Ghost Stories

Protection beyond the grave

My grandad on my mothers side died about 8 or 9 years ago. He was a good man with many stories that i loved listening to. I would always ask him about the scar on his hand and arm, he would tell me about it. He was in the war and he was crossing the border between France and Italy. He had been shot and wounded in his arm and on his palm but it didnt stop him from carrying a man over his back towards the border. The man was his own brother who had been shot in the chest but was still breeding.

When he arrived at the border they wouldnt let him pass at first, i cant remember what the reason was but he got through in the end.

That was just a short background about him, sorry if its not interesting but i felt i needed to let you know a little about him.

Anyway, i was shocked and depressed about his death, he and my grandmother raised me when i was a kid so i was really close to them both. About 6 years ago, i decided to move into my granparents room, the one they slept in when they lived with us, the decision came after an argument with my folks over the size of my old room, it was really small and i had to walk sideways to get to my bed.
So i moved into my grandparents room and it was all fine, big bed, big room, lots of space and many many nightmares!! I started having terrible nightmares, i have had nightmares before but nothing like these. I would dream that i was being chased by some black shadow-like creatures and as they grabbed my hand, i would wake up suddenly, heart pounding and sweating but it didnt end there. i was semi awake, i couldnt move at all, it was as if i was paralysed but i could see my bedroom. I was also still in the dream, i could see the creatures pulling at my hand as if to drag me back into the dream and i was fighting to get free. My mother then came into the room as i am sure it was late and she usually drove me to school. She saw my eyes opened and thought i was playing some sort of joke but when she saw that i wasnt moving she started to slap my face and that got me out of the dream.
It was scary, i couldnt talk and started stammering while i told her what happened. She assured me it was just a dream and that everything was ok but it didnt really help me, i was too scared to go to sleep and would stay up all night either reading a book or watching TV. I had gone 3 nights without sleep, the 4th night i gave in and fell asleep. I woke up the next morning feeling good, it went ok, no bad dreams and so it went on for 2 months. One night, i was just layed out on the bed, covered up to my nose, with my eyes peeking into the darkness when i noticed some shadows moving in the room. Suddenly, the noise from passing cars and from the drunks shouting and arguing in the streets was gone, total silence, i closed both my eyes and held them shut really hard until i slowly opened up one and had a quick look around, maybe i was dreaming or seeing things but no, i was awake and the shadows were moving about in the room. I could see them on the ceiling, in the corner, the sharp black teeth, the same creatures frommy dream, they were there for me. I tried to scream but i couldnt open my mouth. As i looked at them, i could make out their evil grins. Then, from the right side of my bed came some movement, i thought "oh no, they are going to get in the bed and get me", i didnt want to look over but i wanted to see it. Thats when i saw a taller shadow with some long object in his hand, it started swinging the object about, but not at me, at the shadow creatures. This taller shadow then came round to the left of the bed and it turned as if to face me and thats when i saw the face of my grandad. he bent over closer and looked at me and said "Dont worry, you can go to sleep, i will always be here to protect you and my family" i managed to whisper "I love you grandad" and he just turned around and vanished as i went to sleep. Ever since that night, i always say goodnight before i go to sleep cause i know he is there watching over me. I can tell because it doesnt matter how cold the weather is, the left side of the room and my bed is always warm and i am never cold. my girlfriend has noticed that too when she slept over last week.