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newcomer with a storie

Hi,everybody I am new to ghostplace and would like to share a storie with you.

It was four in the morning on a cold day in westlake ohio,A suburb of cleveland.I had been asleep for about an hour (and was very tired because or work and school)anyways a was awakened by a pounding on my bedroom window.I get up very slowly and half asleep and move my curtain aside to see who has disturbed me.It was my friend steve,he had snuck out of his house and walked to mine.Now as a side note i was a very troubled kid and usually chose to do my mischief in the early hours of the morning.but anyway to say the least I really didnt want to go that certain night on account that I was very tired.

He said we could just go and walk around for a bit because he had to stay out until his dad went back to sleep.So being the caring person I am i agreed to go with him.Now being a minor(well known by the police)in a suburb after curfew is asking for trouble because not only do u have bored cops but they know very well people of 14 or 15 are not going to the pool at four in the morning so we would travel around the whole town undetected in the woods.Now if you've ever been to westlake you know the in almost ever backyard there is woods,creeks and things of that we decided we were going to go and tryand wake up who ever else we could.

First stop was Matts house only a few streets over from my apartment me and steve darted across the main street through the normal back yard and into the dark woods.It took us maybe 20 minute to ge through a couple streets and some woods,the only reason it takes so long is because most of the very few trails in this city are old and overgrown sometimes so muddy you had to find another way or lose your shoe in the darkness.well we get to matts house without to much trouble and knocked on his window,lord that boy can sleep though so we had to move on.we ventured back into the woods this time towards north olmstead( a city right next to westlake) the woods going this way were much darker and thicker me and steve were pretty much wearing the same thing black jeans dark gray hoodies and black basketball shoes.It was avery difficult task to see steve moving only about 2 feet to the right of me.

We came to a clering where a big tree had fallen so we sat down for a ciggarette break i lit my newport 100 and he lit his marlboro red we must have been half way done when we looked at each other and busted out laughing because he both knew what we were going to say to each other"did you hear that" lol.any way we had both heard a sound of someone coming through the brush towards us.So us being us thought it was a cop coming to bust us so we ran seperate ways but before we left we agreed to meet at jims house on hillard the deal was if one didnt show by sun up the other was to inform that ones parents.So i darted towards jims house through the woods i came out on a street i have never seen before so needless to say in the madness of running from the police i had lost my sense of direction.I walk for maybe 10-15 minutes and came to a street i knew.So i went behind a house and jump the fence in the backyard (the whole time I had this feeling of i shouldent go in the woods)well i saw someone in the back of a house jumoing fences as i was doing so i ran up behind him to get a better look and it was steve on his way to jims.I was so happy to see him because those woods were starting to freek me out hard.well since we were both tired now and it was about 4;45 we decided jus to head back to our houses but we didnt have to part ways for a good 20 minute walk through the woods(i was still scared but it was the fastest way and i still have school in the morning.

We pretty much took the same way we got there.We got about half way and i trying to think of whos house i could go to after first period when i heard a crie for help by a little girl.we were on the edge of the woods so we walked about 15 feet to the right and we were in someones backyard we stopped and i asked steve if he had heard this and he replied yes.So i almost broke into a run when we heard it again.We were so scared we were running on a mainstreet after curfew.

The reason it was so frieghtening is because the lil girls voice sounded like a man tried to mimic a lil girls voice.after we had run most of the way to my apartment we stopped to breath behind this gas station.We heard it again say I still right here this time in a mans I ran the 2 minutes to my apartment and didnt go to was 6 am and i was stil wide awake scared and alone in my room when i heard a very violent pounding on my window i looked out and saw nothing but heard a lil girl scream.when i got to school like 2 hours later i was releived to see steve was ok and made it home alright.but he had a distracted look on his face,So i asked him what was the matter and he said when he got home at about 6 am he heard a lil girl scream in his basement and his dog ran up from the basement and refuse's to go near the enterence.there is no way he could of known what i had expirenced because I had not even told my mom and just arrived at school when i seen him.Thanks for listening yall i hope you enjoyed