Ghost Stories

Not actually a ghost story, but...

This is a description of one of the most dangerous investigations I've been in. I mean, really the most dangerous. And I've faced demons. I was actually asked to put this in here, as a warning. Naturally names are not real. Though Alucard in this will be the one you know, the immortal vampire posting here every now and then.

This happened only a week ago, when our group were on call during afternoon. We received a message which told that a group would be needed to investigate suspicious events in a house owned by a woman, Ms A. (No need to mention, not a real name). She was lucky enough that her house was on our "watch list" so we knew what have happened there before. She had gone missing, after a scream was heard from her bed room. Her house guardian, sent by us after a demonic visit, alerted us. He had contacted a local group, whose leader decided to call us. We took the trip as soon as we got the call.

When we got to the house, ready for anything, we heard a loud bang. Local police busted the door in and we got in (we wouldn't have been allowed to do that on our own). Policemen waited outside when we got in. I got in first, with my dragon (bit less than 6 foot at the moment; and no, the policemen didn't see her, she remained in her astral form until we were in the house), with group leader right behind. Then came three more members, including another energy vampire (me being one, remember?). After her came Alucard. Khisanth (my dragon wants me to call her that) said the route was clear. Though, as it turned out in the debriefing, we all, including her, sensed a presence. She did mention it at the scene. We all thought that the demon which was driven away had returned. We just never take anything for granted. We don't presume anything. Since we did know that whatever it was, it was still there, we did as always under these conditions. We stick together.

At this point it should be important to warn you. Remember, this really happened. This is not a story made up. Real people were, and are still involved. My superiors ordered me to post this because it's so easy to underestimate something you never knew existed. You might need this information to survive, even though the odds are that you will never face this kind of foe.

Back to the house. We checked the three-storey building from bottom (cellar, underground) to top. We found nothing, no traces of Ms A. No clues suggesting what had happened to them. Something was there still, we heard silent moans. Alucard was the first to notice them. He led us to a sealed door we hadn't seen before. He said someone had put an illusion over it, and that he, of all people, should've had sensed the magic used. Then, for the first time I had seen, he used his magic. I didn't recognize the language, though he later told me it was Latin. The door began to glow (second time I saw it, a demon showed me once) and it exploded into the room behind it.

The room was empty and smelled mouldy. We saw a pile of clothes lying in a far left hand corner. It was moving, so I ran to it. That was Ms A. She was alive, but not breathing easily. I heard Alucard shouting at me, and I turned around, just to see a cloud of mist approaching me and Ms A. Suddenly Khisanth was next to me, groaning at the cloud. It began to take a form. A tall man, apparently human, though when I saw him grinning at me, he had fangs. Similar to Alucard's. I felt that I had to stand up, and I did. But when I felt I had to walk to him, Alucard pushed me against the wall. The vampire, I'll call him B in this, approached me again. Alucard was standing next to me (left side), and the others were approaching the vampire from behind. The group leader was holding something I didn't see at that time. I later found out it was holding an artefact blessed to injure a demon enough to force it to leave. Others had basically nothing to use against B, for due to a certain event vampires weren't supposed to be threat anymore, and any demon (except for stronger ones) sensible enough would leave at the first sight of dragon. Khisanth moved in between me and vampire, who said to her that she shouldn't bother. He was going "get us all" anyway. Naturally she didn't move from that place. Although she said later that she wanted to use fire against him, but in a small room like that... not the smartest thing to do. B. looked into my eyes and I felt the compulsion again. This time I was ready, and I shook it off. Even though I began to feel tired, because he was attacking my shields. (To keep evil, telepaths, and energy vampires/energy thieves (a kind of demon) away.) Alucard was holding a rock crystal which is one of those we use to capture malicious spirits. They can also bind a soul. Without a soul vampires will be nothing but walking corpses. Sight of the crystal didn't seem to impress B, who simply tossed an object at us. I couldn't see it then, but Khisanth stopped it anyway with her own body. It just bounced off from her scaly skin. Then our leader stroke the artefact at the vampire who turned fast, hitting him hard and pushing him across the room, and to others. I backed of as he turned to me again. I have this very powerful object, a pendant in a shape of dragon, it's been with me everywhere, and it has taken something from each spell I do. So it's powerful. I lifted it and he stepped back a little, then he laughed and came again, though now he was faced by both Alucard and Khisanth. B looked at Alucard and told him, that "a child like you will never beat me". Four others were down, with our only actual "weapon" against these things. I don't know how the situation would've ended if Khisanth wouldn't have charged against him with her claws. Then I felt my shield breaking apart, by B's final attack. I fell to my knees and Khisanth got to me. When I looked up, it was over. Alucard told that B had vanished when he had turned to me.

Paramedics checked all of us. Ms A. was alive, but shaken, she's still in hospital, but she told, that a man had knocked her door, asking for master of the house. She had said that he was visiting a neighbour and would be back soon. He had pushed her inside and she remembers slight pain, though couldn't remember where it was. Said that it was probably in her arm. She was bitten; there were tiny marks on her throat. Saliva was recovered, but results aren't ready yet. She is in hospital, but we have someone to keep an eye on her. Alucard was fine, of course. Though paramedics were concerned about his low pulse and BP (blood pressure), but he said it's normal. When they heard I had fainted, they wanted to take me to be checked up. But I said that I have no pains, and I'm just tired, forgot to eat since breakfast, which had been 12 hours earlier. Back in our car I used my energy storage, a stone called heliotrope, and regained lost energy. Now my shields are fixed and stronger than ever. Group leader was taken in for observation after a concussion, but is already at work. Another energy vampire suffered only a minor bruise, and the rest were intact. The knife B had used was found, but no finger prints were on it.

Back in debriefing, we each went through the events as we remembered it. The description above is a combination, which I wrote basing all the individual reports. We did identify the vampire in question, though I won't write his name here. This man was a some kind of priest of Christian church in the 990's in Rome. It's not known how he became a vampire, but in 1010 he was seen in a small village in France. He killed all except for one little boy. The boy, by the way, joined the Organization later. Next sighting was in 1349 in Vienna, during the Black Death. Possible killings were not recorded. Last one before newest was in New York in 1908. Only unexplained deaths in the area were two families living nearby. These were never closed. Their relatives still need closure, now they at least know the killer was not a human.

This vampire is the dangerous type. Other immortal blood drinkers want to co-exist with humans, but this one? No. He is strong and old, but not immortal. According to Alucard even the oldest of vampires can't be immortal. Might be difficult to deal with, not impossible.

Do you now understand why I was told to post this? Be careful. If you meet a stranger, look for signs of vampirism: fangs, claw like nails (he had, Alucard don't, so possible the age, or alignment decides it). But don't go attacking anyone who has fangs. If it's a vampire, it won't do you any good; if a human, you might get charges of assault. Or worse. A good way to identify a dangerous guest/stranger from human, is to use stones, spells etc. Amethysts or tiger-eyes will do just fine. Just tell them that you want them to identify a hostile vampire, and carry them around. They'll warn you.

We were wondering why me? I wasn't the strongest, nor weakest in the group, so why me? What could he accomplish? Simple. To hurt the group, which was one of many who are after his kind. I just happened to be closest when his trap sprung.

I didn't mean to scare or cause sleepless nights/nightmares, but as I've said before; knowledge is power. Be prepared, what harm carrying a stone would cause?

From the 21, hope will rise, now and forever.