Ghost Stories

Parker-Moore Cemetery

Well yesterday I was extremely bored so Original and I decided to go for a ride. There is a small cemetery on a hill just outside of town 1 or 2 miles away from my house so we decided to go check it out. I've known about this cemetery all my life and have never been inside until yesterday. I drive by it every time I get on or off the bypass and for some reason lately its like its been calling to me. My attention is drawn to it every time I drive past it.

Yesterday and today I've felt a weird energy in the air. So I decided that yesterday would be a good day to check this small cemetery out. I think I should point out that before we had decided to check out the cemetery it was a pleasant 75 degrees with no wind and only a few clouds in the sky. It is still rather light at 6 pm around here was well. We drove up and parked and walked up the hill to the stairs to the cemetery gate. The sign next to the gate stated it was a historical cemetery and was listed as such and that it was maintained by the Center Township Trustee. It is bordered by a cornfield and dense woods on three sides and the front is open to the highway below.

When we entered the cemetery the first thing I was aware of was a feeling of sadness. I know its customary to feel sad in a cemetery but this was an intense feeling of sadness. As we made our way through the cemetery we noticed strange markings on some of the stones. The oldest grave there dates back to about 1812 and the newest one was 1930 or so if I remember correctly. One particular stone belong to a soldier and there was a faint outline of a soldier holding a gun on his stone. It was not a carved into the stone it was just showing through the dirt and grime and what time had done to the stone and looked very out of place. We saw the outline of a girl appear on another tombstone near the entrance.

There were two particular graves that were off to one side away from everyone that struck me as odd. They belonged to a husband and wife and when we went over to investigate the wind picked up considerably and it become cold and darker in the cemetery. I felt strange standing there looking at the stones and was overcome with sadness and a feeling of something telling me to go away. When I walked away the wind died down and I made a comment to Original about his and he said he had noticed it too.

Another particular thing of interest was what happened when I went to look a particular gravestone that seemed to be calling to me. When I got in front of it I noticed that it had the name "Mary Elizabeth" on it. This gave me chills because that is my name. Then I started to feel a sadness and a slight pain in my stomach. I backed up away from the stone and turned away and the pain stopped and the feeling of sadness faded.

Another interesting thing about this cemetery is the fact that there was a tree growing out of someone's grave. It was a big strong tree but had a split running down one side of it. I touched inside the split and it was very warm to the touch and felt like it was almost pulsating lightly every few seconds. I found this weird and dismissed it and didn't tell Original because I was afraid he'd think I was crazy.

We walked away from trees and over to one of two of the only bigger monuments that had flowers planted around it. We thought that a little strange and for some reason he reached out and touched it. He drew his hand back and rubbed it as if something were on it and then said "that's weird" when I asked what he was talking about he made a comment about how there were only two stones with flowers around it but I have a feeling that he felt something on the stone and then just changed his comment.

On the way out he stopped to touch the grave standing nearest the entrance. All the other stones felt cool to the touch but this one was warm. I felt it too. Then we were leaving and Original said "Goodbye Mr. Moore." which I thought was weird then the wind picked up slightly and I turned and noticed the gravestone that had been warm said "MOORE" on it. I have no clue why he said what he did. I also don't know why I turned around or where the wind came from but it was a cold wind not like the gentle breeze that had begun to blow as we walked through the cemetery.

We left and as we left I stood in the drive below staring at the cemetery on the hill and thought I saw something moving around up there although no one else was around. I sighed and said "Goodbye Mr. Moore and all the others as well. Thank you for your time and letting us explore." very quietly to myself and the gate slightly swung then whatever was moving around up there disappeared.

We didn't get any pictures but I plan to go back and try and get some. Of course I will ask for permission to take pictures and be aware of my surroundings and not cause harm. An interesting note - some of the stones were severely damaged either by time or vandals and the Center Township Trustee's office is in the middle of making repairs and restoring the cemetery. I could sense that the people buried there had a since of appreciation and thanks toward the efforts.

Take Care