Ghost Stories

Nanna's beach house

To begin with, sorry this topic is so long. I would just like to share it. =)

My nanna owns a beach house in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Nanna doesn't use it anymore, and allowes us to use it. Last summer, we went to SC for vaction. It was me, my parnets, my best friend Erica, Erica's mom and step-dad, Carly and David, and my cousin, Beth.

The beach house has a full kitchen, dining room, den, and living room downstairs. It also has a bathroom and two bedrooms, one being a master bedroom with a master bathroom connected to it. There is also a built on sunroom downstairs. Upstairs there is a bathroom and three bedrooms along with a linen closet. The house sits directly on the beach. There is a large deck in front and the backyard is fenced in with a pool, lazy river, and hot tub in it. The house is about 40 years old. My nanna has owned it for a little over 10 years. When my nanna bought the house she added the sun room, all of upstairs, the large deck, and the lazy river.

Well, the day that we arrived it was stormy. The wind was blowing pretty fast and it was raining, not too hard though. Not many people were on the beach. We all got the stuff out of the vans and put it in the house. After my parnets and Carly and David had finished unpacking they left to go get grocerys at a grocery store about 30 minutes away. Erica and I went upstairs to unpack while Beth went to the sunroom to tan in the tanning bed that was down there. The way the rooms were lined up it was like this: my room, Beth's room, the linen closet, the bathroom, Erica's room. Well, first I unpacked all of the clothes that went in the dresser and then went to unpack the clothes that went in the closet. Hanging in the closet was a white sundress. The sundress was white with pink flowers that had yellow centers splashed all over it. The dress was very cute. It was wrinkled a little bit at the bottom of the dress, like it haden't been folded up before it was packed. It did look a little vitang-y though. It looked like it was from the late 60's or the early 70's. At first I thought it had belonged to the people who owned the house before my nanna. Then I relized it couldn't have. There wasn't an upstairs then. I was rather confused as to where it came from, then thought my nanna. She had just been at the house the day before to see if the power and water was on. She must have left the dress in the closet for me. It was so cute, and very much so my style. I tried it on at once, and it fit me perfectly. I quickly finished unpacking and then went to show Erica the dress. I found Erica in the hallway. Before either of us could ever say a thing, we heard a scream. We ran downstairs to the sunroom to find Beth still in the tanning bed. She was pounding on the tanning bed. The sunroom door was standing open and a wood shelf was ontop of the bed. We lifted it off and helped Beth out of the tanning bed. She was fine, just scared a little. We all agreed that the wind must have blown the door open and knocked the shelf onto the tanning bed.

Nothing much happened for the next few days. Then about 4 or 5 days later, I wasn't feeling too well so went to lay down for a nap. I was wearing my bikini top and a pair of shorts. I layed down and pulled the covers over me. I then felt like someone was pulling on my bikini strings around my neck. At first I thought they were caught on the bedpost. They weren't though. I shrugged it off though. I moved my legs and felt my legs brush something. It felt like another person's foot. I quickly jumped out of bed, yaning back the cover. There was nothing there. I quickly went downstairs and napped on the couch. I slept on the couch the rest of the time we were at the beach.

The Sunday before we left, I put on the white dress I had found in the closet. Everybody left to go to a local shopping spot. While we there, my mother made friends with a woman who lived in the area. When she asked us what hotel we were staying at my mother told her that we were staying in my nanna's beach house. The woman asked where the house was and my mother told her. Almost as soon as she found out where we were staying, the woman freaked out. She said that was the old Peterson's house. My mother was confused. She knew nothing of the house and its history. The woman told us that a family had owned the house. It was a summer house of theirs. The Petersons' were fairly rich. They had two daughter, a 18 year old and an 15 year old. One summer the 18 year old went missing. Nobody ever found the girl.

Other strange stuff happened in the house. Clothes would go missing and then reappear a few days later. Doors and windows would open by themselves. TV's would turn on and off by themselves. The shelf over the tanning bed would fall on the bed at least once a day. The hot tub would turn on by itself. Bedsheets would be turned down while nobody claimed they did it. It was all just very strange.

Well, when we returned home, I called my nanna up. I told her I loved the sundress that she had left for me in the closet. My nanna was confused. She insisted that she haden't left a dress in the closet for me. I too was confused. I asked her if it had been there when she was there. She told me no, the closets had been empty, expect for a few clothes hangers. I instantly got spooked and told my mom and dad. They told me I was over reacting. I didn't think I was. None the less, I threw the dress away.