Ghost Stories

Old School House

So, it appears I have stumbled across an old rural building. It's about 15 minutes from where I live and is relatively bad shape. It was probably built in 1913 as a large plaque graces the front of the building. I don't know when the building stopped being used, but I assume it may have been the 60's or 70's as the town is very small, the building is wired with electricity and the property is still fairly well maintained. There is an odd story attached to this building which leads me to believe it is likely to be haunted.

It started on a day that I was skipping my college classes to help my father fix my mother's car. We were driving back from an auto supply store when my father -- a professional truck driver -- decided to take the back roads. He often does this as he likes to see different scenery whenever he can. We took an old dirt road and came across this old building. Immediately it gave my father a bad feeling, yet I was intrigued. It was raining fairly heavily so we were unable to stop. I snapped a quick picture with my cell phone and then we went straight home, but I couldn't stop thinking about the old stone building.

About a week later, I was with my father again. I requested that we take the back road again. My father was hesitant, but he knew of my interest in the paranormal. We went back to the old building, but my father refused to leave the car. He was convinced that there was something there and I could feel it too. I left the safety of the car and approached the building, cell phone at the ready to take a few quick pictures. When I approached the front door -- which was wide open -- I could see that most of the floorboards were pulled up and a bunch of school desks were piled up and sitting in the far corner. Immediately I was overcome with an odd feeling which I had only felt three or four times before. I was still standing in front of the house, but in my mind -- or through my third eye -- I could see the school as it once stood. I was standing at the door and I could see a full classroom with a young woman near the door. She was tall with her auburn hair pulled tight in to a bun at the top of her head. Some loose strands had escaped to frame her face. She had a dark grey high collared shirt buttoned all the way to her throat and tucked into a matching skirt. The only jewelry she wore was a cameo at her throat and a chain that her wire-framed reading glasses hung from. As suddenly as the feeling or vision came, it left. I shook it off and finished taking pictures with my cellphone.

As soon as I approached the car, my father turned to me and said that he felt a woman there and then he described the woman I had seen in my mind's eye. He explained the same feeling that I had felt, like your still there but can see behind the veil. I felt pulled to take more pictures. So, I turned and took two pictures, one from where I was standing at the car and the second I got a bit closer to the building. Then, I got back in the car and we left.

Later on that night, I decided to text the pictures I'd taken that day to my computer. The last two pictures I had intrigued me. In both pictures I could see a rough humanoid shape, in the first picture it was in one window and the second picture it was in the next window. Now, I don't have any good photo manipulation software, but I do have My sister and I spent the night trying to get the images to appear. When we finally succeeded, there in the window we could see the shape of the woman both my father and I had seen. That night, I was awoken by a force I could not explain. As my eyes snapped open in the dark, for the briefest second I could swear that I saw the face of the young woman.

Shortly after, I brought both my sister and brother to this building and both of them could feel the same thing. Except, my sister could also feel an older man, maybe the janitor. His spirit is not as strong, but she is certain that he is there. I took a few more pictures -- still with my cell phone as I didn't have a camera then -- and we left. Once again, that night I could see the woman again. This time she was in a dream. I was a student in the back of her classroom and I watched as she stood in front of a blackboard, writing something I was unable to see. When I woke the next morning, I told my sister of the dream I had. She wasn't that shocked, but she explained that she had dreamt a similar dream that night.

I haven't been back to that school house in a while, but it still draws me in. I have finally been able to get a decent camera and I plan to go back and take some more pictures. My best friend was intrigued by the pictures I showed her and I may bring her sometime soon. In the meantime, I was hoping I could post the two photos that the woman's image appear in. I was wondering though, would I post the pictures on this discussion forum? Or would it be best if I post them in photos and link this discussion instead?

I'd also like to know what anybody may think about this. I've seen quite a bit in my life, but it's always nice to hear somebody else's opinion.