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Possible Posession Please help

Hello I am new to the site my name is Adam and my brother needs help.

The story starts on Halloween of last year but is most likely very old.My brother and I wanted to have a seance to try and contact our Mother and Grandmother.Halloween being our Mothers birthday so we held one and there was five people there my brother,my Fiance,our friend Shane who acted as host of the seance,and our friend Tammi.Everything was going fine we set the room and the circle the candles and everything then proceeded to contact our grandmother first.Well my fiance Amber acted as the voice for the spirit and supposedly our "grandmother"spoke through her but it did not sound like our grandmother at all not voice wise but manner.She all of a sudden seemed angry but did not voice it.She also only seemed concerned where our daughter was and when I told her she was at a babysitters the spirit acted uninterested in anything else.It said it was very tired and wanted to return to where it came from so we allowed it to go.Now all this time I had a recorder set in the middle of the table between all of us,on the tape at this moment we hear what sounds like a breeze but nobody heard anything in the room.We then proceeded to start contacting our Mother but when we asked my brother to call for her he did not respond.We all opened our eyes and saw that my brother was smiling with his eyes closed.We assumed that our Mother had choosen to speak through him but it made itself clear that it was not our Mother and that it had been in Chris(my brother)for a long time.It said that it new all of us from different "visits" as it said.It spoke in avery egotistical manner of how it hated his body that it was fat and weak and that it had plans for him.What they were it did not say.Now I have always believed in the spirit world and demons and God but had never experienced anything spiritual(or at least I dont think so).At first I thought that Chris may be just ****ing with us but more and more I found myself becoming angry at this entity.I insulted its existence but it said it enjoyed moving from one person to the next using them up then moving on.The tape ended in the middle of the seance and I asked it would it mind if I flipped the tape over to start recording on the other side it told me there would be consequences so I did not.When we were done it said it was really tired and that it wanted to sleep(a lie most likely)So we finished up the ceremony.Afterwards Chris was still acting a lil out of the ordinary like hey guys how r u nothing hapened.We asked him did he remember anything he said no.Then I played the tape for him and it seemed like it was still in him letting him hear that it was there and Chris just started to cry.On the tape at the before it stopped there is a heart beating that grows in sound not very loud but eneough to notice and then the tape stops.On the other side it was blank but now there is breathing that can be heard on that entire side.

After this event my daughter started to have screaming in her slep fits that would last a good 10 to 20 minutes everynight and Amber could feel something in the house.I tried blessing the house which helped but not a lot untill one night when Amara(my daughter) was screaming I took some oil and blessed it and anointed and dedicated her to the Lord.Which took care of her nightmares,but I still dont know how to help my brother.The best thing that we can figure on the origin of this "posession" is that our Mother had gotten into black Magick while pregnant with Chris and it got into his Father who then commited suicide in a horrible manner.I know that when you want to kill yourself you really dont want to cause sufering for yourself,Chris's father set himself on fire,I do not think that was his choice I think this thing drove him to it,and when he died it carried itself to Chris.

I know that this was a long story but please if anyone can offer any help it would be Greatly appreciated.

Well I did not get to explain our backgrounds because I did not want to go on and on but both Amber and I are pretty sensitive to the spiritual world for me it is just a feeling that is why I have not really labled it as a gift.My brother has written stories for as long as I can remember and they r very important to him but there are some that he says he can never remember writting and he has told us of a "voice"named Damien that has been with him for a long while not unlike an imaginary friend but more of a voice in his head it has always kind of tried to comfort him but more on the trying to get him to rely on it.Chris has also told us of how he had tried to rid himself of it by passing it to another person but not long after Chris did this the boy who took it had commited suicide and the presence had returned to chris.

We have taken chris to a Wiccan priestess and she saw it as a shadow over him completely.after visiting her we tried to get chris to pass it into a large Quartz crystal but it did not leave him.We have heard how if you put the being inside of a quartz crystal and put it in the sunlight it would disperse but there was no gaurantee it would not return.We would most likely have to take it to a crossroads and bury it there.
With our daughter she has been fine,and I have great faith in the power of God and how I blessed the house.But to close we are pretty sure that this thing has been with Chris for a while.