Ghost Stories

Old farm house

My cousin Rob and wife and kids moved into an old farm house. The house was built in the late 1920's. It's in pretty good conditon though. Me and my cousin, Hillarie, spent a few days at the house to help out.

The first day everything seemed fine. We cleaned up and unpacked some stuff. That evening, I went to take a bath. The bathroom upstairs had been added by the last owners. The one downstairs was older, from the 60's or the 70's. I took a bath downstairs, since Hillarie was in the one upstairs. I shut the door, not bothering to lock it, and started to run the water. I got undressed and went to the medicine cabinet, which had a mirror on it. I went to open it to get a razor from it. The mirror had a handprint on it.

I didn't think anything of it at first. I thought I had brushed it with my fingers. Before I got in the tub I looked down in th water. Looking back at me was somebody's face. It was a girl with long black hair and piercing blue eyes. She had a blank look on her face.

I freaked out, screaming and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around me. I went to the door, trying to open it. It wouldn't open. Screaming I drew Nicole's, Rob's wife, attetion. She came to the door, asking what was wrong. I told her I couldn't get the door open.

She tried and said it must be locked. I knew it wasn't, I haden't locked it. She told me to make sure. I looked down. The door was locked. I unlocked it and went into the hall with Nicole. She asked what was wrong.

I told her and we went into the bathroom. There wasn't anything in the tub. And there wasn't fingerprints on the fogged up mirror. That night I took a bath upstairs with Hillarie in the bathroom.

The next night me and Hillarie, shareing a bed, were talking. Hillarie jumped, claiming she had saw a cat. I told her it was probably Leo or Tiger. She said it wasn't. Tiger is orange and Leo is white. She says she saw a kitten that was black and had tons of fur.

Rob and Nicole didn't have a kitten or a cat like that. I told her she probably saw Leo and thought he was black since it was dark. Even though I convinced her, I wasn't sure if I convinced myself.

The next morning early, me and Hillarie were laying in bed, talking. I looked into the hallway ad swore I could have saw somebody walking by. I brushed it off as it being Nicole or Rob. Soon afterwards, we went downstairs. Nicole was cooking. When we asked were Rob was, she said in town getting some more paint.

I still didn't think anything of the figure I had saw walk by. It had to have been my mind playing tricks on me.

Later that day, me and Hillarie were painting the upstairs hallway. I was painting the lower part of the wall. Hillarie was on a chair, painting the upper part of the wall. I felt something brush past my leg as I was painting. I assumed it was Leo or Tiger. Not looking, I moved my hand down to pet the cat. Nothing was there.

I looked down and then around the hallway. There wasn't a cat anywhere. I asked Hillarie if she had saw Leo or Tiger just then. She said no. A little later on, still painting, Hillarie started screaming.

I jumped sky high, looking up at her. I asked what was wrong. She said there was somebody behind me. With long black hair. The first thought was that of the face I had saw in the tub the night before. I haden't told Hillarie about it. She would never make fun of me for it either. Me and her quickly finished painting and went downstairs with everybody else.

The next day before we left, Hillarie, me, and Rob went up in the attic. None of us had seen it yet, so wanted to before me and Hillarie left. The attic was pretty empty, other than a few books and a mirror. On the back of the mirror in red marker was wrote "Havens Family 1929". Rob said it must have belonged to the first owners of the house. The house had been built in the late 20's, so it made sense.Rob or Hillarie didn't find anything strange about the mirror, but I did. I felt so uncomfortable around it. Something I can't explain. The attic was cold too. It was really cold around the mirror though. Rob even said that. I don't know what was up with the mirror, but its creepy.
I begged Rob to leave it in the attic. He said he would.

As me and Hillarie were leaving, I looked back at the house. I could have sworn I saw a face in the attic window. The face was pale and had black hair. I just quickly looked away. Maybe I just imagened that, I don't know.

Sorry about the length of this.
I hope you guys can shed some light on all of this for me!