Ghost Stories

Old Man Charlie

Hi all, I am back. I seemed to have a bit of problems with my account for a while, but I have returned with a new story to tell.

Before I go into details, I'd like to bring your attentions back to one of my previous topics, A Sensitive Subject - I See Dead People. In the second last paragraph, I had mentioned that my best friend, whom had come to live with us, had lived in a haunted house a couple streets down from my own. Since she is a large contributor to this tale, I think it's best if we begin back there.

In our neighbourhood, it is well-known that there was something wrong with her house. From footsteps wandering the halls, shadows dancing across the walls to children laughing in the basement and piercing eyes staring at you from the bottom of the stairs. The animals were at unease, the guests were at unease and the families that had always lived there were at unease. In fact, every single family that had lived in her house prior to her family moving in were torn apart by divorce. Unfortunately, it had also affected her family the same way.

Now, you may recall that I have always had a heightened sense of the paranormal, and my friend could see that quite quickly as well. Shortly after entering her house, I became uncomfortable. Noises, voices and growls would echo the hallways at night, seemingly coming from the shadows that reached towards you in the dark. Eyes that seemed to glare from those same shadows would follow you. If I were to stay at her place the night, we wouldn't feel safe to sleep downstairs without candlelight or the firelight to keep them at bay. Failing that, we'd keep one or more of her pets nearby for protection.

It was always very unpleasant. While not everything coming from that house was negative, the majority of it was. And that was enough to drive anyone into paranoia.

Since she has moved on from the property, she has found herself on the top floor of a city triplex. And luckily, her roommates here are much more forgiving.

Her mother, a nurse for over 35 years, was told of the old man who died on the property. Supposedly his name is Charlie and so far he hasn't seemed to mind our calling him that.

When I first came to my friend's new home, I felt a presence. Nothing malevolent or angry, but more curious and comforting. As is our usual habit, my friend and I sat in near darkness talking late into the night. When I became distracted at one point, I turned to my friend and asked her if she had noticed that she had a roommate. Not surprisingly, both she and her mother had noticed his presence. We spoke about him for a while longer, before retiring to bed.

The next morning, we were up early. She had school and I had work. I left my cell phone on the side table in her spare room as we went about our morning rituals. I didn't even make a move towards my cell until we were headed out the door just before 7.

Later on that day, as I texted my friend, waiting for my manager to open the store, I flipped through my camera photo album to look at pictures of my cat. Nothing was out of the ordinary. Yet, tonight, as I was bored, I flipped through my album to find a picture I did not take. As I looked at the photo information I discovered that I could not have taken it. The photo was taken at 6:35 on the morning after we spoke about Charlie. This was at least 15 minutes before I even touched my cell phone.
At first, I thought it was a smudge, but once I loaded the picture to my computer, in more detail I noticed it looked like a human shape. I examined my phone, there were no smudges near or on the lens. Looking at the picture closly, it appears to be an older man directing himself towards the camera.

A few things come to mind when I looked at this picture. The main thing being, how was it taken. My phone was sitting lens down on an empty room away from any light source, away from the doorway that is shown to the left of the image. Also, only two women live in this apartment. One was at work, the other was getting ready for school/work with me. Somehow, I have an image of a door-frame and a hazy figure of a man that my phone could not have taken at this time. It couldn't have gone off on accident either. It makes a lot of noise and it generally has a lock from doing such. Even if by some miracle it did go off, I would have just gotten the side table or the hazy image of an iPod in the dark.

Another question to answer as well, why was this photo not on my phone when I checked it a few hours after my phone is telling me it was taken? It wasn't there at all. No image, no haze, nothing. I don't have a large photo album on my phone, so it wouldn't have gotten lost or hidden. It only showed up shortly after another conversation about Charlie.

Now, I know this is a dark image and a bit hazy, but it is a cell phone image. Please take a look and tell me what you think. I just think it's a really odd coincidence and an odd image as well.

[photo no longer available]