Ghost Stories

Never Feel Safe When He is Around

One story that I frequently tell people if they seem to be some what interested in spirits or open to the idea is one that is very vivid in my mind and involves a negative spirit I have talked about before.

I am not sure who the man is or what his intentions are but I know I get tense when I feel his presence. When I was 16 years old, I was going to stay at a friends house one night while my parents went to the Casino with my uncle (they ususally stay out until dawn). I decided I didn't want to stay at my friend's house and I chose to walk the 2 blocks home around 10pm. I got home, got my two dogs, and I went to bed. I felt a little uneasy for some reason but I slowly drifted off. I had just fallen asleep and I heard a growl. One of my dogs was growling and looking towards the ceiling. I waited to see why he was acting that way. I sleep in the bedroom that has the attic directly above it, no one has been in the attic in 25 years. I waited for a few mintues and my dog seemed to settle down so I laid back down.

Then I distinctly heard a loud stomp above my bed. Both my dogs lept up and were shaking. The stomp turned into footsteps, like heavy boots. I was frozen, not knowing what I should do and feeling an awful presence all around me. I heard the boots start walking towards the front of the house to where the attic door was, I lept up, grabbed the dogs and ran down the stairs, flipping on light switches as I went. I grabbed the phone and my shoes and coat from the closet and I waited and listened. I thought all was quiet until I heard the boots start pacing from the back of the house to the front of the house.

They got progressively louder and the negative feeling got progressively worse. My dogs were whining and scratching at the door to go outside. I looked out the back door and was ready to leave, but my house faces a thick wooded area with no lights and also the area where I believe this entity came from (the site of the old burned down town jail). To get to the front door I needed to past the stairs and I didn't want to. I picked up the phone to call my borther who lived a few blocks away but the battery was dead from not being charged. All this time the bad feelings are getting worse and the steps are getting louder. They moved towards the area where the attic door was and stopped.

I figured I was gonna run towards the front door and back to my friend's house. I made the move to run towards the front of the house and the boot steps started running too. I made it too the big picture window by the front door that overlooks our large wrap around porch. Thats when I heard it. Something fell/jumped onto the roof of the porch outside the picture window and the house shook. Then something fell off that roof and hit the porch and then the yard. It sounded as if it weighed over 100lbs, like a limp body hitting the porch is how I would describe it. I screamed because with all the lights on in the house I couldn't see outside and I was standing right were it hit. I flipped on the light switch and nothing was there, nothing at all. I crawled into the corner by the front door and refused to move. I stayed there for an hour slowly feeling the the negative feelings subside.

My parents arrived home a lot earlier than expected because my uncle got sick. I was shaking and crying and my dad and uncle walked around the house and property to make sure nothing was there. I knew they wouldn't find anything because I knew it wasn't something that could be found. Throughout this whole ordeal I felt such hate and like I couldn't breath. I slept in my parents room for a month after this.

Nothing is Definite