Ghost Stories

One time our house had guests

This is part of a earlier story i related so will sum things up here because I found so intresting. We had bought our house and moved into it had not been there very long when a guy we knew (not really a friend) who had started going to the Denver Art's School had moved into his Dorm room. The dorm was a set of two buildings interconnected that the school bought and converted. One half was a old folks home and was completed so students were living there, the other was a aslyum for the mentaly unstable and was at the time still being cleaned up and converted. He was living in one area small living room with kitchen and two bedrooms off oppsites sides and they had 4 guys in there. Well his room mates were party animals, drinking, drugs smoking everything. He started to complain about them and was looking at moving out because he couldn't sleep and what not. Well things got really bad one night.

His room mates got the idea to join others and check out the other half o the building the aslyum part. The went via the roof where they used a heavy bar I think to bash in the door since it was locked. They procceded to enter the building which was deserted and wooped it up. Drinking smashing bottles and trashing things, one of the guys ended up taking a mirror from a room before they left and headed back to their dorm. He placed the mirror under his bed and was one of Jim's (guy I know) room mate well things started happening and Jim called us to see if we could move in with him, we said he could stay for a bit till he found another place. So we went to move him out and had a touch of ghostly activity a shadow moving over a wall when there was no way shadows could be on the walls. Nothing big so we moved him out and into our place, little did we know somethings attached themselves to him and came along for the ride!!

Jim ended up staying our basement with all his stuff, needless to say it made hings hard since we already had a good friend living with us as was so now we had 4 people in the house. Tensions rose and we had some bad fights every so often, Jim would often sneak up and eat our food and what not. Well things got worse so we finelly told him he had to move out since he was not paying or attemping to locate a place to live. WE got him moved out and things were okay, at this time we only entered the basement to do laundry it never seemed overly strange down there but we didn't stay long. Well one night a couple of friends were over to play video games I left them down there in the basement and went upstairs for something when I heard a this huge bang! I went down and asked what the hell happened? Turned out our teenager friend Andy had opened the door to the crawl space, which is smiply a small square door on the wall that opens into the foundation under the living room has lots of open space. Well he opened it looked in apprently jumped back then rushed forward and slamed the door really hard. I asked him what was up and he told me there was something in there sleeping, he described it a large black shadow with some what of a human form. After that we got my wifes coworker who is very knowledge about ghosts (let us know about the childern who roam the neigborhood) well he came over to check it out and we all went down into the basement, well this was a intresting my wife got stiff and pointed to a corner and said something was there. I could also feel something which was strange since we never did before. Kent said that his presence must have woken it up. He went onto tell us that there were three things in the basement who apprently hitched a ride on Jim when he moved in. Two were a elderly couple who were friendly and very quiet they had been there for a while but were just kind of hanging out and feeling lost. Well the thrid was the thing he woke up, he described it as a very large, very angry man who hated everyone and would cause harm if left alone. Kent proceded to do some things that he said would help rid us of the angry spirit, he allowed the eldery couple to return home with him since they were very quiet he didn't mind. It was strange watching him do it becuase he burned some sage and meditated for a while when he was done he looked very drained. He told us the thing was gone from our house and would return to place it came from but it could come back so he showed my wife ways to keep it out. Our friend Andy who came over later said that the image of the thing was still there but it was kind of like a picture really it appears this faded over time as he has been back and never mentioned it being there since.