Ghost Stories

Mysteries. Answers?

I actually have two interesting stories I'd like to share. I'd like to start off though by saying I don't automatically assume things. That's why I've come to a place like this, to get opinions from other people. Looking back on the experiences now, they're pretty frightening. Particularly the first experience me and my family once had.

Year 1999. I was around 7 years old. (I'm 16 now.)
I lived, and still live in Northwestern Washington State, although this was at a very old house built around 60 years ago. My step-father was out on a fishing trip in Alaska for the winter, and it was just me, my mother, and my sister on the upper level of the house watching TV late in the evening, nearing time for bed. The volume of the TV wasn't very loud at all, because we had turned it down significantly during a commercial. The lower level of the house had just been newly remodeled and had an office area with a door leading to the outside, french doors on the opposite walls leading to the back yard, a family room, two bedrooms, and a half bathroom. Out of nowhere, the bottom door, main entrance, SLAMMED shut. It's a very distinct sound when the door shuts too, and we were familiar with it. As far as we all knew, the door was locked too. I mean, the door literally slammed as hard as it could, shut, rumbling the house some. My mother immediately grabbed a pistol she stores for safety in her room, and we crept down the stairs very slowly. When we reached the bottom, nothing was out of place, and nobody was downstairs. What do you think??


My second story is more recent, and happened around the 2001 year. It's quite unique aswell. In the year 2001, I started learning how to fly (airplanes), via simulators, and instructors. Today, I'm pretty seasoned, as I've been in aviation for 7 - 8 years. The only people home, were me and my sister. My mother was at her boyfriend's house. We were also living in a much newer home, quite a ways away from where we lived before. I was on our computer, ironically studying aviation, and my sister was in the room next to me watching TV. It was pretty late at night. Outside, we started to hear a loud, whistling noise...then it turned into a thundering noise, and it was getting increasingly louder. I then saw, out of the window next to me, a series of beacon and strobe lights come across the sky, but they were pretty far apart. My sister asked what it was, and I replied with something like "It seemed like a plane, but it was way too low!" Not 15 minutes later, we heard the same thing, only this time it was MUCH louder. We reacted by running outside as fast as we could. What we saw, was a Boeing manufactured 747-400 jet with winglets (upward curves on ends of the wings to increase efficiency), fly insanely low down the direction our street headed. There was nobody outside however, because we lived pretty deep in a neighborhood, a ways from the public street. This plane was ridiculously low. It was banking left to right to avoid clipping the trees! We felt the heat, and jet wash from the engines after it passed by. The aircraft didn't have any windows, or any markings on it either. It's flaps were extended all the way, however it's landing gear wasn't. I live in Olympia Washington, which is over 60 miles from the nearest airport able to land an airplane like that. Also, the FAA restricts any type of aircraft to fly over 500 feet Above Ground Level (not sea level), over any person, vessel, or structure. The plane couldn't have been any higher than 100 feet AGL when it cleared our house. Nothing was reported on the news that evening either.