Ghost Stories

new member, new story

Hello all! I just joined in sept. And have greatly enjoyed all of the stories and pictures. This is the first time I have ever done anything like this so please bear with me.

I have had weird things have happen to me all my life. My sister has also had them happen to her. Now my youngest daughter also has the gift. I don't know if it has anything to do with were I live and how I was raised or not. A little bit about my background, I'm part Cherokee and Irish, and was raised in the woods where my mom (who's Cherokee) was raised. There has always been stuff happen in the hollow that could not be explained, but the story i'm going to tell just happened about 2 weeks before I found this site.

Me and my sister had a fight and I was not talking to her, (I didn't agree with some things she was doing that was causing stress on the whole family) so in order to cool off I know I needed to clean my family's part of the local cemetery, and ask for help on what to do from my family there. I told my mom, wife and younger brother to give me about 20 mins. To "talk" and then they could come and help with the graves. Knowing it had been awhile since anyone had been down there I asked mom to bring her digital camera to take pictures of the weeds in case someone griped about me moving the flowers, my family is funny that way.

After I finished talking and asking for help I started weed eating, less than 4 or 5 mins after I started I seen out of the corner of my rightt eye a figure walk by. Knowing that was the only one there I turned to see who was there and when I turned I saw it again out of the other eye. Smiling I just kept cleaning. When my wife, my wife's cousin, mom and brothers arrived I told them what had happened. Me, my wife and mom were kneeling down over my uncle's grave (i was very close with him until he was murdered when I was 13or14, he let me know it was alright to be big and that people could like me) cleaning off the weeds when it started to rain, just over us! My wife told uncle earl that we were just cleaning and he didn't need to cry because we were family and that's what we were there for, then the raining stopped.

After we were finished weed eating me and my little bother stood in front of some of the weed that were left so mom could take a picture to show everyone how tall the weeds were because they were taller than me(I'm 6'4"&325lbs and my bros 6'3"&360lbs). After she took the picture she paused for a moment in disbelief and called for me to come over there to see the picture. In the picture there was the a light blue mist or fog behind me and my bro, and in it there was a face. She snapped another pic and there was nothing else there. She told my bro that it was there because of me, after that he didn't finish helping clean up, instead he started to take pictures of everything, headstones some of which came out blurry while others in the same picture was clear. He also took pictures of me cleaning and in the biggest part of the pictures the fog was all around me, only in the pictures with me in them but no more faces. After showing it to some of the family members I get along with and believe the way I do they all said the same thing, the face looked like my uncle earl. Later on that weekend I got the "balance" I needed in order to talk to my sister again and things have been good since then.

I have many other stories to tell in the future, about things I've seen, heard, felt, thing that have happened to my daughter, and about the little people that live around my family. I welcome all feedback and would enjoy any emails. If I can figure out how to I'll put the pictures I mentioned in this story on the site ember, I'm new to all of this computer stuff! Wa-do! (that's Cherokee for thank you!)