Ghost Stories

people with no faces.what does it mean?

saturday sep 10 2005

what im putting down here happened to my unit in Iraq while we were deployed during OIF one
(some of the things said below may offend but this is how we talked over there and i still haven't found out what a man dress is really called.)

Im a member of an artillery unit in the fourth infantry division and I think artil. is the most superstitious branch of the army but im getting to much into my own thoughts so here goes.

A few months into the deployment we got orders to go to a place called Taji and help secure and build up the airbase there. Well we took up residence in a walled in compound on the airbase(it would later be known as forward operating base gunner)

The compound turned out to be the reception barracks for the airbase. Inside was a three story building... well two story with a small guard shack on top of the stairwell. It was summer and the summers in Iraq, sometimes the temp was still in the triple digits well past midnight. So a few of us slept on the roof. The incident that happened to me. Was one night I woke up due to natures calling. I went to the far end of the roof and relived myself over the edge.
On the way back to my cot I decided it was time for a smoke. I lit up and as I was sitting there someone came out of the guard shack and stood beside me. I offered a cig but they didn't say anything. I figured they didn't want one. I made small talk but they didn't reply.

After a while they started off down the roof toward the area we slept. I finally looked up at them and they were wearing a man-dress. I sounded the alarm by screaming "hadji" in the compound a few times. With him being between me and the sleeping area where my rifle was, I figured the only thing I could do was tackle him. And hope like hell if he got the better of me, someone would be awake and alert enough to shoot him.

I charged him and when I was about three feet from him he turned around and I froze in my tracks. I couldn't even speak. You see in the moonlight you could make out his body perfectly, but where his face was supposed to be was just blackness.

I was scared enough that if hadn't just taken a piss, I would have wet myself. Then he just up and vanished.

When the guard patrol downstairs made it to the roof they said I was in hysterics and talking about people with no faces. They took me to our medic who gave me a shot and i fell asleep.
The next day I got punished for sounding a false alarm and I decided to let the subject drop, so they wouldn't think I was crazy. After a couple days i chalked it up to fatigue. I figured I hallucinated but about three weeks later I was pulled out of my sleep by one of a hand full of people in the army that I refer to as my family.

A soldier named Spc.Otis screaming at the top of his lungs like a little girl. I never thought Otis could get his voice that high. When I looked at him all the blood had drained from his face and he looked a dead grey. That's a miracle considering the running joke in our battery was Otis was blacker than kiwi.(our boot polish)

When we got him a calmed down a little, he related to us that he woke up to a hadji without a face sitting on his chest keeping him from breathing. The next day we were told the roof was off limits except for the tower guard it turns out me and Otis were the only ones to make what happened on the roof public.

After the roof became off limits we found out about six soldiers went to our First Sergeant and Battery Commander with similar stories. They came to me as well cause I cast runes for people and because of my heritage is supposed to give me certain gifts.

It turns out more than the people with no faces were in the building with us.

Well the simple breakdown is:
I have a sergeant that was born and grew up in Jamaica and he says there. People with no faces want to kill you to steal your body.

I'm half Hawaiian. My Mom and other Polynesians say the people with no faces are there to protect you.

I myself am not sure. I have seen evidence to point both ways, so i don't know.

If you know anything, could you please tell me what the people with no faces are?

Thank you Spc.Charles Ccarce "cyrano"