Ghost Stories

My Three Ghosts

Hello! I'm new here, and I wanted to share this with you and see if any of you have had similar experiences.

Several months ago, while watching Ghost Hunters with my mother, I glanced out the window and saw a man dressed in white begin running across the yard. I blinked and he was gone. Instantly. About a month after that, I was rummaging through my brother's room for something and looked up into the mirror. Standing behind me was a girl in a red dress, staring expressionlessly at me. She too vanished quickly. A week and a half ago, a boy in a blue shirt appeared in my living room and disappeared.

Because they've begun appearing more frequently, I've given them names and seen them enough to give good descriptions.

Cledwyn (the first; his name means 'white' for his suit): about 24, standing around 5'9". He has dirty blonde hair, about average length and rather messy, and grayish-blue eyes. He is dressed in a white suit, for unknown reasons. He appears and interacts the most and is known as the trickster.

Poppy (the girl; her name means 'red' for her dress, also my favorite): around 15, 5 feet 4 inches tall, I'd say. She has long mahogany brown hair that is in loose curls and brown eyes. She's dressed in a red, late '30s party dress and plain flat red shoes. She has given me her emotions and a bit of her memories, touched my ankles, and doesn't appear as often. She is rather shy, but I've determined she was killed slightly before World War II when leaving a party.

Trey (the newest, his name means 'three' for obvious reasons): he is about 17, standing at 5'7", all estimates. He has shaggy brown hair with lighter highlights and green eyes. He is wearing a plain blue t-shirt and dark blue jeans, with shoes that look suspiciously like Converse. I imagine he's only died in the last 10-20 years. He's the shyest and has appeared only twice.

I've noticed they appear more when I'm upset. Since my significant other has gone on vacation, I've been lonely and kind of miserable, so they have definitely appeared more often. The other night, when bored and writing about Poppy, I got a strange pain in my side, like someone had slid a knife between my ribs. When I mentioned her murderer (all imagination to this point), I was filled with so much fear I literally could not move. This was interrupted every few moments with flashes, of her in a dark room, ending with a hand and a glint from metal or something shiny. It took all my effort just to finish the piece.

Today, I think I must've annoyed Cledwyn, because he's been shaking things. I was sitting at the desk, on the computer, when the right speaker tipped over, hit the printer, stopped, and fell again. If that wasn't scary enough, a water bottle, about half-full, began shaking as well. But when I looked at it directly, it stopped. Finally I glared at it and said "no." Nothing happened for a few moments, then it started again. "Stop!" I said. It began shaking more, almost tipping over. By this point I was terrified and hoping it was the fan shaking it, so I put it atop the printer. Everything was fine and I was becoming less paranoid. Until the water bottle was pushed off the printer.

Scared out of my wits, I moved to the living room, where nothing happened. I moved back later and after talking to my friend made a wild guess he wanted me to listen. So I turned off any noise-makers and listened. Instantly, I heard tapping, then laughter. Then nothing. I later saw him for a moment sitting atop my washing machine. He also touched me on the back about 15 minutes ago; his hands are cold.

Does anyone know anything about this? Any similar experiences or reassurances? I'm torn between loving the paranormal and being terrified of it.