Ghost Stories

One of my expierences (Memory Hill)

I have had many many expierences in my 30 years with ghosts or the paranormal, or what ever you want to call it.... Below is an account of one of these adventures. I have many more, and will probably share a few along the way... I am calling this one Memory Hill

Back in 1999, my sister, Lee, found and read a great book called Banshees, Bugles and Belles: True Ghost Stories of Georgia. Since she lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and I was to be visiting in October, she decided that it would be great fun to drive the 80 or so miles southeast to Milledgeville, which is the scene of many a ghostly crime. Being the freak that I am, I thought it was a great idea. The City of Milledgeville offers guided tours through their ghostly town, but we decided we would rather take our time and check out things at our own pace. We wanted to go on Halloween, but wound up going the day after because of bad weather. The day started out uneventful, and we tooled around Milledgeville taking in the sites. As we would locate a "ghosthouse" from the book, we would stop and read the exerpt pertaining to that particular house and gaze in awe. Some of the houses just looked spooky. But the fun had yet to begin. It wasn't until we rolled through the gates of Memory Hill Cemetery that things got really interesting. We parked our little gold Camry in a quiet spot close to the "Fish" tomb, where Mr. Fish walled himself in, and commited suicide. From there, we took a guided tour of the cemetery, courtesy of our trusty book. It is said that Memory Hill has more ghosts per square foot than all the rest of Georgia. I just about believe that. I need to mention here, that I had my trusty video camera with me, just hoping to catch some kind of ghostie or goulie sneeking around. What I got were nuts. Well, acorns, to be more specific. We had stopped to read a monument that sets dead center (pardon the pun) of the cemetery. Lee was setting on a bench, I was reading the monument with my camera, and my neice, Cherokee was several feet away, checking things out as only a five year old can do. I heard my sister say something, and I turned to look at her with the camera. I asked her to repeat what she had said, and she asked me if I had seen what she had just seen. I told her no, and in truth, I never did see it until we got back to the house and played back the tape. She said that something was throwing acorns at her. I told her she was imagining things, or that it must have been a squirrel, since the place has several nice trees. She insisted that she didn't imagine it, and as I got to looking around for the offending squirrel, I gradualy started noticing how quiet the place really was. I knew that we were the only visitors to the cemetery at the time, and though there was a construction crew in the distance, right at that time, in that spot, it was still as a stone. I was a little spooked, but still insisted on chalking it up to being in a cemetery, and imagining stuff. We continued on our book guided tour, and it was as we were heading back to the car that I really freaked out. The camera battery had just about had it, so I had switched it off. We were ambling back tward the car, discussing dinner plans, and different things, when for some reason, we both stopped dead in our tracks. We had both seen it at the same time. There was someone setting in the Camry! I said, "maybe it's a trick of light, or we are imagining it". But Lee wasn't having it. She said, "How can we both imagine the same thing at the same time?" We crept slowly to my sister's car, and the image of a man setting in the car never changed until we got right up on the car. Then he just vanished. We just freaked. We hopped in the car, and got the hell out of Dodge. I shook all the way back to Atlanta. I tried my very best to convince myself that it was a shadow or a trick of light, and I probably would have succeeded... If I hadn't shot that video tape. Once we got back to the house, the first thing we did was put Cherokee to bed and rewind that tape. Whats on it? Shadows and flying acorns.