Ghost Stories

Personal Experiences in Haunted Backwoods MS *LONG READ*

WARNING: The following thread is a true account of my personal experiences living in a haunted house on a haunted countryside farm. Please believe me, I swear it's all true.


Alright, so I'm in college now but I grew up in a small agrarian town called Pelahatchie in Mississippi (only thing *besides ghosts* that's here is a Jellystone Park) and let me tell ya: it's haunted. :eek:

Well, I lived just outside the city limits on a farm, so I don't know too much about hauntings in the town. I just know about the ones that happened on my dad's farm. I'll list the incidents as they come to mind.


1. The Stagecoach Robber: (This is one my dad swears up and down is true. I wouldn't know if it was cause I wasn't born then) Back in the 1800s a stagecoach robber holed up in a shack near what's now our NW corner of (you should know by now) our farm. Story goes that he died when his stove exploded and he haunted the place ever since. Well, my dad didn't know this and decided it was a great place for a cow pasture. Every night for three nights after he put the cows in there, they'd all bellow like they were getting roasted alive. And every night he went out there to check on the cows there was nothing visibly wrong except for the fact that they were all huddled by the gate bellowing their tails off. As soon as he let them out and moved them to another pasture, they would quit fussing and act like normal cows (lol yes very funny:D). So he researched the area (or so he says) and found out about the robber. He went to the place with his dog (a spanish greyhound, which is a very intuitive breed) and the dog first growled with it's hair on end then bolted back to safety yelping with the same terror as the cows. Well, my dad (being a christian) anointed and prayed over that part of the land and ever since (or so he says, I strongly disagree) it's been free of ghosts.
I would tend to disbelieve the tale if I hadn't decided to take a metal detector over there (hey, I was twelve at the time and an archeological dig sounded great! :)) and dig up what I could find. All the time I was over there I felt like someone was watching me, but every time I turned around, I could see no one. Also, my metal detector would 'detect' something, but I would dig and dig and there would be nothing in the vicinity of where the detector indicated (Robber's ghost treasure, perhaps?). The ONLY time I found something of use there (I went several times, but this time I was alone), I found a blue and white solid glass marble that had a large portion broken off. (Cool, huh? :cool:) I thought, "Sweet! I'll take this [I]INSIDE[/I] my house and keep it with my other neat stuff!" (Stupid, huh? :oops:) Well, I did, and for eight years after that I've been having more and more occurrences happen.

2. A Visitor In The Night: Okay, this one happened when I was 13. I was asleep in my room (where else?) when I woke up. It was the dead of night (pun kinda intended) and I couldn't move a muscle. I could see everything around me, but I couldn't move. Well, back then I slept with the door open and my bed facing the hall (and my lights off! :eek:). Anyway, it was the pitch blackness of night, but I could see a darker than dark figure approach me from the hall (Explanation: take a black piece of construction paper and a black ink marker. Scribble real hard and you'll see what I mean by 'darker than dark). Needless to say, I was terrified. It walked up to my paralyzed body and grabbed my neck. Its hand (if it could be called a hand) was freezing.
It didn't just grab my neck, it was squeezing it, trying to cut off my air (it did a damn good job of it, too!) I was laying there bug-eyed in terror, unable to move for what was probably three minutes. Then, for some unknown (at least to me) reason, it released me and walked down the hall and disappeared. I haven't had a similar (or as terrifying) experience since.

3. The Ghost By The Hammock: This one happened to my sister, not me. According to her, she was out sitting in the hammock (tied between two magnolias by our lake) at night when the same (at least, from her description I think it's the same) ghost (from 2) approached her :eek:. It was standing in the shadows whispering in a hellish voice when she gave a small shriek. I don't know if she startled it or if it was waiting for her to notice her, but after she cried out it started to float (that's how she described it's movement) towards her, raising its voice until it became a yell. To this day, she still can't make out what it was saying, but she knows it was yelling at her in its (as she says) 'horribly twisted dark voice'. It chased her across the yard and only stopped when she entered the house, where she promptly burst out into tears from the terror.
The nearest explanation I can think of what the voice sounded like (from her description) would be the Taken's voices from Alan Wake. (Yes, I know, fictitious game, but I can't think of how better to describe it. If anyone knows a better example, I'd appreciate it!)

4. What My Mom Saw: Okay, so to this day my Mom doesn't believe in ghosts, although she has no other explanation for what she saw.
One day back in July 2007 (I forget which day) we were all chatting (close-knit family! :D) in our living room when her face went pale. We asked what was wrong and she said she saw a golden-haired face looking in our window. We looked back and it was gone.
On another incident (in 2009), she was alone in her bedroom when we heard her start shrieking. We all rushed in to find... nothing wrong. :confused: Needless to say, we were confused. This time she said she saw a black formless (like a fog or cloud) shadow pacing back and forth outside her window. Again we looked back and again we saw nothing.

5. What Goes On in The House: No time frame for these, as they happened several times.
A- The Study (an unused guest room we use for a library/storage room) is what I like to call
'Inhabited'. We rarely go in there, except to get a book or put something in there. It always
is at least 20 degrees colder than the house, the lights are never working and a feeling of
uneasiness mixed with a sense of neglect always pervades me whenever I enter the room.
B- A sense of someone behind me or someone watching is a constant at the house (thank God
I'm in college and away from there!). This feeling is especially strong whenever I'm alone in
the house, passing a doorway, sitting with my back toward the hall or a mirror.
C- I've never actually seen things move in my house, but several times things have fallen over
for no good reason or things have moved from their original position when we return to a
room after leaving it.
D- Various noises (voices, footsteps, things being moved about, etc.) are heard in currently
unused parts of the house when all family members (only 4, not hard to keep track of) are
all present and accounted for. :eek:
E- The lamp by my bed in the house is haunted! (And no, I didn't sell it on eBay! :p) It's a
touch lamp, but I kept nothing on my nightstand but the lamp. I could leave the room and
come back just 30 seconds later and it would be shut off. Other times I'd have it turned off
and it would turn itself on. At other times, especially when I was alone in my room, it would
flicker or run through the Low/Med/Hi/Off cycle by itself!:eek:

Due to these 'Paranormal Activities' and various other happenings (I guess playing Alan Wake and reading Stephen King during this didn't help too much, either. Especially not at night!) I eventually had to sleep with curtains shut, door closed (and barred when I hear stuff) and I kept my lights on 24/7.

PS - If you want to visit the place, PLEASE pm me 1st! That way I can ask my parents (who still live there, denying that anything takes place! :rolleyes:) if they could accommodate guests. They'll most likely be shocked by such a request (these are skeletons in the closet to them, you see), but if they agree I'll send directions. However, I would recommend spiritually (and psychologically) preparing yourself if you do go there, as the general feeling of the spirits in the place (somehow my parents never felt it, even though both me and my sister [I]DEFINITELY [/I]could!) is one of quiet hatred mixed with a [B]VERY[/B] dark presence.
(I'm sure it's [B]VERY[/B] dark, because I tend to gravitate towards darker, macabre and morbid entertainment [example: my favorite song is A Little Piece Of Heaven by Avenged Sevenfold] and the feeling I get whenever one of the spirits is about is 1000x more terrifying than anything I do for entertainment.)

Of course, (and I pray to anything and everything good that it isn't) it could be me that's haunted! Whenever I told my parents about something I had felt or seen or experienced, they always blamed it on a demon.

Sorry for such a long post! *phwew!* But I hope I benefited someone (besides myself- telling this has taken away some of the constant fear I've lived with for about 8 years!) by telling this. Hope you guys like it! If not, I'm sorry the truth wasn't enough for you!

Thanks Again!