Ghost Stories

Old Haunted Schoolhouse

Hi everyone,

This time I've got a story from my Aunt. She is currently living in an old abandoned schoolhouse that is over 130 years old. Well, not quite that old, because the school completely burnt to the ground in 1923 and had to be rebuilt. When she bought the old place, she had bats in her belfry....literally. Before moving in she had to have animal control come out and remove a colony of bats that had taken up residence in the steeple of the schoolhouse. Unfortunately, the bat guano had done considerable damage to the upstairs floor, and it was virtually uninhabitable. Since nothing could be done with the upstairs, and she really couldn't afford to do any remodeling at the time, she simply had my father seal it off. Now she has a staircase that goes all the way up to the ceiling. Not one to waste space, she uses the staircase as shelving to display her collection of antique dolls.

The first year she lived in the house, she really didn't notice anything strange happening. Every once in a while she would find her dolls in a heap at the bottom of the stairs. But she just figured, that her granddaughter had been playing with them. The activity really didn't start until the second year. Sometimes she'd be working out in her garden, and she would distinctly hear the chiming of the school bell up in the steeple. Just a single ring, sometimes two, but clear and distinct. She tried to convince herself, that it was probably just bats accidentally hitting the bell trying to find a way back into the house.

Because she lived alone, one day she asked my father if he would come over with his extension ladder and take the bell down. She had decided to donate the bell to the local historical museum. However, even after the bell had been removed, she'd be outside doing yard work, and she'd hear its distinct chime, usually just after noon around 12:30 or so.

It was also about this time, that she started hearing unexplained noises early in the morning hours, just before sunrise. She would wake up to the sounds of little feet running up and down the staircase. She also said that every once in the while she thought she could hear children giggling. She would lie very still in bed, and the giggles would come with the morning breezes. Sometimes she would wake up and find the dolls in the middle of the floor, even when Cheyanne, her granddaughte,r hadn't been over in a couple of weeks.

One particularly unsettling incident occurred while babysitting her granddaughter, who was three at the time. She was sitting in the living room working on a quilt, she was donating for a church raffle. She could hear Cheyanne playing in the kitchen with a great big beach ball that she was rolling around the linoleum floor. Every once in a while, she would hear Cheyanne say, "You turn". She really didn't think much of it, because earlier, she had watched as Cheyanne tried to play ball with Pepper, her pet Schnauzer.

Then about 20 minutes later, her daughter came by after work to pick up Cheyanne. She asked my Aunt, where her daughter was, and my Aunt told her she was in the kitchen playing ball with Pepper. However, as Lisa drove up to the house, she had seen Pepper outside chasing squirrels. Lisa then went into the kitchen, and after 5 minutes, my Aunt heard Lisa call out "Mom, can you come in here please. NOW!"

She could tell, by the urgency in her daughter's voice, that something was wrong. When she got to the kitchen, Lisa said, "Just watch, and be very, very still." She then had Cheyanne roll the ball across the floor. It would roll about half way, and then stop for a full 20 seconds, before rolling back to Cheyanne as if pushed by unseen hands. Once, the ball even made a full trip around the kitchen table that is located in the middle of the kitchen.

Even though my Aunt believes her house is haunted, she really isn't afraid. As she sometimes says, "Being alone so much of the time, with my children grown and out of the nest, its strangely comforting to hear the patter of little feet around the house..... even when there's no one there"

Hope you enjoy.