Ghost Stories

New to the site, lots to share

Hello there, I am new to this website. I am basically new to the internet and am glad that I found you all. I have felt my whole life that I have a connection with things that are not of this world.

When I was very young I remember hearing things up on the third floor of my parent's house. They have a beautiful house in Western New York, which is close to 150 years old. I used to tell my parents that I heard things and they used to say that a squirrel somehow must have gotten into the rafters. One day while on the third floor with my mother, her sewing room was up there, we both her a squeaking noise coming from the fourth floor. The floor had been boarded up since before my parents bought the house. I remember my mother going down to the basement and getting a pry bar and flashlight, then coming back up. When she did pull the boards off at the top of the ladder to the fourth floor she climbed up with a flash light. She came down very quickly, she seemed very upset. She took me downstairs with her and told me to play in my room while she called my father. She went back down to the first floor and I promptly went back to the base of the ladder to the fourth floor. I contemplated at the base for a moment and they climbed up where the flash light lay on the floor, still on. I looked around and saw only an old wheelchair in the corner. I then looked closer and noticed that there were strange markings in the dust all over the floor. Some looked like they had been there a long time others looked like they were fresh upon the dust. It dawned on me that they were similar to the tracks that wheelchairs make. The thing that made me want to get out of there was that there were no footprints.

I stood there for a while when I felt a cold draft, which is strange during august. I am not sure if the draft was anything but my body reacting to what I had just seen. I started back down the ladder and turned and ran right into my mother. She asked if I was OK. I said yes. When my father got home from his office he had the man next door help him take the wheelchair down, as I saw them taking it and putting it into my mother's station wagon I noticed it was made from wicker. To this day it has been an unspoken thing in my family. That floor has boarded back ever since.

About five years later I was in the basement of the house which I have to describe. It has a steel door with a deadbolt on the side leading into the kitchen. On the other side is a staircase leading down. The only switch that turns on all of the lamps down there is at the top of the stairs. I went down to store some sailing gear that was done for the season. I got to one of the farthest rooms in the basement and the lights went out. I thought at first that a bulb had gone out so I went to the next room which was also black. Needless to say I was a bit nervous. I knew that my father was at his office and my mother was teaching. There was no way that anyone could have turned off the lights. I very carefully made my way in the dark to the bottom of the stairs. I got to the top of the stairs and flicked the light switch, which was in the off position, back on. Nothing happened. I did it a few more times and nothing. I went to turn the doorknob and the dead bolt was locked from the other side. I had to sit there for about 2 hours until my mother got home from school. I could hear her at the door unlocking it. I started screaming for her. She unlocked the basement and let me into the kitchen. She asked me what happened and when I could not explain, that too got locked in the family vault of secrecy.

The last thing that happened at my parent's house was when I was about 20. I had just moved home from Virginia where I had spent some time working at a barn (those are separate incidents I will share if I have not bored the pants off of you all). I had just come back into town that day when some friends called to see if I wanted to go out. I declined and opted to spend some time with my parents. We had a nice dinner and watched some videos of horses I had been training. My parents went to bed at around 10:30 or so. I called my friend JC who I had not seen in about a year. I was talking to him on the phone when I heard Charlie, my parents Dalmatian barking downstairs. While still on the phone I went down to see if he needed to go out into the backyard. When I got down there he was standing in the kitchen growling at something in either the dining room or the pantry that connected the kitchen to the dining room. I looked in and saw a floating mass of cloudy smoke in the shape of a person in the dining room. My whole body froze. I could not move a muscle. I remember JC asking me if I was OK. It felt like I was standing there an eternity. I could kind of make out a profile. The profile then turned and seemed to be looking straight at me. I could not make out any features. It seemed to look back away and as a profile came back into view it started to float or hover toward the front hall. It almost seemed like it was on roller skates the way that it glided. After it was out of my sight I remember thinking I had to get out of the house. I hurried out the back door and around front and sat down on my front lawn. I have no idea why I had to get out of there. The next thing I remember was JC screeching up in front of my house and the dog almost taking his face off while protecting me. He said that he could tell that something was wrong so he came over and found me on the lawn.

I have not lived in the house since the last of the incidents. I do visit but have not since had any mind blowing experiences.

I have many other things to share with anyone who wants to hear me ramble on. I think I have babbled on long enough for now. Thank you for letting me share.