Ghost Stories

Our haunted house on Timberview...

This is about the haunted house I lived in on Timberview Street in Arlington Texas.

The area where the house was built has a historical significance for the Arlington/ Dallas/ Fort Worth area. Down the street from the house is a park nestled inside Vandergriff Park, at the end of Timberview, it dead ends into Founder's Park. This is where a battle between the Indians and military occured. The creek that runs through it is called Bone Marrow Springs, and the reason it was named that was because the Indians and military fought over buffalo and it's bone marrow. There was a huge gathering of Indian tribes here and I think this might be why the area is haunted...


There are several stories to tell about this house. This is just the beginning... It started when my mom and dad got divorced. Leaving our mom to take care of 4 kids, my older sister, me and 2 younger brothers. I think in our distress we all became open to the paranormal. Good and bad.

The hauntings first started with my little brothers. They had a "boogie man" that lived in their closet. It would come out at night and stand at the end of their beds and would block the door so they couldn't get out. They described it as a grim reaper, with the black cape and hood. Sometimes it would be holding a pitch fork with tines up where it's chin would be, but it had no face. The hood was a black hole. It terrorized my brothers who were both pretty young. They got to where they absolutely refused to sleep in their room, the boogie man would get them. They started sleeping in my mom's bed because they were so afraid of their room. They would not go near their closet day or night. My mom finally got tired of them sleeping in her bed and made them stay in their room. She let them leave their light on and after they fell asleep she turned it off. That was all the boogie man needed to scare the living daylights out of my brothers. My littlest brother was so scared he broke a blood vessel in his nose and almost bled to death. When the boys didn't come out of their room the next day, my mom went to check on them. She found my littlest brother unconscious in a pool of blood. He had lost a mass amount of blood and had to be rushed to the hospital. The doctors had a hard time getting the bleeding under control, but they finally did. He told us the boogie man did it, but wouldn't say what because he was too scared. The sad thing is, no one believed them about the "it".

Our whole family started to change. All four of us kids almost died in this house.

On April 13th 1980, Our house burned pretty much to the ground. This was a 2 alarm fire My sister and youngest brother almost died in this fire. My brother got out somehow and called for help. My sister was found lying on my bed next to the window, the only way they found her was they saw her leg through the window. One of our neighbors tried breaking the windows and it wouldn't break. He finally threw a concrete statue threw the window and pulled my sister out. She was unconscious, not breathing, no pulse, pretty much dead. The EMT's arrived and pretty much left her for dead, but one of the neighbors performed CPR on her and saved her long enough to get to the hospital. She was in ICU for a week, on a respirator and unable to talk about what happened. When she was released from the hospital we asked her why she didn't open the window. She said it would not open, when we went back to the house we found the window was unlocked, but no one could get it open.

I tried to commit suicide many times at that house, for such trivial reasons.

These incidents could all be explained, but I'm telling you there was a dark cloud over this house and things that happened were due to the house being haunted.

We had an evil spirit and then some good ones came. I believe they were there to protect us as best they could.

We also had a poltergeist. We called it "The Ghost" and would blame everything on it. Whenever something happened we would say the ghost did it. Most of the time the ghost did do it.

Things calmed down for awhile, we went on with our lives. The poltergeist was still around, and would play it's usual pranks. Hide things, turn on water faucets, flush toilets, break things, steal things etc.

As mentioned before, we had a poltergeist living with us before our house burnt down. Well it was still there when the house was rebuilt and we moved back in.

I think I was one of it's favorite people. But when it didn't like someone who was at the house the most awful smell would develop. No matter what you did there was no way to get rid of the smell. The odor would seep into everything, our clothes would stink, our bodies, hair, everything. It was hard to know who it hated and we always had our friends over so we never knew who it was targeting, but the smell would last for days after.

It would play a lot of pranks on us. I had 2 sons and it never messed with them, but when I had my first daughter it became very active.

The biggest prank it would play would be to hide my daughters baby things.

After I would sterilize my daughters bottles it would hide pieces of the bottles. The item it hid the most would be the nipples. I would let the bottles air dry on the counters and when I went back to put them up all the nipples would be gone. We would go out and buy more, come back, and they would all be back where they were. If it wasn't the nipples, it would be the caps, or the rings, whatever it fancied. Sometimes we would ask it to put back whatever it took, walk away, come back later and whatever it was would be back again. If I got really mad at it and yelled, then whatever it took would never be seen again. To this day, there are a lot of things that have never been found.
Whenever it didn't like someone, it would hurt them. It didn't like my brother in law. It was always trying to do harm to him whenever he was there, but the worst experience he had was the whole family left town for a funeral and he had to stay home, he was in charge of taking care of the house and our pets while we were gone. One day he came to check on the dogs, let them out etc. While the dogs were outside he went into the kitchen to get a drink. The kitchen lights were flourescent lights recessed into the ceiling. There was a clear plastic cover that went over the hole. When he went into the kitchen as he was reaching for a glass the plastic cover came down on his head. Surprised him, but he didn't think much about it. Well when he reached for the cabinet door to get a glass, the cabinet door was jerked out of his had and thrown across the kitchen. He didn't stick around after that, he left, not caring where the dogs were or anything else. He came back later to let the dogs in, thinking it was just his imagination. When he went into the kitchen the cabinet door was still lying across the kitchen, and when he went to look at the cabinet the wood had been torn and splintered from the force it took to rip it out of the wood. These were pretty sturdy cabinets and still fairly new considering the house was just rebuilt.

It didn't like my brother either. It would pick on him more than anybody. If it had a chance to hurt my brother it took it. When ever my brother was in the bathroom, shaving etc. it would drop things on his head. The lighting in the bathroom would be what they call matinee style. Several light bulbs over a wall size mirror. The light cover would fall off the lights and have to be propelled to be able to hit my brother. The cover always fell on top of his head. We finally just left it off because we had to keep putting it back on. By the way, it was held in place by bolts out of the wall and little screw on knobs . The knobs would still be on the bolts after it was dropped on his head. It especially didn't like it when he decided to start shaving his head. He would do himself with razors and when he would try to shave the back of his head something would hit his hand and make him cut him self with the razor until he would give up. He had some pretty funky looking hair dos for awhile.

It didn't always stay in the house either. It would follow people outside to torment them. My ex husband didn't believe and would always joke about the ghost, not being real, and we were crazy etc. Well he didn't believe until it tried to kill him. My ex husband was working on our car, replacing the engine, I had just left to go to the store and no one else was home. My ex didn't believe, but what happened to him made him a believer somewhat. He had the engine hung up on the engine puller and had put double chains and hoists on it so it wouldn't fall, he had to get under the car to guide the transmission in, when all of a sudden the all the hoists came undone and the engine fell on his chest pinning him to the ground. He had that engine double secured so nothing like this could happen, but it did with no reason as to how. Luckily a friend of ours came by and helped get the engine off his chest. He was bruised pretty bad but still alive. It also got me. I was helping my ex work on the car, I was going to put the alternate in and as I was taking the bolts off, one of the bolts fell into the engine compartment between the firewall and engine. As I was looking down to see where the nut went the hood spring all of a sudden popped up and hit me just above my right eye. I ended up with a concussion, 7 stitches and 2 major black eyes. There was no way the hood spring could just pop up, they are very strong the car we were working on was a 77 Olds Cutlass which have very heavy hoods and the hood springs are super strong.

A lot of the bad things that happened to our family were offset by a lot of intervention from the "good" spirits we had living with us. None of us were actually killed bacause something was always there to prevent it. I have pictures of the good spirits with my kids. If you look at my profile there are 2 pictures there one of my youngest son and one of my oldest daughter.

These pictures were taken on Christmas Eve a year apart, the one of my daughter was taking in 89 and my son 90. These pictures are also posted at in the Feb 02 archive under the heading same vortex one year later. I believe this is our guardian and it wanted it's presence known. We have several pictures with "something" in them, but these 2 are the most pronounced. I also have a picture of me with a black shadow taking up half the picture. This I believe was the evil one and I have not posted it anywhere because it kinda freaks me out. There was so much that happened there, this are just a few of the stories that I could tell.

This is probably the last part about the house. As years went by, strange things occurred often, but we learned to live with them.

We would often have our pets die for unexplained reasons. Some really horrible things happened to some of our cats, but they are too bad and too sad to mention.

My sister got married and moved out with her husband.

I unfortunately had 2 bad marriages, but I think a lot of that was because of the bad aura surrounding the house, since I still spent a lot of the time there and even had to move back with mom several times over the years.
I met someone and moved out of that house for good. I rarely even went and visited my mom there. The man I met and I have been together going on 14 years now. We just had a baby girl in October 2003.
Well to put an ending to this story...

Eventually my mom met someone and they moved in together at his place (he hated my mom's house and would not stay there) so it was just my brother living there on his own.

This is when he was found near death in the hallway.

What happened, he was getting ready for work, he hadn't been feeling well but he had to be at work at 3am so he was trying to hurry up and get ready before his friends got there to pick him up.

All we know is he was in the bathroom, and decided to check to see if they were there yet, no one there so he went back to finish getting ready.

His friends showed up and knocked on the door, no answer, they knocked again and the front door just opened up, they thought my brother was standing behind the door but they didn't see him so they continued inside. They found him laying in the hallway, unconscious, not breathing, no pulse, they called for an ambulance and somehow revived him. The ambulance came and rushed him to the hospital. He found out that he was in kidney failure with no explanation as to why his kidneys were dying. This was in July of 2000. He is still a very sick person, he only has 15% function of his kidneys on each side. At this point there is still no explanation as to why his kidneys failed, but he knows now that he has severe kidney disease. He will be undergoing an operation soon to have a shunt put in for dialysis. His prognosis is not good, and he will have to placed on the organ list if none of us match.
When I went to visit him in the hospital, I caught him when he was crying. I asked him what was wrong (knowing the obvious) but he told me that all he remembered about when he was unconscious was that he knew he was going to die. He said it was like he was standing on the edge of a clif, over hell. He said that he could look down and see the flames of hell and the whole time he was standing there, he heard a voice telling him to jump, he would try to turn away but the voice just kept urging him to jump. He never jumped

THANK GOD! and when his friends started to revive him, he felt himself coming back into his body. He knew he was going to die, and at that point, he knew if he died he would of been going to hell!

He has found Jesus and is a devote follower. He has been saved and he feels like he's been freed! He was the last one of us left in the house, and he was the one that the poltergeist picked on the most. I think "it" saw his weakness and took advantage of it trying to take him to the edge. Our guardian had to of been there to open the door for his friends. I don't know where we would be if we didn't have our guardian(s).

These were the most prominent of the happenings at that house. Luckily we have moved on with our lives with no lasting ill effects. I am absolutely fascinated by the paranormal. I spend a lot of my free time looking up information and stories about the subject. That's how I found this site.

I'll have to write more about our "happenings" but nothing was as drastic as what happened at our house on Timberview.