smaller hill.

further up on the left trail, near some boulders, I could see the silhouettes of a family So I headed off onto the right trail. The dry brush was pretty tall at the time so I went to look for an open area where I could see all the horizons and all the fireworks.

I headed off the trail and found myself surrounded by tall brush, but ahead of me was the silhouette of a large rock that I thought would be the best spot to watch the show, AND I could just sit down on it. So I approached it, but with it being so dark, I had no sense of perspective and it felt like if I got any closer to the rock I would fall of a cliff, even though the side of the hill is round. but that feeling in the gut didnt want me to get closer so I ended up standing right behind the rock.

I looked behind me and I could still see the family a distance away. I watched fireworks for a few min when I felt like someone/something was behind me. when I looked, nothing. not even the family was there anymore. I assumed it was nothing. A while later I heard some shuffling in the brush behind me. again i looked. nothing. So again, I assumed it was nothing, and the sound I heard was just from the rabbit that live in the bushes. but then again. I heard some noises in the brush behind me, but sounded like it was getting closer. still I brushed it off, but after a few times that I turn my head away, I hear it move, and when I look, it stops. It really got on my nerves, not so much as being scared, but being frustrated since I couldnt see it.

Finally it had gotten me mad, and I turned around, and croutched to get some cover from the high brush. I waited a few seconds and then I head as if it was moving slowly closer to me. then it stopped. I scanned from left to right, and right dead center in front of me was a huge head. it was a little far from me, but the head still looked big. I looked at it for a few seconds, still thinking to myself, WTF is that?! and then I thought was, it doesnt matter, this thing is stalking me and i gotte get out of here. It had large eyes, ears like a cut pitbulls ears, and ot jsut looked all grey to me, with a slight orange tint from the city lights. This Is roughly what I saw. the first one is a quick drawing I made, and the second is a picture I made with a computer animation program I use at school.

This one to me, looks a lot more like it.

It was hiding behind some grass, and I just got up and busted out of there. I had no idea of where I was going, but if I ran towards one directions I was sure i would find one of the trails. I ran In a zig zag so it couldnt just pounce on me. I ran down a little dip, fell and got back up faster than imagined. finally I ran up a steep stretch, during this whole time I could hear something chasing me, the sound of something moving quickly through the bushes, and closing in on me fast. but finally It felt like I had fallen out of something, and I was back on the trail. the sound stopped at the edge of the bushes.

With all of the weeds, and prickly stuff now stuck in my shoes and socks, I quickly looked for the main trail to get back down. I found it shortly after and when I did my phone began to vibrate in my pocket. Pulled it out and it was my brother, I answered it, and first thing he asked me was "hey are you ok?" "where you at?" I told him i was fine, but that I would call him back because I had someone calling me. I switched over to the second call, and it was my girlfriend. First thing she asked me was "are you ok?" and I asked her why do you ask?, but yea i am. she said she just had a wierd feeling, I told her I would tell her when i got home. when i was on the main trail it began to get a little windy, and everyone on the hill was gone.

there was only 2 people with the fold up chairs who were on the main trail. I went down, and straight home. My sister and her bf were still out front, and when I got home she asked me "what happened on the hill?" i just responded "nothing, why?" and she told me that as I was walking up the hill, there looked like if there was someone following me up there. and that shortly after I went up, she saw everyone come back down the hill as if something happened.

here is a satellite view of the hill, the red dot is about the area where I saw this "thing" the green dot is approximately were I was at when I saw it. the yellow is where i was running through the brush. I know i ended up there because i was right at the edge of a steep trail that leads down.