Ghost Stories

Ouija Board Story..its long, LoL.

I've been reading some of these freaky Ouija board stories from some other people...and I wanted to tell mine too. Well one day I was at a friends house, and I was with my two friends Amanda and Chelsea. We were really we had Chelsea's mother go out and by us a Ouija board. She did..and we immediatly went down in the basement, and brought candles..shutting off all the lights. We sat down there in a circle in the complete darkness, with only the little faint light from the candles. We started playing..asking it questions about itself. It was moving really slowly at first, and it wouldn't tell us to much. And maybe 10min into our playing...we heard a loud knocking sound coming from the basement..somewhere on the wall, but we weren't sure where exactly. We didnt think anything of it, because we thought it was just Chelsea's mother trying ti trick us, so we kept playing..and not to long after that..we saw a flashing in the basement. Theres no windows in the basement, so it wasn't coming from outside. The flash was a blueish kind of color, and it went quickly. Like the blink of an eye...kind of reminded me of a camera flash..but no one else was down we all ran upstairs..because we got freaked out. And we found out that knocking wasn;t Chelsea's mother either. Me and Chelsea decided to go back into the basement...and Amanda stayed upstairs. We sat back down and began to play again..and the board was now moving faster..and we asked it questions, and most of the would tell us to come back and play at Midnight. We got kinda confused...and a lil freaked out. We asked if it if like Amanda..and it said "No." It would answer a few of our questions, but nothing we asked about woild just keep saying if we played at midmight, we'd find out. But it only wanted me and Chelsea there, not Amanda. So we we're like.."Okay.." LoL, and we went back upstairs..and went up into Chelsea's older brother's room..and started playing again in there. We contacted a spirit, supposidly her name was "Taylor" and she was "13". She told us she was Amanda's Gaurdian Angel...and that she died on the exact time that Amanda was born. We played this game for like..2 days straight. We couldn't stop. It got so addicting. And this ghost...seemed like a nice ghost, so we didn't think much of it. Taylor told us she died by a madman..that was a drunkdriver..and he hit her. And Taylor didn't like Chelsea's mother, because Chelsea's mother is a..drunk mom. We got a lil freaked out, but not to badd..because we still weren't beliving it all. We decided to stop playing in that room, and we moved into Chelsea's mother's room. And we contacted this guy...he told us his name was "Blood." And he said he was an evil spirit. He told us he commited suicide, by running infront of train tracks...and we asked what train number, and he said.."666.." I got a chill up my spine...and I started to freak out. I had to explain why...because Amanda and Chelsea didn't know that 666 ment Lucifer. So anywho..we kept playing..and this "Blood" guy told us he didn't like me. And he kept calling me a "Bitch." And the board started cussing at me..and I thought it was just my friends joking around...but then I asked if I knew this spirit..and he replied.."Yes." So I asked.."How?" And he replied.."Dad" Meaning, my father. And that scared father isn't a nice person, and..well, I'm not going to get into that. And this guy told me he was going to hurt me, either he or my I was like.."Okay guys, I don't want to talk to this guy anymore..." So we stopped and went back into Chelsea's brothers room..and contacted "Taylor" again. And she talked to us for was kinda weird. We started askign questions that only we would know. Like, for example..I asked questions that only I knew the answers too...and Taylor knew them. We asked all sorts of things. And at times, I would even take my hands off..just to test it. And it still had the answers right. So we all kept getting freaked out, but we didn't want to stop playing yet. Taylor told us she was in the room with us, sitting above Amanda's head. We told her to come down and sit with us, and hold someones hand. A few seconds after that, my hole hand got cold..and I shivered. We knew she was present in the room with us. We asked her if me and Chelsea should go in the basement at midnight, like that other spirit had told us to. She told us that we should, but she told Amanda to stay upstairs. She told us that the spirit in the basement would make Amanda fall down the stairs, and hit her head...and it was weird, because Amanda just had an operation done on her Amanda got really scared. She kept telling Amanda not to get in the car with Chelsea's mother either, because she was going to die. Man this Taylor girl scared us. More Amanda then anyone though. So anyways..midnight came along,, Chelsea, and Chelsea's mom, and Chelsea's brother all went down in the basement and began to play. We heard a crashing noise..and we saw the blue flash again so we all got up and ran upstairs. Chelsea's mother said she could have sworn she saw something moving in the basement in the corner, where the flash came. No body was downstairs though. It was a really freaky night. And we watched Witchboard that using the Ouija board made it a lil more freakier. I was still anxious to go back downstairs...because I wanted to see what else would happen..even though I was scared as hell. But no one else wanted we stopped. And the next day, we talked to Taylor again for awhile. She's really nice. But I was thinking..maybe shes just tricking us. Because like people say...we don't really know these spirits, and they could easily be lying about what they tell us. It was weird though..because Taylor played games with us. We asked her to tell us a joke...and she did. She said..``You're mommas so fat, she tripped on her own hot dog.." A weird joke, but we all laughed..and Taylor spelt out.."Hah" to let us know she was laughing with us. And then she told us.."You're so stupid, your friends with Dan." Danis Chelsea's brother..and he was playing with us at that time too. She was only kidding though, and we all laughed again. And she laughed as well. Taylor only liked the 4 of us though. She didn't like anyone else, and didn't want anyone else around. One more weird thing happened...we started to go deeper into this..and Taylor told Chelsea she could talk to her Grandfather....whom died recently. Chelsea was scared, but she said "Okay.." And then..the board started spelling things out..saying.."Hey Sweetie, how was the horse show?" And her grandfather always called her "Sweetie.." And me, nor Amanda knew about Chelsea's horse show. And Chelsea didn't believe it at first, so she asked questions like.."How many ribbons did I win, and what colors were they?" And he replied.."2 blue ribbons.." Which was correct. Chlesea was crying and everything..and finally he told us he had to go..and he told her he loved her, and to take care of the family..and then..he was gone. We played more after that, but nothing to interesting happened after was really freaky, and I never believed in Ouija boareds until those two days. I believed in t hem, but not as much as I do now....
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