Ghost Stories


On October 22 me and some of my friends went and bought a Ouija board because there is this haunted cemetery that we wanted to scope out. Well the first day we didn't go down to the cemetery with it but down to smiley pond where my friend Alex drown on June 5th 2002...well anyways we started to talk to him and we asked him if he would show himself and he said yes...and I watched a ruffle on the sweatshirt get pushed down to my arm and I could feel him touching my arm and it gave me the chills, and also there are tons of ducks and geese down there and we started hearing moans and something walking around...and the ducks and geese all got out of the water, is it because Alex was present?

Then on October 23 at about 1 am we went out to the cemetery with 4 girls and 2 guys, well anyways (I'm a chicken shit) I kept seeing like glowing things which i knew were spirits and I was phreaking out because they were coming towards me, so me and one of my friends left....and the rest of the people the 2 guys were out scoping out the cemetery and taking pictures of anything unusual and the 2 other girls were using the Ouija board...and they talked to a girl with the initials AMN and when they asked her how she died she said dye....and they said what does dye stand for and she said dye. after that they started hearing coyotes howling so they left.

On October 24 or 2:30am I finally get the nerve to go use the Ouija board with 2 other girls.....and the 2 guys were outside the gate smoking. So we asked are there any spirits that would like to talk to us.....and it said yes and we said what is your name and he said Owen....and he died in 1964 when he was 18 but he would not tell us how he died. Then we asked Owen if there was any spirits with him and he said yes and we said who and he said Ouija and we said who is Ouija and he said Ouija. So then one of the girls asked if they could talk to their grandma and Owen said yes...and then we asked if her grandma was the person he was referring to as Ouija and he said yes. then we asked g-ma if she was happy and she said yes and then the girl said i love you grandma and she spelled out I love you too Kelly...I miss you! and Kelly asked if her g-ma watched over her everywhere she went and she said yes. then we asked if there was another spirit and it said we asked its name and it said AMN the same person they were talking to the say before. And we asked if we were in harm by being there and she said no and we asked how she died (again) and she said dye. We asked if she killed herself and she said no, we asked if she was murdered and she said yes. When we asked by who she said dgro2kzd but that doesn't make any sense so we just went to the next question. One of the girls asked if it was alright if she went out to the car to grab her jacket and AMN said no. And we said would she be in harm and she said yes...then we asked if us 3 girls went out to the car would we be in harm and she said no and we said what if we left the guys here and she said yes...and we said why...she said causes. We said what kind of causes and she said die. So, we stayed there lol. then the guys kept taking picture of us why'll we were talking to them and AMN stopped talking and we said are you not talking because the guys are taking pictures of us and she said yes.... We asked if she felt uncomfortable and she said yes. Then I had to ask the dumbest question ever....I said are you mad at me for leaving yesterday...she said yes. I said I'm sorry will you except my apology and she said no. So we left it at that. And said should we leave and she said yes and we said when and she said now.. and we said bye to her and then she said goodbye. so were never going back there again because AMN was all mad at us for some reason. But the guys brought a video camera and videotaped a lot of it and they said there were to glowing things sitting next to me and one floating over my head. So that's hella scary.

We also have a picture from the 23 and its like this foggy thing coming out of the ground and you can see that it has hollo eyes and stuff...they guy who took the pics said that he doesn't remember seeing that when he took it...but it was not foggy outside or anything and that's the only picture that had something in it and hopefully the other pictures will have stuff on them too. Sorry it's so long.

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Beth Sadowski