Ghost Stories

Old man in bed

Hello there, I have three tales to tell, one of mine and the others from people I have met.

When I was 6 years old, my family moved to California because of my Dad's work. We came from Miami and were renting a house. Being so young, I never thought of ghosts except at halloween.

Here is what happened to me. Even though I was 6, I remember it as it was yesterday!
One night I awoke to find the house shaking and creaking, thats right, an earthquake. Being from Florida, you can imagine my terror.
Jumping from my bed, I ran to my door to go to my parents room which was down the hall to the left. I know I was awake for I remember looking down by the door and my pet hermit crab was literally bouncing up and down in his box.

Well, once at the door, I looked to my right, and down the hall, coming out of the kitchen was a bed enveloped in green light. I watched as this brass bed came bouncing down the hall and I saw an old man lying in the bed. It bounced down the hall, into my parents room, and out through the wall. Needless to say, I was scared out of my mind, I jumped back in my bed and somehow went to sleep.

I told my mother about it the next day and of course she told me it was a nightmare. I know the earthquake was real for we drove the neighborhood and looked at all the damage.

Another thing that happened was: One morning I woke up and was laying there. (this is kinda gross but hey, we all do it) I was picking my nose when I looked at my brothers bed. The head of my bed was in the corner and the foot of his bed was what I could see.

There was a body in the bed for the sheets were going over it. As I looked, I saw my brother (who was 12) squating on the side of his bed with his back against the wall, in his underwear, with his hands pointing to the sides of his head. His fingers were streched out pointing toward each side of his head. He had a goofy smile on his face and his tongue was sticking out. He was looking out across the room, not at me. I thought, If he is against the wall, who is in the bed? Again, scared as can be, I turned my face away and went back to sleep. Later and the breakfast table I asked him about and he said I was crazy.

Another time I was watching cartoons in the morning and through the floor it felt as if someone punched it. It was so hard, I remember coming off the floor.

One more thing, Years later my mother told me this,
One day after her chores, she was taking a nap on her bed. She was in that half awake half asleep mode and heard foot steps coming down the hall. She thought it was my oldest brother (15) home from school. She was thinking of what kind of snack to fix him as she heard the foot steps enter the room and someone sat on the bed. When she looked up, there was no one there. She was so alarmed, she got up got my little sister (2) and called my Father at work and said that she would be on the front steps till he got home.

It was then that I found out that an old man had died in that house. I guess I was about 16 when she told me. We moved from that house and went back to Miami when I was 7.

Another story I have heard was from a man that used to hang out at the Kangaroo where I worked once. I was 18 at the time. The mans name was Jimmy and has past on since.
Jimmy told me about Butler bridge.

Back in the 50's, people used to go there and picnic and couples went there too, you get the picture.

He told me that Butler bridge was built in the 1800s and back in the civil war, the confederates hung many slaves there in the trees as the union army aproched. He said that if you look close, you can still see the ringlets which held the ropes.

Well one night, he and a buddy took there dates down there. It was getting dark. As they were getting comfortable under the bridge, they heard foot steps going across the bridge toward them. The women were frightned so the men went up the hill to investigate. They crept up there and as soon as they popped there heads over the sides to see who it was, the foot steps stopped and there was no one there.

They were gone within the minuite.

I have visited this place during the day, but not at night. Many of the locals say it is haunted.

The last tale came from a man I met at a Halloween party. There were not many people there and we were talking about this and that when the conversation eventually led to ghosts.
I told him that I had seen a ghost ( my story above) and he said "You too! Ive seen a ghost but I dont tell many about it for they always think I'm crazy."

Ill tell his story as he told me, in first person.

"When I was 12 we lived in Chicago. One night I awoke to see a blue light going down the hall. I thought it was my older brother with a flashlight. I walked out my bedroom and down the hall to the right. There was a corner there to the left where the light was. As I rounded the corner, there stood a Paul Revear type dude bathed in this light. He had on revolutionary clothes and a three pointed hat. I stood there trying to compehend what I was seeing. He looked at me, tipped his hat and went thru the door there that led down to the basement. The light went with him. As I stood in a daze, my brother came out of the bathroom which was on the other side of the hall. He said "What are you doing?" I said "Nothing". He told me to go back to bed."

That is what I have had happen to me and what I have heard. Thank you for your time.