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Okay this is something that has had me puzzled for years. I remeber replying to a post "What is your earliest childhood memory" posted in Ghost Talk.

I replied telling a story of how when I was around 2 years old. I was at home and was being babysat by a nieghbor (as well as my brother and sis). I don't know where my parents were but is was close to Halloween, because of all the decorations. I can remember all the lights being turned out and the music playing in the background "Handyman" by James Taylor. I was walking through the house trying to find my brother, sister, or the babysitter, and for some reason I decided to open the oven door (It was the only light on 1970's gold stove with window and light). When I did there was a skeleton head sitting looking at me in the oven. I stood there a minute, and then it hit me what I was looking at. I screamed and screamed in horror, as the babysitter cam ein the kitchen saying shoosh, it's okay.

My brother and sister have no recalection of this even happening. Now I will admit I had a very over active immagination as a kid. But I remember what i made up and what was real.

Next one.

Same house and around the same age. Our house had adjoining backyards with the nieghbors, we were separated by a chain link fence. Their house was up on the hill and ours was down the hill. I was watching this boy who was much older, he was playing around a manhole cover in his backyard. I was eating a popsicle and can remember the taste when I tell the story, the sun was so hot and I was sweating.

I stood there eating my popsicle watching intentivly, when he screamed out in pain, somehow he had gotten his fingers caught in the cover. At that point I went over the fence and watched some more, still eating my popsicle. An older boy ran over and tried to lift the manhole cover with no sucess he ran to the shed and got a crow bar. He came back and once again went at the cover trying to pry it open. I remember looking up at the older boy who was starining so hard, at that point he let go of the crow bar and fell onto the grass. he wad ruptured something, he was bleeding from his nose and ears.

Once again in latter years I brought up this memory to my mom, and she this time said , "I do remeber that happeneing, but in a different way.

Last one and I will quit.

If any of you remember the topic I posted about serial killers in Ohio, you will rememeber this.

I onced lived in a house around the corner (my parents still live there) from James Ruppert who in fact murdered his entire family (11 people I think it was including infant children) on Easter Sunday in 1975.

I remeber hearing the police sirens and ambulances. being a curious kid I ran around the corner and stood with the rest of onlookers at the scene. I watched as they brought the bodies out on stretchers, and saw the surviving family members greiving. About a few minutes later they walked out a blood soaked man in handcuffs, his head hung down in shame and terror about what he had done. At that point, I felt a jerk on my arm. It was my mom telling me to get my butt home i didnt belong there.

Now I know for a fact that this cannot have happened because, I was born in July 1975. I can remeber the smell of fresh air and it being unseasonably hot that day as well. So how could I viualise and even taste ceratin things that I wasnt even born, to witness?