Ghost Stories

Possession On the Three Planes?

I am writing this, as to offer my story so that others may learn.

Merely by just "turning of the tap" into something that I do not fully understand. Nor do I profess to know the answers. In a way, I am like a kid with a great big toy. I get my "fingers burnt", just like a kid playing with fire! What happens to others and myself may be two differnt things. I do not seem to be able to offer excuses for any of my mistakes. Yet, I make them!

We had a cat who I loved dearly when I was a little boy. She died after about twelve years, and I was I had never known death before.

The years passed and I was about thirty years old when we had a new building extension at the back of the house.

In order to get a bit more sleep in the morning, I moved to the bedroom at the front of the house. Whilst being in bed, the first night.....a black cat walked along the bed towards my face and disappeared.

Well....better peace in mind that peace in I moved back to my old bedroom and the activity stopped!

About ten years later whilst in the back bedroom, just before bed, I relived the experience and wondered whether I had imagined it? So I dared it to come back, chucled to myself and went to bed.

About three hours later, I was awken suddenly by something tapping the bottom of my bed. I did not know whether it was morning or night as I was still half asleep. Nor did I realise what was happening. I lied motionless in bed, and felt something like a large rat walk up on my bed towards my face. (then I suddenly thought what I had dared)

It approached my right ear, as I felt it's paws walk across the pillow to my other ear purring as it got near. I jumped out of bed and quickly switched on the light, but there was nothing there!

Retireing to bed, it started a weight on my ankles pressing down then rising, as if a cat was sleeping. I lied there motionless again as the animal turned a few times and started walking towards my face.

Well....I did not mind that, as I was happy to go back to sleep with it next to my pillow.

Every few minutes, it kept waking me up by moving about, so I kicked it off the bed with a bump! Peace at last I thought as I slowly went back to sleep only to feel it jumping up and down on my bed again. Running about as if chasing it's tail. Well....the more times I kicked it off...the more it jumped back on again. until I got vmy slipper and wacked it pretty hard. It actually jumped off like a real cat...and sadly this is where the attacks started!

It formed itself into a ping-pong ball...shot in my mouth and started blowing out my cheeks. It then moved about my head and started rotating my eye balls as if it was a magnet! My face was twitching in I tried again to go to sleep. It would jump out...and as I went into sleep state, I could see it move towards my face as it entered my dreams. It would approach me, saying it was my dead cat , only to start chewing my face with it's teeth. I would be so tired, that I slept with these aweful nightmares. It was like 'Nightmare On Elm Street' from dreams to reality.

Then suddenly, I would awake to feel it jump off my face and run down the bed. If you think this is lasted for weeks at a time depriving me of sleep...sometimes I would not sleep for three days, only to fall asleep through sheer exaustion!

I ended up using every single protection in the book of magic, from the penatagon to wrapping my bed in wire coils and connecting this to a transformer! It paused it, for a bit...until it managed to get through.

It felt like a very large kitten or rat. I would go downstairs and pick up a paper to read, only to feel it jump out of my hands as paws moved across the pages. I even spent three days in a hotel to get away from it, until after the third day, it located me.

It was driving me mad with anger (not fear). I once threw my mattress across the room only to bury my head in my hands and started crying.

It would do all these things, and then I would feel it licking my feet and purring!!! differnt to a real cat!

Help??? You must be joking, only the girlfriend was my guidance until it fell on her arm and she screamed the house down!

After many weeks I accepted that I was going to die. I made my peace with God, and said that it can hurt my body...but it cannot take my soul.

I lied lifeless in bed, as it shot through my solar plexis, sending shivers through my body. I felt complete rage and madness like a wild it grabbed my heart and started squeezing, as I gasped for air.

Just when I thought I was going to die, it possessed me very mildly.

I was still in control of my body, but my eyes started moving about the bedroom as my arms lifted, like something was trying to control me.

I asked:- "Who are you?"

At that stage my jaw was yanked back, (as i thought it had broken my jaw), as my teeth slammed shut and open again.

The voice that came out, was my own question at twice the speed. It then left me, as if drained of energy.

I began working it out, to realise that whilst I was feeling the weight on my ankles, that I could still feel the same weight if I spread my legs. It also became apparant, that it was feeding on my anger and suggestion.

When I told it, that it did not exist because it was false...I could feel it die. I also realised that after charging it for a long duration it tried to short itself through my body. I realised that this was also a hypnotic suggestion, sent forward by an inert discarnate spirit. That in actual fact, I had fuelled an artifical thought form brought on by hypnotic suggestion.

The energy supplied, was my own energy which was taken through my anger from being woken up. The entity hit me on three differnt levels.

1) The physical
2) The etheric
3) The mental plane

As all three planes the stage where I could actual see it and the etheric.

It grew so powerful at times that it once shook a person's table in a restaurant. With the help of a special headband, I was able to block the hypnotic attacks. Keeping my ankles together stopped anything forming at the bottom of the bed.

My limited understanding had helped me get through it. As it went as quickly as it arrived. This taught my a tough lesson. No matter how I prayed, I could not get rid of it, because I had challenged God's law of free will! As it was easy to open doorways, but difficult to close them!

It would have killed a normal person, or driven them mad. I got through it, but I have never got over it. There is no fear......yet as for being a demon?

It had about as much intelligence as a monkey! Maybe what brought it on, could be something else.....I do not know...but it was as real as I writing the story.

You either accept or reject it....but I say to anyone. These things have got to be respected, and certainly they/it realised that I should have known better...and God...did I suffer!!



To say that I understood it all.....I cannot. It is totally beyond comprehension.

Yet, you know what works and what does not. Why....I can only guess.

To the average psychic and medium they will see nothing. Yet if someone had this happen to them for a minute it would probably freak them out? I had this almost constantly for weeks. You just cannot imagin it. The cat felt no differnt to an actual rat running on the bed.

It does not frighten me, because I am used to it. It annoys me..yes! As I could not care whether there is a phenomena when I am tired and just want to sleep. Nor was I expecting this on the first night. Something jumps on your bed, and you think "What the blooming heck was that?" You do not even know what time it is, never mind what you dared, before going to bed.

At first you think you imagined it, then you put up with it. Finally you kick it off.

These things firstly want to be accepted, so they pretend they are something that you once loved and lost. A sort of emotional blackmail, like:- "How can you rid me so?"

There is about 75% of you that says that this is wrong, and that it is not what you want it to be. Yet as you sleep, you lose concentration of your brain as you let go of your will power.

The fight is gone at this point and it enters your sleep and into your dreams. It is saying that it has returned and it literally tricks you into accepting it. As you do accept it, without applying rational tears away at your cheek, meowing and ripping your face. You suddenly awaken after a few minutes to feel it running away from your head.

You literally cannot fall to sleep, and you start to lose your concentration and become too weak to fight it away.

At this point, you are so weak, that you cannot offer resistance and mild possession follows. It enters your body through your solar plexis after walking on your bed, and you feel absolute rage like a wild animal obsesseed! You feel like you want to foam at the mouth with anger, hate, and temper. Like the rage has entered your bllod like an injection!

Yet, there is a part of you...the real you...that does not lose control. Your body twitches, as the entity tries to move your limbs, but it can only do so, because you are too tired to move. It gains tempory control, but you only relax to if letting go to a heavy weight. It cannot make you do something that you do not want to do, like hurting anyone...because the real you is still dominant of the body.

There is no sensitivity of it's control, because it is like a five year old trying to drive a car. My tooth slammed shut on my bottom lip once and made it bleed.

There may be a third party entity involved....I do not know. Yet, you feel it in your head, like an actual bar magnet as a piece of metal is pulled by a magnet. Your eyeballs are like ball bearings as if some one is causing them to revolve in their socket by moving a magnet.

Worse is the ping-pong ball in your mouth, as your cheeks pop out alternatively. Then you feel it going into your a bar magnet.

After three days, it once jumped out of my mouth and hit this guys table at Pizza Land, causing it to rattle and jump in the air. My had I felt like it never had happened. Only to return a few hours later. My face would vibrate as if I was constantly shaving with an electric shaver as my lips would tremble. Of couse I would get a few hours sleep there and then (with the cat nightmares)

Some one may say:- "Well you can get to bed and sleep it off"

Your head hits the pillow, and with sheer exhaustion you fall asleep to dream about it. Then it wakes you, as it jumps like a rat on a if playing with it's tail in mid air.

The thing that really stopped it, was a coiled headband, that I put on before going to bed. It just stopped instantly.

Intelligence had no more IQ than a chimp. Most of the time it was created by hypnotic suggestion...whith something that used my own emotional energy to give it power. In reality, it was a thought form based on my mind causing the bed covers at the bottom of my bed to move up and down. This FED the thought form by my own thought energy which allowed it to move. Pretty much like charging a battery.

Any thought form returns to it's creator. All the negative energy I gave out, caused this thought form to throw it back into me.

Things can attack a person at any level. A physical, mental, or metaphysical stage. Sometimes all combined. I still have the headband.

As for trying to explain it, it bored me stupid as I had enough of it. There is no point trying to validate and wonder if it happened? When you live with it for weeks none stop, the thrill part goes....I assure you!

These things can hit! The trouble is that we live in a society whereby the psychatrist is the doctor. So God help those who have to explain these things.

This had happened to me many years ago. I love my sleep, andI have good slumbers every night in peace! Yet...I will never forget....nor can I understand people who debate this subject? They aught to come and live here...and I assure anyone...that they will be converted in three to four weeks ...