Ghost Stories

Newingtonhill Farm House

I have been feeling guilty lately, reading all the wonderful stories and not contributing my own. So I have finally decided to type some of my experiences out. :D

First off, every one of my experiences have happened in my 1830's farm house which is called "Newingtonhill". I don't know it's full history... Actually, I only know what happened in the few years before we moved in when I has 5.

From what people in the county told us, the owner's daughter had recently broken up with her boyfriend. From what I understand, she had a friend over and they were home alone. The ex-boyfriend knocks on the door and the friend answered it. He shoots the friend and kills her.

The ex-girlfriend flees to my old neighbors for help, but they turn her away. She decided to hide in a corn field between the houses.

Now, I am not sure how accurate this story is, but I am sure there was a murder here.

Billy Goat's Gruff Incident

When I was in kindergarten, we had a "Billy Goats Gruff" day where we made cookies the shape of goats. We had lunch and then returned to the classroom to find our cookies missing. The teachers told us that trolls had taken our cookies, and then lead us through a hunt to find them. I was pretty traumatized, and the principal had to hold my hand during the hunt.

I was still paranoid about trolls by the time I got home. I went upstairs to use the bathroom, and everything was fine and dandy until I spotted a long furry tail coming out of the shower. I jumped on top of the toilet, and crawled to the sink so I could open the door while being as far away from this thing as possible. The door would not open, but it wasn't locked. I screamed bloody murder for my parents while trying to get the door unstuck. They eventually came and forced the door open. I remember them closing the door after me, and telling me that they wouldn't let it out.

Later that day, Dad told me he had investigated and it was just our Maine Coon cat. This made me feel better, but to this day I rush to get out of the bathroom before the toilet flushes.

Years later, my parents admitted they lied, and the cat was not in the bathroom with me.

The Murdered Girl?

It wasn't until middle school when anything else really happened. It was a Friday night, and my mom was gone horseback riding , my dad was at work and my sister was at play rehearsal. I was home alone with my handicapped brother.

He has brain damage to causes him to have the mentality of a 5 year old, is legally blind and has trouble walking. He loves to tell stories and will pretend to be talking to someone on a phone.

I had been watching "Freaky Links", if anyone remembers that old show. I turned off the TV, and went to the bathroom connected to the living room. My brother was sitting in our Lazy Boy. He started talking while I was in the bathroom. I didn't pay any attention until I heard a clear female voice talking back to him. I assumed Mom was home, and felt relieved that I wasn't home alone anymore. I yelled out, "Mom?" before opening the door. My brother was still sitting by himself. No cars had appeared in the driveway.

I asked him whether someone was there, talking to him. He said yes, and didn't seem scared in the least. I asked him who it was, and he didn't know. Mom didn't come home with my sister for at least another half hour.

The Ouija Board

Early high school, my sister and I were planning the biggest Halloween party ever. (It wasn't really, but we had fun.) We decided that getting an Ouija board would spook the place up. My mom bought us a Glow in The Dark one in early October. I don't remember how it happened, but I ended up being home alone with the unopened board. I did a few hours worth of research on taking precautions. I remember finding a ritual done with a dagger, and deciding to do that one because it seemed legit and I used any excuse to grab my short sword. (A cheap one bought at a Celtic Festival)

The Ouija board seemed to work right away, and I asked it if it was good. It went to yes. I then asked it if it meant to bring me harm, and it went to yes. I was confused at the conflicting answers, so I asked it who it was. I just remember it starting to spell out D-E-V... I decided that was enough and told whoever it was, GOODBYE! I ran upstairs to perform the ritual again, like the instructions said.

Later, I was on the phone with one of my friends telling her what happened. She wanted me to use the board while I was on the phone with her, and I agreed. She asked who in our crew would be the next with a boyfriend. I was surprised when the board spelled out, B-E-E-Z-L-E-Y. That was her nickname, and I was expecting a real name. She wanted to know who the boy was, and it spelled out a name that I can't remember. It was a common enough name, but we didn't know anyone at our school with it.

We forgot about it, until after the Halloween party. There were a few party crashers that we didn't know, and she ended up dating one of them for about a week. He had the name that the board predicted.

My sister

A few years after the Halloween party, in my junior year of high school, my 15 year old sister passed away due to heart failure. It was a super rare thing to have happened to someone that young, and left us all stunned.It went from perfectly normal... playing DDR and watching Fear Factor, to her being "asleep" on the chair.

Now, during our more paranormal days when we played with the ouija board and tarot cards, our group of friends promised that whoever died first would haunt the rest of us.. just so we knew they were still around.We were joking around when we made the promise, but my sis kept her word.

I can't remember what happened first, but the thing I remember most happened while I was crying in bed. Out of no where, I felt like something was dropped on me straight out of the ceiling. It hurt, but it felt like being hit like an acorn. I looked around my bed, before storming off to my parents going, "MARY HIT ME! :mad:".

A few weeks later, her play troupe performed a Midsummer's Night Dream in her memory at the amphitheater. Part way through the show, my mom held her head and started to look around. She asked if I saw an acorn hit her. I told her that sis must have done it, because there was nothing around. Her friends in the play told my mother later that similar things had been happening to them.

Smaller things also happened, like the TV turning itself off when I went to. One day, I was looking under her bed to try to find a picture, and a flashlight in the opposite corner by the wall turned on. I didn't even know there was a flashlight under there, and had been thinking that one would be useful.

The Boy in the Bathroom

A while after sis died, my brother started complaining about a boy scaring him. He called him a ghost, though we are pretty sure that no one ever explained to him what a ghost was. (We don't even remember using the word around him, but you never know what the teachers talk about around Halloween. )

He said that the boy would float over his bed. By this time, I had gone off to college and only came home during the weekends. My mom had started a routine of telling the ghost to leave him alone, because Mary would come get revenge.

The boy seemed to take this to heart, and instead started scaring my brother in the bathroom. This only happened in the mornings and my mom would have to inspect the bathroom before my brother would go in.

I was babysitting him one weekend, when he needed to go to the bathroom. This was the middle of the day, and very bright out. I was downstairs when I heard his plea for help because the boy was there. I was mad, and I yelled as loud as I could that the boy better leave my brother alone because my sister would rise up and kick his ass. I yelled for his to go away or else. My brother has been able to use the bathroom in peace since then.

The Bathroom again?

I am now a senior in college, and I have been bringing home friends since I was a freshmen. My best friend from college has also had paranormal experiences, and always sleeps in my room even though we have an extra bedroom with a huge comfy bed. She's not scared of my house, but she's not comfortable either.

She has been to my house many times, but the past few visits have driven her crazy for one reason. Whenever she has used the bathroom, the door has gotten stuck. This hasn't happened to anyone since I was in kindergarten. She hadn't even locked the door. One time, she had been in the shower for a really long time, so I went to check on her. She had been stuck for about 10 minutes. The door is always hard to open from the other side when she gets stuck, so it isn't like she doesn't know how to work the door.

Now, she doesn't even close the door all the way. This seems to have been a good solution, but I still tease her that the boy in the bathroom must think she is pretty.

--- While I was typing these stories out, a dead beetle fell onto my keyboard from above. Weird! I may add some more later, :p