Ghost Stories

My true experiences

Well where do I begin...

I have had so many experiences I will just add a few and leave some for another time.

1. When I was 11 I visited an activity camp with the school. My best friend at the time was heavily into the paranormal and he convinced me to do an Ouija board. I had never done one before, but my mother had always told me of the dangers of dabbling with the board and the problems that could occur. The school had taken us to the Isle of White, just of the southern coast of England. It was a great holiday camp and as part of the weeks events we were to undertake activities like canoeing, abseiling, orienteering, and water skiing. My friend and I locked ourselves away in his log cabin during the early afternoon whilst the others where having free time. He laid out the board on the bed and told me to put my fingers on the triangle and ask questions. I thought it was all a bit of fun and didn't think any harm could come from it. He seemed deadly serious and was concentrating. We seemed to have contacted a little boy who died on the island with his dog FIDO. We asked a series of subtle questions and all where answered. His name was incoherent and spelled out something like Sir Hereltic or something similar. I then wanted to ask whether he was in hell or heaven (being young and stupid), the board did not respond for around a minuet and so I asked again. The triangle planchete suddenly shot off the board and onto the floor. We both jumped and got quite scared. After a few moments, loud thumps started banging on all sides of the cabin and the wooden shelf above the bathroom sink collapsed and fell to the floor. We shrieked as kids do and threw the board across the room, which ended up underneath the other bed. Both of us ran out of the cabin and joined the other kids, staying close to our teachers. I suppose being young had its advantages as we soon relaxed and focused our attention on other activities.

Later that week the whole class went on a orienteering exercise and we had to find locations which gave us clues to the next location. My friend and I found a dog kennel which had a clue attached to it, but the plaque on the kennel read 'here lies thy faithful companion FIDO'.....We both looked at each other and ran off screaming. I did think that he had fooled me and already seen the kennel earlier that week and thus moved the planchete to scare me. I later found out that he had thought the same thing about me.

We arrived back in England at home the next day. It was late in the evening and I was exhausted after travelling all day. I don't remember much, as I was soon asleep in my warm bed. When I awoke the following morning for breakfast, my mother seemed perturbed and asked me abruptly if I had done something that I shouldn't have whilst I was away at camp. I immediately sick with fear and thought how the hell could she know! I confessed and apologised but asked why she had asked me such a question. She said that the night before she had gone to bed at around 11pm and was reading for a about half an hour. She explained that she heard small footsteps go down the stairs and into the kitchen, and then come back up again. She had thought that It may have been me getting a drink of water or something but the footsteps sounded a lot lighter than mine and she didn't hear me go into my bedroom. She then explained that she had gotten up to check and was surprised to find the bathroom tap running with hot water and my bedroom door shut closed. My mother is quite a gifted psychic and felt that something a little odd was amidst. She ventured downstairs and all the lights were off. She explained to me that she went into the kitchen and felt a strong presence that shouldn't have been there. My mother asked whatever it was to leave our house as it was not welcome, and went back up to check on my sister and I. We were apparently fast asleep and comfortable so she then went to bed feeling a little scared.

I was terrified at the thought of a ghost following me home and being in my house, and my mum tried to reassure me that everything was okay and not to be scared. It didn't help after all I was only 11. The following 4 months were bad. Objects went missing, footsteps were heard, I was punched in the back while I slept and had a bruise on my spine for a week. My cats refused to come in to the house, and the bathroom taps used to turn themselves on. I then begun hearing my name being whispered all the time and once got locked in the bathroom even though there was no lock on the bathroom door at the time. Whatever it was not happy and wanted to scare us all. One night I remember going up to bed to find all my bedroom windows wide open and the room freezing even though it was high summer. My sister seemed to be unaffected by this spirit and only ever experienced her bedcovers were pulled off whilst she was trying to sleep. My mother spoke to several people about what was going on and they advised her of several methods to cleanse the house. She resorted to prayer and candles and went around the house to banish it from every room. It seemed to work and no disturbances were seen, felt, or heard for years.

I know this is a very long story and thank you for taking the time to read it. The final thing I wanted to add was that the spirit which had been banished from the house, seemed to be outside the building and on one occasion my '15th birthday' I was washing up some cups in the kitchen sink and heard my name whispered again. I looked up and saw a small boy in Victorian clothing standing outside the kitchen window staring at me. He was wearing a flat cap and had a green tweed waistcoat on. I was totally freaked out and ran out of there quick only to find him gone when i brought my mother in to see.

2. When my first daughter was born five years ago, my partner and myself were living a one-bedroom ground floor flat in Middlesex, England. It was a small rented flat and very cosy. We had two bedrooms directly opposite each other and short narrow corridor separating the rooms from the kitchen and lounge. We had decorated one of the bedrooms into a nursery for our daughter and she slept in there after a few months. One night she was sleeping in her room with the door closed and the baby monitor on next to her. We had the receiver next to us in our bedroom and were watching a film in bed. My partner Lucy, thought she heard the baby shifting and picked up the monitor to listen more closely. 'Keah' was lightly breathing and all seemed fine, when suddenly we both jumped out of our skin when we heard a loud, long, whispered voice say very clearly Keeeeeaaaaahhhhh!!!. Lucy being a sensitive immediately said firmly into the monitor (even though it was a one-way receiver) get out of my baby's room. I was scrambling out of the bed to run in to her when the voice replied 'You get out'!!!. I shot into her room like lightening scared out of my wits and turned the light on. She was sleeping peacefully and the monitor was still next to her cot bed. I scooped her up and took her into our room with us, where she slept for the next year. We never put her back in that room and kept it closed most of the time. Lucy refused to go in there alone and I only did during the day to clean it and get her clothes and toys out. It did occur to me at the time to put a digital voice recorder in there overnight to record any EVP's but I didn't have one at the time and we couldn't afford to buy one. We left that flat after our second child was born and to this day shiver every time we talk about that incident.

My impression is that it may have been the entity that followed me home from camp 12 years before, but if so why didn't try and attack me or cause a massive disturbance again. We did have some strange things happen around the rest of the flat, but not as strange as that. Other explanations could have been interference on the radio receiver. We will never really know. Keah has grown up with quite an active imagination and has often said strange things about imaginary friends and yesterday about her great Nan that passed on the 27th December this year. She seemed to know where I was going on the 28th and even explained that her 'great Nan' was now a fairy and still wore her glasses....Maybe she visited the girls the night she passed. I am waiting for her to visit me as she knows I would love to see her in spirit form and capture her energies on camera....

I am tired now so I will write more soon

Thanks for reading it and let me know what you all think. :)


Well, another strange series of incidents occurred whilst I was studying at University in 1999. I was sharing a large Victorian house with 7 other friends. We all had huge individual bedrooms and mine was the old kitchen/pantry of the house. It had just one small window and was quite gloomy but very large, and had very high ceilings, which was nice. One night my friends and I were up watching films and chatting into the small hours. I was feeling tired so decided to retire to bed. It was around 2.30 am and I had to go all the way down to the ground floor in the dark to get to my room. The dark never really bothered me it was just the stairs and the basement door that always freaked me out a little. Anyway, I went to my room and got into bed. I turned out my bedside light so the only light into my room was coming from the small gap beneath the large oak bedroom door. No sooner than I turned out the light and buried my face into the pillow than I felt like someone was shaking me hard to get up. I could feel no hands and heard nobody come into my room, but I was being violently woken up (although I hadn't fallen asleep yet). I turned me head towards edge of the bedside and looked up. What I saw scared the hell out of me and only lasted seconds, but I still have a very vivid memory of it. There was a girl around 6 or 7 with long curly blonde hair and a white dress standing inches from me. She was not a flesh and blood type of spirit, but an opaque and slightly glowing presence. What was strange was that I could clearly see all her features and even make out her eye and hair colour even though it was pitch black. Being startled and seeing her standing there so abruptly made me react in a defensive manner and I instinctively kicked and punched out in her direction. I hit nothing and she just vanished into the black of the room. I ran out of there and slept with one of my housemates for the night.

Now you may think that is the end of that, but I have experienced the same violent shaking whilst in bed not just at University, but at my mothers home, my sisters house and my friends house at different times over a three year period. Each time It happened I prepared myself to see her again but I never did. As soon I lifted my head or opened my eyes the shaking stopped.

Even stranger, my partner Lucy who I met just after Uni experienced me being shaken awake by this invisible force and described it as if something was shaking the whole bed. She never saw hthe girl, but felt a presence with me frequently. One night we were living at my mothers' house (the house I grew up in) and awoke at the same time for no particular reason. We were facing each other and asked if each other was okay. We kissed and closed our eyes to fall back to sleep, but no sooner as we had done this we both heard a little girls voice clearly and loudly say 'goodnight' coming from the pillow between us. It was so sudden and short that we just looked at each other and confirmed that we had both heard it.

My sister who lived far away at the time told me that whilst she was living temporarily with my father in Berkshire, England during the summer of 2008 she felt someone get onto the bed with her and felt them sink into the mattress. She then heard a girl start to sob and thought that it was our younger sister who was only 6 at the time. She frequently used to jump into bed with one of us during the night for comfort. My sister then turned over to check that the younger one was okay and saw a girl exactly as I did sobbing into her hands. She freaked out and screamed the house down until my dad came running into her room. Apparently as soon as he did, the girl vanished into thin air and the room went icy cold. He never saw that girl, but to this day will not speak of the incident openly. I think that he knew the house was haunted and has experienced something himself. I had slept in that room for at least 3 years prior to that incident during weekends and some school holidays, and I could never ever fall asleep in there. I would sometimes be awake until the birds and sun were coming up then just fall asleep until the afternoon. I was never scared in there, but just could not fall asleep no matter how hard I tried or wanted to.

This experience still continued with my sister telling me how she has seen the girl more than once and had the bed shaking experience also whilst living away at University 300 miles away from me and around the same time I did. I stayed with her one night when she was in her third and final year at Portsmouth University, and she said that I could not or would not be able to close the bedroom door at night as 'she' would just open it again. Well I closed it and my sister and I shared her double bed for the night. At about 5am we both awoke to the bed being shaken again and guess what? The door was wide open! These strange experiences have stopped and I did try and communicate with her, but to no avail. I have opened myself up to her and felt that she most definitely wanted to get our attention to ask for help. She originated in my dads house and followed my sister and I even though we were both separated by the length of the country. I feel that she had lived in the house that once stood where his new build is, and may have died in there of a sickness of some sort. I now believe that she has passed over to the spirit world and is in peace, but can't be entirely sure.

Sorry for the long account and thanks for taking the time to read it. :)