Ghost Stories

My Strange Childhood Experience (need answers).

This incident in my childhood that's left me with a lot of unanswered questions and maybe someone here can help me figure out what was happening and what it was or why.

I can't remember how long this went on but I believe it was a few weeks. I was 11 at the time from what I remember I'm now 32. It was an early sunday morning my mother was preparing a sunday school lesson she wanted me to help her with a lesson on Noah's ark she asked me to put on some old records for sound effects she wanted mainly rain and storm sounds for the flood. The first one I grabbed was an old haunted house sound effects record then we put on some kind of bible record (can't remember what now). We were listening to the record my mother was in the kitchen in her flannel night gown facing my direction by the kitchen table. I was just on the other side of the kitchen door which is a large open archway I was in the recliner facing backwards kneeling in it looking in her direction. The record player was in between us on the counter when I felt something on my shoulder I instinctively I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw water running on to my shoulder in a clear stream like a faucet, I jumped up, at the same time I heard my mother screech that she had been hit with water that something hit her with water. We were puzzled at first we looked for answers trying to figure out was happening but we couldn't find any we looked for holes in the ceiling there were none.The roof was good and the closest source of water was a dog dish in the kitchen but no one had bumped it or we would have been wet earlier. All we knew was we were soaked and getting more scared we vowed never to play those records again and we didn't.(I threw out the old haunted house record in the outside garbage and some time later I found it again in the house I never told my mother about that).

The next incident was in the middle of the night we were sleeping when I was startled out of bed by my mother yelping my name so I went down the hall to her bedroom she asked me to turn the lights on she told me there's something wrong with the bed it's wet for some reason. But it was only on my fathers side and he wasn't home he always went to the taverns at night like clockwork till around 2am or so.

I remember her asking me what it was so I smelled it, it was smelled foul like a toilet.( It was not either of us because we were dry as a bone.)We were cleaning it up we hauled it to the bathroom and put the bedding in the bath tub as we were putting it in we were amazed at how much water started pouring out of it I seemed like a gallons. The dog was to short and old get on my mothers bed and I remember my mother was trying to explain to my dad what had
happened that maybe we have a ghost or something but all he could do was blame me. He said I sleepwalked over to his side of the bed and peed on it. My mom was angry that he would suggest such a thing first of all I 've never sleepwalked nor have ever been a sleepwalker his excuse was because his brother sleepwalked into my grandfathers room and peed all over his dresser.

The next thing that happened was that my favorite hat at the time disappeared a neon yellow trucker style hat. We were on our way out the door to church I put my hat specifically on the top of the couch against the wall so when I came home I knew where to find it. When we got back it was gone My dad didn't move it he always slept till three in the after noon. We got back around twelve so no one had touched it and I never did find it.

So we tried to get some sort of validation from the folks at church they thought we were nuts I can still remember them mocking us accept for one person. She told us how to get rid of it we had to cast it out tell it to leave. We walked through each room sprinkled it with holy water and verbally reclaimed it in jesus name It worked but not without it leaving a major going away surprise first.

We had a large five gallon buck of white paint hanging around for a while one of my dads tavern buddies gave it to him he was always bringing weird things home that's how I got most of my dogs. But this bucket of slightly used paint had sealed itself shut and we all tried to get it open but couldn't also it was the only white paint in the house.(eventual my dad took a hatchet to it.)

I don't remember how much later it was after we told it to leave. I went down to the basement to get something I turned on the the lights and I was walking past a wooden 4x4 support post in the basement which had an old crappy body mirror that at some point someone spray painted the frame a cheesy gold and was nailed to the beam. When I finally noticed it I freaked out and ran up stairs to my mom, it was a hand print in white paint left on the mirror. The print was odd looking it whole around edges and partial in the palm when you looked at the fingers and prints it was distorted it's hard to describe our hands were to big we even tried matching our hands against it. My father made all kinds of excuses again when we ruled out ourselves he blamed my niece who at the time was five and was not present. Also we found out around the same time that my sister had experienced an extreme incident at her house as well as my aunt who had a minor one at her apartment we couldn't help thinking it was related some how but could never figure out why or what.