Ghost Stories

My Wifes Childhood Experience with a ouija.

* My wife wrote this up and permitted me to share it here**

Let me take a few moments to share one of my experiences with you. I have not included any real names because i dont think thats very fair.

When I was about 11 I went to spend the night round a friends house, the family was a very troubled family:-

There was the mother, a woman in her late fourties, a deeply disturbed and depressed woman, who was also a terrible alcoholic, for the purpose of re telling my experience I'll call her 'Laura'

There was the step father, he was in his late 30s, he too was an alcoholic, and used to beat his wife and children, and committ adultery regularly, so as you can imagine he was in and out of their lives. for the purpose of re telling my experience I'll call him 'Robert'

Then there were the children, there was the eldest, a male aged around 27/28 at the time, he too unfortunatley was an alcoholic, out of work, with 3 children with different partners, he too was in and out of the family at different times, as it suited him.for the purpose of re telling my experience I'll call him 'Martin'

The eldest Daughter, aged around 24/25 at the time. Unfortunatley another alcoholic. She was also very very in on herself, didnt socialise (unless she was in a bar), no friends that we know of, no relationships (although later she did decide that she was gay.), but she did work. for the purpose of re telling my experience I'll call her 'Sally'

The next Daughter, aged around 19/20 at the time. Unfortunatley also an alcoholic. She too was unemployed, but was the total opposite of her older sister, very lively and outgoing. She had a very succesful boyfriend who lived in the house, who was the manager of a local branch of a big supermarket chain. They had announced earlier the same day the experience happened that they were expecting their first child.for the purpose of re telling my experience I'll call her 'Brenda'

The youngest Daughter, aged around 11 at the time also, was slowly becoming an alcoholic, with a passion for cider. She was also fond of playing truant, and was allowed to smoke. for the purpose of re telling my experience I'll call her 'Sam'

The next child down, a boy, (step brother to the four mentioned above) was aged 5 at the time, was a very cute little thing, but was not toilet trained, was still sucking a dummy, was still bottle fed and not fond of wearing clothes (which his mum was ok with).for the purpose of re telling my experience I'll call him 'Joshua' and The youngest child, another boy, (also step brother to the eldest four) was aged about 2 at the time, he to was very cute, but again not very well looked after. for the purpose of re telling my experience I'll call him 'Ben'

To be fair to 'Laura', she was incredibly depressed and was not in any state to look after herself, her children or her home.

Anyway. Her boyfriend 'Robert' had just left 'Laura' for another woman on the tuesday, and her daughter had announced she was expecting a baby in the morning of the saturday, and the woman was incredibly jealous of this, so she had been drinking heavily all day long, a concotion of cider, white wine, red wine, and larger. So by the evening she was incredibly drunk and very very low, infact I would say suicidle.

Her daughter 'sam' that was my age called me on the phone in the afternoon to say 'laura' was in a state and she couldnt look after her or the children cos she was feeling sick (which i later discovered was because she had been drinking with her mum and mixing grape and graine - not a good idea for even the most, erm strong stomached of drinkers!)

I got round to the house at about 4 ish, and with no exageration i could not see the floor in their lounge room for the sweet wrappers, cigarrette ends and ash, where an ash tray had been kicked over, and beer cans, wine bottles and stuff. There were also two very smelly, very hungry little boys,'Sam' & 'Ben' in the middle of all this, and someone had made a fire (they had traditional coal fire), lit the fire, and not put the guard back over, so this huge lump of red hot coal has fallen out of the fire onto the floor (its just a good job there was no carpet there is all i can say).

So Im there, looking at this mess, at the age of 11 thinking what in gods name do I do now ??? 'Laura' and 'Sam' were just laying in a heap on one of the couches, laughing for no reason at all, which really confused me! (now I realise they were so drunk they had no control of themselves at all)

One of my friends lived across the road from them (we'lle call him 'Dave'), and his mum (who we'll call 'Mary')was a christian woman, believed strongly in helping people as much as she could, especially children. So I telephoned my friend 'Dave', and he bought his mum 'Mary' accross with him, I explained what had happened, and 'Mary' talked 'Laura' and 'Sam' into going for a sleep ... (its funny cos i never realised that if you spoke to drunk people like children they would do exactly as they were told until then!)

So anyway, 'Laura' & 'Sam' are now just like in this heap in the master bedroom, 'Mary' turns to us and says "they were old enough to get in this state, so they are old enough to fix themselves', 'Ben' & 'Joshua' however werent at all old enough to help themselves, neither of them could even talk! So 'Mary' washed and changed and fed, then managed to get the children off to sleep in their beds. Meanwhile,'Dave' and myself managed to start putting the rubbish into black sacks, and when his mum 'Mary' had finished with the children she came downstairs and we helped her clean up a bit more, obviously we didnt do an A1 job, but it was 200%
better. 'Mary' told 'Dave' to stay with me and look after the babies, ideally she would have taken them home, but her own husband was not very tolerant of young children. By now it was getting on for about 8:30/9:00pm.

About half an hour or so later 'Laura' (the drunk mother) comes down stairs, she's been upstairs crying her eyes out, and her daughter 'Sam' has been sick all over her, and is still asleep on the floor upstairs. Although she had sobered up a bit she hadn't sobered up much. the first thing she did was opened a bottle of red wine, and sat on the couch sipping from the bottle.

'Laura begins talking to me and 'Dave' about Ghosts, we were both interested in Ghosts anyway, But somehow 'Laura' gets on to telling us how wonderful Black magic was. I knew a little about black magic, but not very much... but she goes on to tell us about all these horrible spells and stuff, so I got up to leave because I didn't want to hear anymore, obviously to an 11 year old it was quite frightning.

But as I'm leaving she calls me, and says 'I know a way to contact dead people and its not black magic,' which stops me in my tracks, because as you know I am a sensitive, and have been my entire life so naturally I wanted to hear what she had to say ... Unfortunatley she started talking about the ouija boards, and I at this point made a very big mistake...

'Laura' was trying to tell me about these ouija boards and totally cocking it up, so me, being a cocky child and thinking I knew it all, couldn't wait to open my mouth and tell her, no no thats wrong, and then began telling 'Laura' & 'Dave' the real story of the ouija boards and how they worked. At this point in time I had done two or three with friends, but was pretty naive, I wasnt aware how dangerous they were, and also that I had no control of what came thru and that they might be lying to me. So when 'laura' says do I want to make one so that she can contact some friends I was like, yeah ok then. (by this point in time she was on about bottle number 3 of red wine by the way, and its somewhere past 11 o'clock at night!)

So anyway, I make this ouija board out of cardboard and fancy gold pens, and 'Laura' presents me with this crystal glass, that is incredibly old and worth a hell of a lot of money to use as the pointer/ answer indicator. One of the girls collected these candles of all different types, so theres the three off us, myself, ' Laura' and 'Dave all sitting around a dining table with a mass of candles lit around us, some stuffedin the top of empty wine bottles, some stuck to the table with melted wax, and some of the larger ones free standing on the floor. 'Laura has prepared herself by lining up these spare bottles of wine up next to her (by then im getting
seriously worried cos she had had a hell of a lot to drink that day, and i didnt realise it was bargain basement low alcohol plonk from the local cheap booze store.)

It was pretty creepy before we started anyway, because of the scene mentioned above, and the fact that the house was a few hundred years old, with traditional fireplaces, and lack of natural light sources. Anyway we nominated a 'caller', then we sat at the table, linked hands by our little fingers, closed our eyes, and 'Laura' asked two things... For The spirits to be in attendance at the house during the 'ouija session', and for them to make themselves known to us somehow.

Unfortunatley though, not being as knowledgeable as she thought she was, 'Laura' did not think to ask for protection from any form of god, or family member!After this we all broke the hand link, and put our fingers on the answer indicator, and each took it in turn to ask questions... eldest to youngest. I cant remember the exact questions now, but for the first little while nothing happened, then 'Dave' asked me if maybe we should give up as it was getting really really late by now, like past midnight (bearing in mind most 11 year olds dont see past 9pm very often). But as he said that and I agreed with him the glass moved and the room went absolutley freezing cold... At first I thought 'Laura' had pushed it to make us stay, but then we started asking questions again, in the same order as we did before, and the glass was moving franticaly... I dont remember how, but somehow the questions got round to a man who had recently hung himself (we'll call him 'Richard' for this), he had been well known
around the small town we lived in, and although we had never heard
this, 'Laura' said 'Richard' was very close to her while he was alive ... infact at one point during this ouija session 'Laura' decided to inform the two of us, at 11 years of age that she had been having sex with this man before he hung himself for six or more months behind her boyfriend 'Roberts' back.

After she said this things went absolutley crazy... Im not sure how it happened, but the chair she was on tipped over backwards and she hit her head on one of the many wine bottles, the other wine bottle that was half full and in her hand at the time spilled all over her... we peered over the table at her, and she was there, laying on the floor laughing hysterically, then we saw this thick, dark red stuff all over her, and panicked... it turned out to be red wine, but it had freaked us out a bit! 'Laura' claims that she never tipped the chair over and that it was pulled, but we weren't sure what to believe.

We carried on at the ouija board when she had settled herself again, she kept on asking questions, she asked the entity claiming to be her former friend/lover 'Richard' questions... I guess because she was drunk, the questions got quite crude and personal, which again agravated who ever it was communicating with us... All of a sudden the table seemed to shake violently and the candles all went out (and there were a bloody lot of candles there to go out, let me tell you!), and the fire that was burning in the dining room went mad, almost like an air rush had blown over it, then made a big loud bang, as if a lit match had been drooped into pure oxygen (for those of you who dont know it causes a powerful explosion) and spat cinders and hot ash and stuff everywhere, including up 'Daves' leg.

By now, 'Laura' was like a maniac, she wanted to keep on, it was like she was getting some sort of pervereted pleasure or arousal from it... I cant remember what she asked next, but the last 2 questions I clearly remember her asking were "'Richard' Did you love me?",she got back the answer NO, and started screaming that the person we were communicating with was a liar! then all of a sudden she went totally calm, and seemed to be totally sobber which was bizarre in itself, she sat in her chair, and she asked "are you really Richard?",we never did get an answer to that, because all of a sudden the glass we were using as the answer indicator was shoved of of the table and landed just infront of the fire, it smashed into tiny tiny fragments.

All the things that happened during that ouija time could have been 'Laura' playing tricks on children, and I guess as the house was incredibly drafty I suppose that could have caused a rapid temperature drop and the candles to go out (although seems highly unlikely to me). I also guess the things with the fire could have been an amazing coincidence, but I did feel more than one prescence there, and I felt that it was not actually the person it was claiming to be.

But with all of the coincidences mentioned above, there is one that thing that baffles me ...

After the glass smashed we put the ouija board in the fire, and went back to our respective homes (we all lived less than a three minute walk from each other you see). I went back to see 'Laura' the next day, and then went on to see 'Dave', and we all had one shocking co incidence ... everyone who had been in that house that night (whether they had played the ouija or not) had a very deep scratch down their neck in the same place (including the babies!).

Unfortunatley 'Laura' and her family never sorted themselves out, and both me and 'Dave' eventually stopped trying to help them out, but I still talk to 'Dave' today if I see him in town, he still bears the scar from this experience! As for 'Laura' and her family, they really aren't much better off ... I guess the youngest of 'Lauras' children is now at the age myself and 'Sam' were at the time this took place, so I hope history does not repeat itself. 'Robert' is no longer with 'Laura', 'Sally' now has her own
home with her girlfriend, and 'Brenda' has two or three children and
lives with her boyfriend. 'Sam' is now into drugs and alcohol, dropped out of school at around 12 and has sort of moved from parent to parent for the past 9 years. As for the home they were in at the tim,e I dont know about any residual activity there, but they were evicted not long after.

So there u go, one of my experiences with ouija, and maybe lying
spirits, maybe alcohol and fear enduced hysteria, or maybe just a bad situation that was destined to get worse and worse? If anyone has had experience of lying spirits then let me know!