Ghost Stories

ok I did not see this coming (The Mom's story)

First of all i have had many paranormal experiences in my life. I have posted a couple here if your interested take a look frypan100

I have not experienced anything for years and have felt for many years that I have no fear anymore and wouldn't wouldn't be scared if something else were to happen. but what happened last night truly scared me. and my daughter she is 21 heres what happened need some feed back I really don't know what to make of this even after everything I have experienced. if I were to sit down and try to imagine something up I would have never come up with this in a million years.

My daughter and I just moved into a new apartment I always have been able to sense anything paranormal I dint' here but have been having a feelingl lately that something is about to happen.

Heres what happened

It started that morning when I left for work. I really didn't thnk anything of this till the rest of the stuff happened lateer that night.

I came out in the morning and the air conditioner was on high in t he living room. I turned the fan to low and it quit on me I messed with the buttons for a while but nothing worked nothing it wasn't just the fan the machine was like no power dead like. I turned around kinda preturbed and decided I needed to get to work I went to my pc. to write a note to my dauther about the air cond. and my computer was off nobody touched it the night before and it was on. anyway, it was off including the monitor which was really wierd. I turned it back on but found the monitor buttone won't stay down so it keeps shutting off. I couldn't mess with it had to go wrote my girl a note and went to work. came home that eveing she said the air was working fine when she got up and was still fine. the montor is still not willing tho, even now I am fighting a piece of tape that is holding the button down so I can see the screen. it will not stay on. anyway. I'm thinking nothing really of all this till today. cause of last night when things really got weird and today when they got weirder. that night my daughter had left with a friend for a couple hours it was about 11pm I had to work the next day so I stayed home and watched tv in bed for a few minutes before crashing out for the night. I turned off the set and was very content mood peaceful mind and body I was very relaxed as I recall. I was laying on my bed with my left arm over the side sticking out kinda. I know I was awake I was not yet asleep. suddenly now this is going to sound really weird but my like astral arm came out of my body and was put over a fire about a foot around perfect circle of an intesity I wouldn't have thought possible even for fire like a fire that was the hottest ever in the history of anything.

I of coursed opened my eyes and jumped very startled and as I did I saw these creatures all around my arm where my table was supposed to be and really was of course ,but it was like a opening into this other place anyway they were staring at me with this look that said this gave them such pleasure there was this intense passion at which they anticipated and revelled at my forthcoming pain it was sickening. the one I remember the most was the closest to me they were like raggedy deformed dirty evil things as soon as I got all the way up to a sitting position ready to fight back, cause I don't react with fear anymore, they were gone . it did cause me to feel some fear I will tell you that but I still will fight rather be scared like I used to, anyway, it really scared me cause at that moment I remembered they took my arm out, not me. I don't know why I thought that but I just knew it and thats what frightened me the most. I didn't breath a word of this to anyone I was sleeping when my dughter got home and she ws sleeping when I left in the morning I had talked with no one.

Now the next day (today)my daughter calls me at work and says mom your gonna think i'm nuts but i'm scared she said everytime she tried to got to sleep last night, she would get the vibration like before you astral travel and start coming out of her body, the first time she was able to stop it she got really scared but this experience persisted with intensity, she kept trying to get in to my room ( in her astral form cause she was aware what was happening and really scared) to wake me up to help her but she couldn't get into my door for some reason she would stop there and go lay back down everytime she did she would ilie down, she would mmediately travel astrally to my door this happened to her about 4 times before she got into my room but she couldn't wake me up and would get frustrated and go back to bed and her body this happened twice. it scared the hell out of her. and after what happened to me that same night it scared me too. a spirit once used me as a channel and that was really scary but this was really weird how could outside forces cause both of us to be taken out of our bodies against or wills like that?

Need feedback please or any similar experiences. thanks for listening.