Ghost Stories

Ok I need help, Animal lovers prepare yourself...=/

OK. Yesterday my friend Jessica, (which I call Mamma because shes like a minni mom to me) her sister, and Ladonna (one of her sisters friends) and I went out to get Chinese for a day out of the house. For some reason Ladonna noticed I was in tuned with spirits without me saying anything on the subject. So When she asked I told her about my Insufficient Working Memory problem and she asked me what I remembered. I wasn't sure if she would believe me when I told her but I told her that I seen my own birth, and that i had a twin. Then she replied something that made me feel a little less crazy, she said not many people at all can remember there own birth but she is one of them. She said that she thought she would never meet someone else that could but Someone else was sitting right across the table from her that could, which was me. So as we kept talking I learned from Jessica's sister that Ladonna had been possessed once and the only thing she did during that possession was lie like she was in a coffin which made me think it was more of a hypnosis thing. Ladonna didn't remember any of it but she draws things that makes Jessica's sister have flash backs of that day ( They messed with a wigi board on Halloween in a haunted house that was abandoned.. =/ )

After that we went to a couple houses that they heard was haunted. I was immediately drawn to the first house but Ladonna directed us to one that looked like it had been a victim of a rave gone wrong..Once in there I noticed something wasn't right. Who ever had left the house left a whole lot of stuff that was very valuable. Like credit cards, pills, beds, TV's,Cheeks, everything was still in the house. Then I noticed something else weird. One side of the kitchen looked like it was on fire but it wasn't near any plug ins or stoves in the kitchen. When we went into the living room another patch of the floor looked burned and caved in..But no traces of the fire moving from that spot. I stepped over it. And beside the left wall of the living room was a fireplace. Away from both burn marks. It looked used. Then in the ( I guess second?) living room there was another fireplace..that wasn't used at all and its build was odd. The rest of the house was a mess. Nothing burned but rotted out.

When Ladonna moved closer to the fireplace she noticed that there was loose bricks in it..So she removed them and they were compartments everywhere inside that fireplace. We started looking in them and a hat with two tiny holes feel out. They looked like holes where eyes should go. So we kept looking. we found wire, pieces of burned wood, and burned clothes inside the chimney. Then I told Ladonna to stick her camera in to take a picture of the inside. When she did we seen a second mask/hat just like the first one. Jessica made it drop out by poking it with a long metal rod enough times. Then Ladonna started freaking out and said that someone killed the family and we found the proof. I freaked out too because here was a grown woman freaking out because we found masks in an old house that looked like no one was in for years but everything in the house said something about 2004. Then while Jessica's sister was trying to calm Ladonna down I looked up and noticed there was a blood red room above us ( I looked through the vent) So I went upstairs and noticed that the only thing supporting the whole room was a couple pieces of messed up wood and planks. Then across the hall was a bright pink room with a flower bed in it and nothing else besides toys. Then I noticed that this house had two wells. When I went back to the living room Jessica was pulling up tile and the red under it looked like spatter from blood or something. But from all the stuff that I have seen it didn't surprise me. Ladonna got freaked out and decided to leave after taking a couple pictures of the rest of the house and inside the well. ( When she did something like a face was in the water surrounded by ripples) Then we went into the second house. The same exact blood red paint was in an upstairs room on that ones walls and the only thing in there was a couple stands, curtains, and a bed in the center of the room. The rest of the house looked like a garage. ( And the only way to get upstairs was to get on a latter and jump through a window. No stairs inside the house. ) That room smelled so bad. Then the third house gave me the worst feeling of all. Baby's pictures were lying everywhere on the floor, over turned sofas, beds, love seats, everything in that house was trashed worse than the first house. I quickly got spooked of the house and started for the door but Jessica didn't follow me. She went deeper into the house. So I followed her. There was a wedding guest book with names in it everywhere and pictures of the wedding spread out on the bed...The wedding things were in a closet that i couldn't reach because of the clutter. Then out of nowhere birds started going out the windows and tweeting like being attacked. So that was enough for Jessica and she ran out followed by me.

After that we had one more stop before taking Jessica and Ladonna home. A bridge that supposedly people sacrifice animals at on Halloween. (Proven that they kill the animals there. *sickened* )

When we got out of the car the first thing that i noticed was something that looked like blood on the railing of the bridge. Jessica said it looked more like paint to her. And then Ladonna went over to a tree and found something stuck to the side of the tree that looked like bloody dead organ tissue. The tree looked chopped at. (But not in a way that you would go at cutting a tree) It looked like someone was swinging at something in front of the tree. Then I looked over the ledge and seen a black bag. (Two of them but one looked empty) Jessica's sister said that it was probably trash and moved away from the bridge. I handed Jessica a stick because I didn't want her touching it. When she poked it, It was stiff. Then she said " This looks like a dogs shape. I swear it does." After that she stepped on it and her shoe imprint stayed in the bag when she lifted her foot up. If it was trash wouldn't it have sprang back up? or at lease crunched? So I pulled her back up and we turned around just in time to see Ladonna's face go pale when she found a black dogs collar by the other side of the bridge. After a car started to pass the bridge it slowed down when it noticed us then sped up like we were going to kill the person driving or something.

Later I learned that Jessica sister was crossing the bridge once and seen a skinned cow in the stream under it. (She gave a very graphic version of how its blood flowed with the water that i don't want to repeat.) And Ladonna's encounter on the bridge was with a white little girls dress with red liquids dripping off one side of it from a tree branch. And Jessica seen three or four dogs stabbed and hanging by there necks and tails from that same branch that Ladonna seen the dress on.

The bridge is what I keep thinking about. Because somehow know its true. So I want to find out about it. Ive searched it but I cant seem to find anything out about it. But I want to find out about it no matter how upsetting it is to even read it.. Does anyone know anything about this bridge? o_o

(By the way. When Ladonna puts those pictures she took of the houses and the bridges ill post them here [There are no dead animals in any of them.] )