Ghost Stories

My story of human "ESP"

Anyone here who has actually paid attention to my posts knows that I am the mega-skeptic. I have a hard time believing anything I read here (no offense, thats just the way I am). So, given all that, I have my own story :) .

No, it is not a ghost story. But it is certainly right up the alley of strange things, and I do believe it is appropriate. I tell everyone I have had no experienes, but I suppose thats not true, because of this story:

Ok. From 9th to 12th grade, I used to train in a martial art called "ninjutsu". The man leading it was hardcore: he had a Ph.D. in neurology, and was one of the few "genuine" ninjutsu places in the U.S.. The reason for that was that the Japanese head master requires that if you are to teach ninjutsu and be sanctioned by the Japanese Ninjutsu Dojo, you have to be non-profit. So, the point is, you know that my teacher was in it for the right reasons. To further explain how rare such a guy was, you have to realize... every 6th class or so he would lecture instead, and go into some serious, hardcore Japanese beliefs of energy and the soul, along with alot of talk/practice of Zen-based meditation. It wasn't just punch-punch-kick-kick. (we also did alot of neat stuff with weapons but anyway :) )

SO ANYWAY!! every few years he does this absolutely wacked out demonstration. It starts with a not-so-fantastic, but still cool display: he blindfolds himself, and by only snapping and clapping, he is able to locate 3 people in a large room who are standing in random spots before he enters room. He would demonstrate how he knew where they were by doing a light kick right on their hip once he zeroed in on him. You have to realize: he was able to accurately locate objects with just his hearing. Much like a bat uses sonar. And, yes, I saw it. It was neat. The demonstation takes a while though (hes not super fast or anytyhing) .. it takes him 5-10 minutes to accurately zero in on one person.

Ok the real crazy thing.
First let me explain the object that is throughout this next demonstration:
In a glass jar, a silk butterfly hangs from the top of the jar from a monofilament (super thin string). This jar is completely sealed, i.e., you can blow on it all you want, but that butterfly wont move a bit. So. Just as in the other demo, he spends about 20 minutes just meditating as prep. In this demo, though, he turns off the lights. We all gathered round, but just so we could see the buttefly clearly, he put a small flashlight on top of the jar.
So. At this point, he begins to put his hands close to the jar, but not on the glass (so its not like static electricity is going to play a part). Imagine him grasping the jar with his fingers curving with the curve of the jar (its a upside down bell jar), but an inch away. So, almost immediately as he does this, the flashlight starts flickering. Ok ok this is maybe just coincidence. So he gets 2 more AA batteries. Brand new. And, its doing fine, but just as he begins to do his hands close to the jar, it starts to flicker. Ok thats weird, sure. Anyway, flickering light is understood by my audience, right? Ok, he starts to move his hands slowly with the curve of the jar. After a bit, the butterfly starts to move with his hands. He would also jiggle his fingers a little, and it would jump a little. And finally, he would do a "spin" with his hands, and the butterfly would begin to spin.

So what did I see? Is their any explanation? I must stress that the butterfly and string togethere were still very light. I wonder if in anyway the flashlight made heat and just started making it spin. Like, created some wind in the jar. Then again, that doesn't really explain all i saw with the movements of the butterfly. But I also question, why the flashlight and not just leave the lights on? Why is that at all important? Is that a clue if this whole thing somehow is fakeable? Anyone have a light butterfly, air-proof bell jar, flashlight, and a little time on their hands? :)

Look, I trust this man, but that means nothing. Who knows, he might be a nutball who plays it off well. What do you guys think?

If it was the real thing: he basically exhibited telekinesis.

Side note: He also could release adreneline on demand. As in, he would hold his forearm out, and as we watched, his arm would have develop serious goosebumps (which is a common reaction to adreneline). And, when I looked into his eyes, you could just tell: he was feeling pumped. But do u know anyone that can make goosebumps happen just by standing there with their forearm out? I certianly dont.

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