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Old soul New face

Hello everyone, Its odd I feel like we are all friends from another life.... weird.... Any how I have had many "experiences" throughout my life which over time I will gladly share, However the events that have been taking place lately really drove me to search the web for any and all knowledge I could find.

My search has leade me to GP.... I have read the rules all the stickys and somerwhere in the area of 300 threads. Everythign from Blue flames Saga to the rules of ingagment for Ouiji boards. I have gotten some very helpfull info, But now i feel it is time to share my current experience with the "group" and maybe get a few more answers.

Now please bare with me these post may get long.

My life took a drastic u-turn about a year and a half ago, I met my now wife, and mother to my beautiful baby girl. I went from parting, drinking, road racing, and living in the adult equivilant of Frat house with 4 other guys (several instances here as well but another story), to stain home going to bed early, trading in the supercharged truck for the wifes mommy-mobile, renting (becasue we havent found "our" house yet) a single family brick home in the local suberb.

We got the house the same day we looked at it, which I haveing rented properties before found to be odd, there is usually at least a few days in which a land lord will run credit and check your referances and so on. This land lord did not even ask for this info. An other thing that was odd was we told him it was bit out of our range, and we didnt like the fact that there was no refigerator, and with out any argument he says well I buy a new and have it installed before you move in, and drop the rent 300 month. which was way below what we were expecting.

Well my wife has her heart set on this place, It is in the same neighbor hood her best friend in grade school lived in so she had memories. But for me this house just seemed like alot of up keep and work for a place that we didnt even intend to buy, and I always had a eerie feeling. But the price was right and I would do anything to keep my pregnant wife happy, so we took the place.

That evening I went back to the house to sign the lease and provide the deposit. It was starting to get dark and the landlord was late. After more than 45 min of waiting in the January cold I saw his car pull up. He calls me over says we will do the paper work in his car, it will just be quick. I found this very odd. But after we were done he handed me the key and said have a good night. I told him I wanted to take another walk through the house, to which he replied you signed the lease its yours now, Good luck!

Good luck?! what kind of thing is that for a land lord to say to someone that just rented a house from him? I had a seriously weird feeling about this guy. But i convinced myself he was just old and senile(sp). He was out of the driveway and gone from sight before I could even get to the front door.

I opened the door and instantly felt shut off from the world. I desided to scrap the walk through and come back the next day. I told myself I was just too tired, but that was just a comferting lie.

So we move in and everthing seems fine other than the occasional cold spot or feeling of someone behind me. Even my wife starts feeling parinoid, and complains about being home alone even if it is only for an hour. But we both convince ourselves that these are our over active imaginations. That is until the one night I couldn't sleep....

Now my wife and I work in the same building, and the same hours so we ride to work together, but becuase she takes forever in the morning she normally gets up before me to shower and then I shower while she is getting ready. Well this night I was tossing and turning all night and just couldnt get comfertable. I finally drifted into a in and out sleep around 3 am the next thing I hear is the door nob of our bedroom door turning ( this house was built in 1930 and i swear everthign in the house is all original) its one of those old clanky squiky door nobs wit ha skeleton key so there is now way t omistake the sound. and the door opens about a foot and lets the hall light shine in. Now I always sleep facing the window away fro mthe door. So I hear this and see the hall light but thats it, and I think man it cant be time to get up already and look at the clock it is 430 am. I realize there is no way my wife would be up yet. I slowly look over and there she is laying next to me in bed. So I pick up my head to look out into the hall.

As soon as my head is off the pillow the door SLAMS shut. Not like a breeze blew it shut ( which would not be possible any how since it was Feb. in PA all the windows were sealed with plastic for the winter.) but like a rather strong person very forcefully pulled it shut. Within a sec another bedroom door slams, and then everything is quiet.

By now my wife was wide awake and staring at me in horror. Now Obviously we both think there is someone in the house, so I tell her to stay in bed and be quite, while I grab my shot gun from the closet and head out into the hall to investigate. the first thing I notice is that the other bedroom doors are wide open. Even though seconds ago we both heard them slam shut. After a very thurow search of the house turned up nothing I headed back to bed but niether my wife nor i slept for the rest of the night. And this was our first incounter more to follow..... Thanks for reading and commenting.
ok so next occurance,

every week night from 7:15-7:45 there is a smell in our living of cigerret smoke and not just like out side comin in it is as if someone is sitting next to you puffin away, and niether I nor my wife smoke and there are no other neighbors that smoke. the really wierd thing is that it is like instatly there and instantly gone its not like it slowly comes and then disepates as after someone has just finished smokeing, ( my wife and i have been around smokers our whole life and never experienced anything this strong before).

Then the icing on the cake ( thus far that is) happened the monday night.

We had gone to bed around 1030 the house was all locked up and the dorrs and window were all closed and locked as always ( storm doors and double pained storm windows). Now my wife wakes up every few hours to Feed the baby, My little girl by the way is 4 weeks old and will wake at random time through out the night screaming , not crying, and as soon as my wife touch her she goes right back to sleep no problems. I have never seen this type of behavor in baby before, and i have been around more than a few.

Any how so my wife is feedin the baby around 12:30 and she starts screaming and trying to crawl over me to get the far side of the room. I am ask her whats wrong, and she screams there is something in the room over there, pointing to the far corner, it flew over her head and stoped in the corner. So I focus my eyes and I swear I saw the outline of what i beleive to look like a small woman maybe elderly but more like tiny. 5-4 100 lbs at most.

no sooner had my eyes adjusted and focused on this then it disapeared and a LARGE bat nearly flew into my face. I ducked and managed to turn the light on, sure enough there was a big ol' bat wizzing around my room, now this was weird cause as i said we sleep with our bedroom door shut and there were no open windows. So I catch the bat and put it in a kids doll box you know the ones with the clear front so you can see the doll. And I head out to go outside and let it free in the yard. on my way Istop to use the bath room as I come out and look down the stairs I see ANOTHER ONE!! so now i am like what the heck one bat ok two in the same night!!! I find That odd and i am from the country and used to critter in the house.

So after I mange to catch the 2nd visitir and get him in the same box I set the box on my dinning room table to searc hteh rest of the house and the basement for an entry point. I found no way they could have gotten in and no more of their buddies so I head back to the dining room to get the box and release them out side. BUt they were no longer in the box. THe box was closed with no holes for them to escape and no holes were chewed inthe box they were just gone, not in the house no where gone! yet another sleepless night in my house.