Ghost Stories

Oliver House (true)

This took place in 2001. It is a true story

My husband and I went to Bisbee Arizona which used to be a mining community. It's now a retirement and Artist Colony. It's a beautiful town an has lots of History and ghosts!

We made reservations at the Oliver House ( I asked if the hotel was haunted and they said yes). When we arrived we were the only guests that had arrived, the owner greeted us and said we could roam the 2 story B&B and go into the rooms, He didn't want to give us to much information as he would wait till the next day to see if we experienced anything.

As we entered I told my husband to take note of where I felt something (he was still some what sceptical). as we walked down the hall I notice there were rooms on both sides and a stair case was ahead on the right and to the left a large room where we were to have breakfast the next day. before we reached the stairs I turned to my right and told my husband that there was something weird about the room to my right. I tried the door but it was locked, Dennis (the owner)
had over heard me and asked me if I was psychic I said that I was sensitive and gave me a shocked look.

As we approached the stairs I said that there was a strange feeling and whispered to my husband I think someone died here. Again Dennis overheard and then I asked about it he said that a girl of about 8 was running down the stairs tripped and fell, breaking her neck. He said he doesn't usually share that story because no one had picked up on it before.

He decided to show us to our room, as we followed I stopped at the top of the stairs and pointed to door on the right making a sign to my husband. We continued on to our room which was the last one It was third from the room at the top of the stairs. It is all done in 1950's style w/black and white TV's. It was clean and comfy w/ no strange feelings. To the left of the stairs was a hall way with rooms on both sides that led to a balcony over looking the front of the building a stream that ran in front.

He told us about a friendly old lady that haunted one room in particular she usually just popped in and rocked in her old rocking chair. We went in that room and I felt nothing threatening only calm. In our room we un wittingly left our video camcorder on and went to the large room down stairs and enjoyed talking with Dennis about Bisbees History.

We then went upstairs as we passed the room at the top of the stairs we heard the tv on. We hadn't seen anyone else in the building, I told my husband that their was an oppressive feeling on the stairs and it had to do with that room. We went to our room and found the camcorder on we rewound the film and played it not expecting any thing but there was a sound that resembled the sound of a cain on a hard wood floor.

We decided to go walk around the town and as we reached the bottom stair Dennis was in the hall. I asked if another guest had arrived because we heard the Tv in the room at the top of the stairs. He said no and went up, we followed, the door was locked he opened it and the tv was on and it look like someone had laid o the bed. He mumbled that he had locked the room after it was clean and no one had a key but him. He didn't say anymore and we left.

We came back much later some guests had arrived and were walking around others were already in their rooms. We decided to go to our room and relax, We stayed up until 2:00 am with nothing happening. My husband drifted off first then I heard a horrible scream, it sounded like it was comming from the parking lot out side our window! I heard it again and woke my husband, he heard it when he woke up and I suggested the we call the police. But my husband pointed out that where the screams were comming from was vacant and open we should have been able to see something. He drifted back to sleep. I tried but I was worried about the girl screaming.

I decided it was time to sleep and just as I was relaxing I heard two very loud pops in the halway. I woke my husband but he said he didn't hear anything. I went and opened the door hoping to catch the little monsters who were throwing fire crackers and trying to scare every one. There was a light on that illuminated the stairs and hallway. I could see nothing nor hear the culprits running or making any sound. I figured they had thrown them out their door and disappeared before they could be caught. I finally fell asleep.

My husband was awakened by the sound of a door slamming in the room next to us, then heard this person stomp in heels down the hall that led to the balcony open that door and slam it shut. He told me about it in the morning about how rude some people can be. He wasn't happy.

We went down for breakfast and met up withthe other guests. Dennis had layed out some old news paper clipping with stories about some tragedies that had taken place at the Oliver House. He asked over breakfast if any one had heard or see anything and everyone said no. Well after a small pause I mentioned about the girl screaming and trying not t accuse anyone there I brought up the Fire crackers I had heard. Then my husband chimed in about some one who was obviously angry slamming doors and stomping down the hall to the Balcony. He said it was so loud it had woken him up and was sure that others had heard it also.

Well everyone at the table looked at us and said that they had heard nothing, nor had gotten up at all during the night. There were no children in the bunch. Dennis with surprise and a smile began to explain what we had heard.

The screams may have been a woman who was attacked and raped on the property long ago. The Fire Crackers were the gun shots that killed a man who lived in the room at the top of the stairs(one story was that the girlfriend of this man wanted to break off the relationship, angry he attacked and raped her. Either she or someone else got into his room, waited for him to come home and when he opened the door they shot him twice, he died at the top of the stairs!

A lady is responsible for the slamming doors and stomping down the hall to the veranda. They don't know who she is but she has been seen. She has long dark hair is very pretty and some waht petite. The theory is she had an argument and in her pain she may have jumped off the veranda.

As we were leaving I asked about the room near the entrance that was locked. A police officer caught his wife in the arms of another man in that room and killed them both then proceeded to shoot anyone he encountered in the house when he was done 14 people were killed, he went to the edge of town and killed himself. Afterwards people stayingin that room had frightening experiences.

When Dennis bought the Oliver House a friend from back East came out to help get it ready. While workingin that room she encounterd smells (horrible) and the last draw was as she was finishing the room she said the Devil showed himself to her in the window. She knew nothing of the house or the room. Dennis decided to get help eventually, a Exorcism had to be done. He decided not to take chances he now uses it for Storage.

We Plan to go back with some friends and more prepared to document the activity. This house is featured in a book called Sleeping with Ghosts.

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