Ghost Stories

Ok...I best tell my story.

Hello.I'm a new poster here,but have read the posts as a guest for quite some time now. I fiqure let me tell my life story now..

My great great grandfather built the house I am living in almost 200 years ago. There has been alot of deaths in the house,from since nobody has left. I have a total of 6 ghosts in my house that I am able to comunicate with. There are two children ghosts in the attic,which I never go up in. Theres a woman OUTSIDE that I communicate with (but is not part of my family). And there is a dog ghost in my basement.

The six ghosts are located here:

1) a woman in the kitchen that hangs out by the table.

2) a woman in the dining room that you catch her reflection in the china cabinet and glass of the picture frames. She also goes near the basement door.

3) a man that hangs out near and on the bottom of the stairs

4) a woman who you catch catch her reflection in the bathroom mirror.
We believe it is my great aunt,who died in the bathroom.

5) a elderly woman in my parents room that stands over my father and watches him sleep.We believe that my great grandmother (my father's grandma) who died in that room.

6) a 12 year old girl named Erishkagal.She was another great aunt that died in my brother's room. Oddly enough,she was named after the Celtic Goddess of Death or something like that. She is the one that plays the practical jokes I have mentioned before. And she chases you to the top of the stairs and you feel this rush of energy that makes everyone run down the stairs and she giggles the clearest voice I have ever heard and calls my name.

There are countless other ghosts that are not part of the family.
My family has a long history of being witches,so many seances and rituals were done in my house.This causes new and scary spirits to just appear out of nowhere. Most of them will not talk to me. And I have to end up banishing them from my house.

There are a few that stay though.
Theres a woman outside.She stands on this huge rock that my family used for rituals. She says her name is Mary and shes a friend of my Great grandmother. She wears all black. At night she stands there wearing a hooded cloak.

There is also a man that appears at the front door.
I don't know who he is..

Theres a dog spirit in the basement that everyone who goes down there feels something watching them. He pretty much just sits in the corner until nightfall. At night you hear him scratching from inside the basement door. I have always found this disturbing as a child,so I asked my uncle about it. He says thats the ghost of his dog. He left him in the basement one day to go on vacation.Sadly the man that was supposed to take care of him forgot about him. My uncle came home to find his dog starved to death behind the basement door. The scratches on the door are still there. Though we keep painting the door,the scratches keep appearing in the paint.

The scariest story of all is the story behind the two children in the attic.
You can only reach the attic by a ladder,so nobody goes up there other than to store the occasional item.So one day there was a family reunion and my great cousin and another great cousin stayed over the house.
Well,they decided to somehow climb up on the other and get to the attic,whereas she pulled the other one up once she got up there.
There was this trunk full of sharp tools in the attic. The story goes that they didn't realize there were sharp tool and knives in the trunk until they both climbed in.The heavy trunk slammed shut and locked,and nobody heard their cries for help. The sharp blades slowly cut into them and killed them. Their bodies were discovered the next morning after the adults realized the trap door was not put back correctly.

From then on,sooty fingerprints appear on the trap door.
Why are they sooty? I don't know...
You hear footsteps and knocking at night in the attic.
And just recently,something weird has been happening.
Everyone thinks I'm lying about this until I show them.
In two spots,my brother's room and my parent's room
The wall that is in between those two rooms is right about where the chest was located. That wall on both sides,drips what looks like blood.
This only started about 3 months ago,so I don't know what its from.
There is no blood left in the attic. And we keep washing the walls and painting them to cover it up but it keeps coming back. I'll try to take some pictures and post them. We just painted about 2 weeks ago and its already about a foot down the wall. I will also take a picture of my brother's dresser which is ruined because there is what looks like blood splattered down the back.I would get it tested to see if its really blood,but I really really don't wanna know actually. I will continue telling myself that its liquid rust coming from who knows where.[^]


The only thing I can think of is maybe there were a lot of people around (she said there was a family I am thinking like a reunion or something) and with all the excitment it wasnt noticed that they were not around! but I dont get why it wasnt discovered around dinner time or bedtime that they were missing? Maybe they could have been saved had they been found that night!!

I don't know why nobody noticed they were gone.
I know that it was a family reunion that ended very late.
I believe maybe the adults were drunk,I wonder if somebody actually killed them and put them in that trunk.Cause it really doesn't make sense to me how they couldn't know after going in there that it contained blades and old tools and stuff.

I don't think that you would want to live in a house like mine.
Maybe visit and ghost hunt and such
But once night falls and you know you have to sleep in this place...
just to say I'm very very relieved that I am moving into a 20 years old house that nobody ever died in.And I'm throwing away alot of my furniture,except the heirlooms the louis XIV stuff though I don't believe that any of it has spirits attached.

Erishkagal died in her sleep,nobody knows why.
They say she wasn't sick

My house isn't that big,its like 4 bedrooms
thats why I think everybody was too drunk to notice.