Ghost Stories

Overactive Imagination or Haunting?

First let me say I am 37 years old, I am skeptical of the super natural and most things science can not prove out. That said I think something experienced by so many people even without proof is proof in and of itself... baring mass halucination which to me is even more far fetched if you follow me.

I grew up in a house that had a wine cellar attached to the normal basement that I always found to be a bit creepy. Mind you I grew up there from age 7-24 and I spent a lot of time becoming me in it.

My family did not drink or keep wine so the wine cellar was mainly used to store my toys and things I did not need out all the time. Not a play room but an extension of one. I basically had a half finished basement to play in the other half was the laundry room, furnace, hot water heater and behind that the wine cellar.

For as long as I can remember I always thought there was someone or something in the wine cellar. Specifically a female child about my age. I would run in and out of the place spending as little time in there as possible, and I would shut the door leading back to it as fast as I could going back to the finished part of the basement.

Her face however is always the same even to this day, her appearance exactly the same. I always found that odd. I mean if it is my imagination why would I imagine her the same for all of these years? Exactly?

It started to be just flashes in my minds eye of her, and at first it was scary as her appearance was horrifying almost "demonic". She has characteristics of someone who was dead and taken over in a "Linda Blair" sense.

She would smile at me with this chilling evil smile that spoke of ill intent, she would gesture to me and she seemed to delight in my being scared as if she craved it. As if her sole purpose was to cause this terror.

At one point I became so frightened I stole a knife from my parents kitchen and kept it with me downstairs for all the good it would do.

Then later I carved a cross into the door of the wine cellar as if to trap her behind it. This did not seem to work however as this girl and I say that because she is as real as anyone I know I have seen her so much and there is so much real emotion behind it. Well she started to appear to me elsewhere as well. Upstairs in the attic which was my bedroom, I would see her crouching in the dark corners.

She started to invade my dreams, but never once have I heard her speak.

Later in life I would have dreams of her in the basement of my old house, I could see her gesturing for me. She has not haunted my dreams recently... but recent enough at age 37 to be of concern. I do not know many people afraid of possessed/dead girl children to the point where they can not watch the Exorcist or The ring (or whatever that one was with the girl in the well). People have pictures of them as their avatars and that creeps me out to no end. I have to look away.

In my old house my parents would hear things, as would my brother and I. Footsteps... banging... unexplained noises. There was never a voice. But there was so much there that adults all spoke of it and asked openly about it, or retold the stories to family and friends generally when they thought we were not listening but as we got older to us directly.

I never told them of my little demon girl, but I did tell them of the noises I heard.

So I ask you, is it in my head?
Thank you all for the kind welcome and responses.

I sadly am not sure about the history of the house beyond the owners prior to my family. They were from Italy and moved here, I think they were the only owners of the property. We actually rented the house from them for a year before they decided to sell, during that time they moved back to Italy for some reason. I was young then and I am sorry I do not have the details.

Interestingly though perhaps not to the story during the time they rented to us the attic had a room they built out of clapboard basically and this housed a lot of their belongings. From old fashioned straight razors, to clothing, furniture, old pictures, and big bottles of wine. Like boys do my older brother and I removed a boards so we could squeeze into their storage area in "our attic to look around and explore. Quite rude now of course but when you are a kid.. you just don't view things that way I guess.

I never asked my older brother if he saw the girl but he would take about hearing things all the time like stomping feet across the floor and running in the attic.

I had a sleepover one time with friends and we slept in the basement I didn't tell anyone about it but we played hide and seek and other games and almost to a "man" each of them found the wine cellar creepy. My one friend Shawn actually called his parents to go home but he never explained why, this of course we chalked up to kids being kids.

Later that night we were talking about it and one of them reported that he did not feel like he was alone when he was in the wine cellar and had to leave immediately as it caused him to be afraid for his safety and pretty much at that point I told him a little bit of my own fears. I was trying to be brave and "cool" so I didn't reveal too much.

We ourselves (some friends and I) would later use a Ouija Board in the house but that was much later and I was in High School and to be honest the results were mixed I do feel one of my friends was affecting it.

A dream I had not too long ago was a vivid dream but it involved me burying someones body in that very wine cellar all these years after having moved out. I do not want to muddle the story and that too may be totally unrelated but for some reason I had to hide a body and I chose to do it in the dirt floor and then pour cement over it.

Now it had cement when I lived there so that was odd, but it is really not part of my main experience and may well just have been a dream.

As to the house, I can post a google map of it I did not see where this would not be acceptable in the forums. It is unremarkable but might be of interest...

Please just let me know if you think that would help.

Thanks again!