Ghost Stories

Oyster creek

Well me and 2 friends were bbqing out on my land right on oyster creek, about 8-10 miles out of town. We left at about 4pm, it was a nice sunny kinda hot day. On the ride over to the creek, my buddy Austin kept saying how he had such a bad feeling about this place. We called him a pansy and started to make our way down to the creek to set up camp down by the creek. Now this place we were camping at is my own private land and nobody but me and my family camps, hunts, or fishes there, it also is not developed in anyway. We set up the grill, and start the bonfire when my buddy Austin's gf calls saying she wants to come hang out with us. So they left to pick his girlfriend up, and I stayed to keep cooking the meat and tending to the fire, by that time it started to get dark. I heard footsteps and crashing noises in the deep brush, but I chalked it up to it being south Texas and being infested with hogs. I really didn't have much time to think about it because I was busy gathering wood, flipping the meat and just cleaning up the camp site. when they came back it was about 7:30pm and the sun was just starting to go down. We overlooked the noises, because of all the good food and good friends. At about 8:45 they left me again to drop both my buddy Austin and his gf of at her house. I again heard loud crashes, and footsteps, I once heard something running at the camp which scared me. but I tried to keep my self busy gathering wood for the fire which was my protection against coyotes and snakes. When my buddy got back, he looked visible shaken and a little scared, I asked him what was wrong and he said that he feels like something was watching him I have known him for a lot of years and have never seen him so shaken up. We sat and talked for about a hour about random stuff, when the noise seem to get louder, closer and more frequent.
Then we hear something walking on the other side of the creek then a big splash, that hit to close to home for me and my buddy.

We decided to get the hell out of dodge, and walk back to the truck and for a good while we just chilled in the back of his truck, watching the fog roll in around us. Then we heard another weird and unusual sound, it sounded like a bull horn (a hollowed out bull horn) like somebody was trying to communicate with us followed by 3-4 muffled gunshots kinda sounded like musket fire, because of the more muffled thud. When we heard that we stood up and looked around though we could not see anything threw the fog. Well I decided to play a little joke on him by screaming the highest and loudest I could, he jumped and while I was laughing something screamed back at us louder and higher pitched than I could have, that scared me enough to make me get back into the truck cab. After I screamed the atmosphere changed alot it got deeper, heavier, in a sense just plain scary, the footsteps were clearer and more pronounced than before. We talked and listened and talked some more for a while till it got to exactly 3:10 thats when we saw the light, it was a bright white light rain kinda thing it's hard to describe it. See picture rain then picture instead of rain drops, drops of light coming down, it lite up the entire forest, side of the truck and everything for about 5 seconds, I was slouched in the seat and could not see the source of the light, but there was no airplane/helicopter or anything. we got scared and move closer to the gate rolled the windows up and just thought about what we just saw.

About 5 minutes passed when my buddy turned to say something, then freaked out and turned the truck on and gunned it toward the gate, I kept trying to ask him what was wrong and he just said I saw something bad, he asked if I wanted to close the gate and I said "hell no" he didn't let off the gas till we got into town. we stopped a gas station and he said he saw a man in old dress walk from the back of the truck to the passenger window right were my head was leaning against!! then he disappeared. I was freaked out, my buddy was in tears, we waited till 5:00am at this gas station till we left to go pick up my buddy Austin. Then we went back there to get the rest of the stuff and stayed till first light, about 7:00am

This happened on March 18th

We went back out there the following night and stayed out there till midnight but failed to see anything

Has anybody else had any experiences like this?

I wrote this in as much detail as I could