Ghost Stories


Here is some info on the supposedly possessed doll named "Robert". Way more dangerous than the Possessed Raggady Anne Doll.

Robert the Enchanted Doll

Gene Otto was quite the character. He was born into a family of doctors. He chose to pursue his love of art. He was one of Key West's greatest Artist. He only loved his wife Anne more than the paintings he treasured. However when it came to blaming things on Robert she knew there was something strange. Robert was a doll. He was a gift to Gene in 1904, when Gene was only four years old. Some people say that a black girl of Bahamian decent that was of acquaintance to the family gave it to him, others say that his Grandfather gave it to him. Gene and Robert had a strange relationship from the start. Robert stood three feet tall. He had dull black eyes and a face with monkey like features. Over the years the doll took the likeness of a burn victim. Whenever Gene did something wrong he blamed it on Robert. A pattern was developing that would haunt people for years. Anne first discovered Robert when she and Gene returned from Paris. Shortly after moving into the Artist House (now a bed and breakfast) Gene began spending a lot of time in the attic. Anne asked what he was doing. Gene would reply that he was building a room for Robert. Anne asked "Who is Robert?" When Gene introduced her to the doll all she could do is keep from laughing. Gene did not think it was very funny. Gene furnished the room with scale sized furniture for the doll. He even bought a wardrobe for the doll. He positioned the doll so Robert would peer out at the street. Anne learned to tolerate this. "You boys run along!" Anne yelled from her front porch as a bunch of school boys looked up at Robert. As they ran Anne overheard from the kids yelling "It moved! It moved!" Curious as to what the kids were saying she stepped out to the street and looked back towards Roberts room. "That Damn doll!" she thought. As Anne climbed the stairs to see how his work was coming Gene assured her he was not playing with dolls. " The Kids say they saw him move," she said. "Maybe he did," Gene replied. A strange feeling glided across the room. Anne felt as if the doll was glaring at her. "We've got to get rid of that thing," she thought. As Gene grew older he became quite abusive to his wife. He once locked his wife in a 2ft tall closet. When the police came Gene said "Robert did it!" On June 25, 1974 Gene Otto died. Shortly after Anne moved to Boston to be with her family. Not wanting anything to do with the doll she left Robert in the attic, where he stayed for the next two years. A plumber once said he was doing work in the attic and h heard giggling. He turned and the doll changed positions. The two guys who rented the house in the mid 1970s shared similar experiences. People say they would here kids laughing or someone rummaging up in the attic. Over the years the house changed hands before finally becoming a bed and breakfast. With one of the moves somebody finally decided to take Robert with them. He found himself a new home. Every day he sat on the front porch of a women who lived on Van Phister Street. He also rested against the Christmas tree every X-Mas. One time the owner of the house went on a long vacation and hired a house sitter. When she returned she found no house sitter and Robert in front of the attic door at the top of the stairs. She opened the door and there was the house sitter knocked out on the floor. Records show he had been there for two days. The lady that owned the house said she never had any problems with him. In 1994 she decided it was time to donate the doll to the East Martello Museum in Key West. She did so and he still causes problems. He always adjusts him self in his case and sometimes hides the key to his case when they are trying to find it.