Ghost Stories


This past Christmas ir ecieved an Ouija Board as one of my gifts. Well my mom knew I was into that kinda' stuff and she didn't expect me to use it. Well I kept it under my bed for about three months and when March strolled around, I decided to give it a try.
They say you don't use these things alone, but I had a household full of nonbelivers, so I was the closest thing to a believer, therefore, I used it alone. Well the first couple of trys, nothing happened, so I would put it up under my bed for the next day. Well, I got frustrated with the thing when nothing happoended and left it alone for a bout a week.
When I found myself with nothing to do one day, Idecided to give it a try. leaned against the wall and I would light a candle in front of me. This was in the day time but I felt obligated to use a candle anyway. I would say, "If there are any NICE spirits that would like to contact me through this board, please do so by spelling your name. Well it felt like minutes before the planchette moved to the letter "S". Well I got the tingly feeling up my right arm, I guess because that's the one I write with the most, but anyhow, the most I got was a bucnh of jumbled up words. Well by the time I actually got full words, my fear of the board had decreased.
The first actual talking "spirit" I got was of a female that calls herself Kaia. She basically told me that God blesses me and that it was okay. I also got a man I forget what his name was now, who told me of some coins he wanted my father to have because we were going through tough times, like always, and that if we found his coins we could have them. Well to tell you we searched ALL over that place and found NOTHING!
Well anyway there was a "spirit" that wouldn't give me his name, I mean I had to BEG this thing to speak to me. He claimed his name was Will. And if you remember on the Ouija Boards how they have a mischievous smiling sun in the top lefthand corner of the board. Well, he would go to that to tell me he was smiling at me. And after a while I spoke to this "spirit" over the month of March and found out that I was able to do that without usuing the Ouija Board.
Anyhow, he associated himself with the sky, evening in particular, and with the music I listened to. It's like it tried to contact me more than I tried to contact him. Anyhow, he would rhyme, almost right when things were going to happen. It was very mundane things like, "You're mom's going into the kitchen." He'd put a rhym to it, almost like a joke. And at the time I though it was SO awesome.
To be honest some much stuff has happened that were very unexplainable to me due to the fact that it affected me personally and emotionally, but I can tell you of the different incidences that has happened to me form this "spirit".

1: I kept a journal of all of the things that ticked me off, now when I read it, it seems to me that two sides of me were writing from it.

2: If you've never heard of slate writing, it's when you channel different forms of energy to write answers through your hands. It's really awesome.

3: I kept a red journal of the different colors of the rainbow, I asked this form to show me how and what feelings and colors he picked up from it. Well, he told me that he would tell me but I had to write it down and keep it somewhere. I would write the color at the top of the page and make a list of the adjectives that described myself. Well the colors went from red, to orange to yellow, and in order like the rainbow, across the page. And across the adjectives went in an order from negative to positive and down they went from beginning to end. And I thought that was really trippi. It took me maybe ten to fifteen minutes to finish that whole thing.

4: My window is facing the sunset so when the sun sets, my shadow is imprinted on the wall. Well I could be standing somewhere trying to think of something to find or do or something of that origin, comepletely in my own world, when I would feel a jolt of energy go through me and my body would kind of move on it's own in a position and I would be standing there, and then I would get an urge to look at the wall and see my shadow on it. The energy then would give me a feeling that it was trying to say that I had a form in a casing of it's own.

5: This energy made a big deal to me about my childhood and the feelings I felt then. On my wall I have a poster of "Invader Zim" which happens to be a cartoon, and then I have my radio and my music by the same wall, and then my thinking corner where I would draw and write, and then I had a "Rage Against the Machine" fabric poster, and then the ceiling above my door there is a faint cross you can see, and on my dresser next to my bed, there is a collection of everything I've gathered through the time I've lived in that house. If you go in the order I just went in from the windows and all of the walls, the ceiling fan runs the opposite direction, and this energy would tell me that time, emotion, and my energy kind of disorts my perception to notice the "Big Machine", I like to call it, because it is a pattern of life, the way you go, and the decisions you make and the emotions and moments portrayed in a single second, and when he showed me this there was an overwhelming sense of higher power and understanding that I just stood there with tears in my eyes. I just simply couldn't believe that a thing so"in your face" was revealed to me. You see, I'm the one that only hears about the weird stuff and never gets to experience it firsthand.

6: When this syuff started to REALLY get crazy,(when I started to think that maybe I was insane.) Was when I came back from a camping trip and everytime I blowdried my hair I would feel a sting in the back of my head. I've had a LOT of UFO sightings in my day, and I started to think that maybe something happened to me on the trip. I started to get paranoidto the point that I couldn't sleep at night. I would just sit up and watch tv until my mom woke. It was just plain creepy. My mom even though something weird was happening because she said that her and my brother were out on the porch and thay heard the weirdest sound coming from the sky off in the distance, almost like eletronic cackling that kind of repeated itself, well they were so scared that they came inside and my mom wanted to close all of the windows. Well this is funny now that I mention it. but that night I FREAKED out! Well for one reason because, right after they mentioned that something hit the corner of my moms bedroom and it made the lights dim for a minute. Well, by that time I was yelling, "Why are you locking the doors and closing the windows?! They're aliens! What if they have a UFO above the house, they're gonna' get us in our sleep anyway!" And I just literally freaked out. I had been writing numbers that rhymed, swearing to this day that I almost had the secrets of the universe memorized in my head, when something told me that if I told it to anyone, it was going to get me. Not in a scary way, but in a "This is the deal" kind of way, and I balled it up and got rid of it as fast as I could.

7: You ever sensed someone in your head and kind of smelled them to see them> Well I was walking down the hall from the bathroom one day and in my memory an electric blue figure came into my head and it felt male. The feeling I got from sensing him was I felt devastated, but it was understood why I didn't get to him. I just shouldn't or couldn't and I understood why. But that male is definately SOMEONEor THING that I swear that I will DIE for. And I'm only seventeen, I've never fallen in love. I had the same love for my parents that I had for this guy. But I couldn't remember who he was. Will would ask me, "Can you guess who that was?" Almost as if he was looking through a photo album of some sort. It was really interesting to me.

And to be honest with you, there are probably over 20 more incidents thats happened to me over this past March up until today, mostly including deja vu' and being able to guess things before they happen. But TELL ME IF YOU'VE HAD SIMILAR EXPERIENCES BECAUSE I MUST MUST MUST KNOW THESE THINGS!!!!!! Thank you all.