Ghost Stories

Okie Pinokie

Recently I and another friend of mine spent the weekend with a friend in the northern part of Indiana. One Saturday we became a little bored, and being as we all shared a common interest in the paranormal, we decided to check out some local reportedly haunted locations. One of these locations is just outside of Peru, Indiana on S.R. 124. We read a story posted on a website about certain things that were supposed to happen such as screams from a small girl, sounds of a pig, and someone whistling from deep within the forest after you have whistled. Stories of strange markings on a tree and trees seemingly surrounding or closing in on you were also reported. Peaking our interest, we decided to see if these claims would hold true for us as well.

We started out to the location on a cold night. The directions on the site were very vague and said nothing about 124 so we had some trouble finding it and stopped to ask if anyone knew where this place was located. We were directed to take 124 out of town and that it was a small gravel road marked with a few concrete pillars at the entrance. The young man then informed us that he didn't know if there was anything to the stories or not but that he refused to go out there to find out. We laughed and said we'd let him know and then continued on our journey.

Once we found the gravel road in question we started down it and noticed that it was taking a while to get back to the location in question. The trees did seem to get closer as we traveled and at one point seemed to surround us. Once we reached the circle in the road we turned the vehicle around to face going out and then got out.

The first thing that struck us as strange was the absolute silence we experienced. We were in a heavily wooded area with a river moving quite rapidly a few feet away. There was a slight breeze that we noticed upon driving back but when we got to the particular location there was no sound at all. When you are out in the woods, especially in the wintertime, crunching over gravel and snow you expect to hear echos and sounds of the trees surrounding you. We heard none of these sounds nor did we hear the rushing water of the river a few feet away from us. The woods surrounding us was strangely silent.

We decided to try out the whistling claim. One of us whistled and nothing happened, not even our echo came back to us. The three of us started to experience an uneasy feeling and decided that it was time to leave. We noticed that it took us literally no time at all to get out of there, although we were traveling at the same speed as before and yet the first time it took several minutes to get back there. We also found it strange that on the way out of the area the trees seemed to be far enough back from the road that they weren't crowding or surrounding the vehicle at all.

I returned home later the next day as did my other friend and we both commented about how there was something making us want to go back to this particular site. Serveral weeks passed and the friend that we spent the weekend with informed us she had gone back and was overcome by a weird and menacing feeling and didn't want to return. We of course thought this was a little strange but didn't question it.

Several weeks later on another visit we were able to convince her to go back. We found the same initial things we did on our first trip such as the unusally long drive back, the abscence of sound, and the strange feeling the area held. Upon further investigation we found the tree with the strange markings but they looked to be almost as if they were made very recently. This was the only tree in the area with markings on it and they couldn't have been fresh if they were documented in the original story that peaked our interest.

We were originally in the area of this particular site because we were traveling home from a dinner and reception we were invited to. We had 4 kids with us at the time and just told them we were driving somewhere to look at the stars. When we got there the children seemed to be agitated about something and refused to look out the back window, although the wouldn't tell us why. The also refused to get out of the vehicle. We got out and shut the doors and you couldn't hear the radio or the children as we stood there. One of us heard sounds as if a child were crying or screaming and went to check the kids and they were quiet and denied crying or screaming at all. We took several pictures of the area. We then felt as if something were watching us from deep in the woods and decided to leave. Once again it took us no time at all to get out and the trees appeared normal on the way out.

We developed the pictures the next day and the 4 pictures we took were missing. When we checked the negatives they were blank where those pictures were. I'm not sure what happened to these pictures.

Well, there's an account of what happened. This is a true account. Let me know what you think and if anyone lives in this area of Indiana and has been to this site, I'd be interested in finding out if your experiences were the same.

Thanks for listening and reading.

Darkness falls upon the countryside, but there's no place to hide...