Ghost Stories

Random Ghosts follow me, why?

Hi, this is my first time ever really posting anything about this, though I have asked around in the past and simply accepted what is.

I'm 31 years old, and from the time I was about 13 I've had random ghosts following me. I've tried to look this up and I'm really no closer to understanding what is going on then before. Let me try to explain and any help or suggestions into making this clearer would be wonderful.

I've lived in oh so many places during my life (even different countries) and each place I've been too seems to bring on hauntings. These are never the same ghosts that follow me, and sometimes there's spans of time that nothing happens. It almost feels like I draw them to the places I go, at least it did until my most recent and perhaps longest place of residence. Some examples to clear this up would be: while living in China, both apartments I occupied began to be haunted by members of my ex husbands family. Neither of these places had they ever lived nor had they ever had any experiences with those members prior. There were many weird things like, things being placed all in different locations in the kitchen (as to where my mother in laws aunt would put them) or my ex husband constantly seeing sequences of numbers while checking time (2:22pm, 4:44am) or the curtains being opened in the morning after we closed them to sleep at night (her aunt always awoke before everyone else, it was her pride to do so). Fast forward a few years to when I leave my husband and am living with my godmother temporarily. She lives in a new home (purchased maybe 6 months prior) and her husband has been dead for ten years. The third week I am there things begin to happen in her home as well, bad things though for a while. Wineglasses fly off the racks and smash into walls (with a group of five people sitting there to see), the air being turned down to 65 (she likes to keep her home really warm, and he always turned it down to 65 to keep it freezing cold so they could save on power), and his things start popping up everywhere (in front of her computer, on her bed, in the bathroom). None of this happened until I moved in there.

There were many more experiences like this in places I've lived but in both of these incidents it was said that I brought them there. Chinese are very superstitious and this generally went bad for me. After my ex husband moved from the last apartment everything stopped happening. My godmother still lives in the same house and still has things happen, although much more rarely now.

To date, I have lived in my current home for 4 years. Since I have been here we've had a number of hauntings from various ghosts. It's almost like they come, stay for a little while, then leave. My current husbands father used to say that he'd have to look twice when he'd walk into a room where I was, because he would always see someone standing next to me. He told my husband this after a few weeks of him living here because it scared him. I know it has to be different ghosts though because they seem to like to make themselves apparent in different ways. I had one ghost that stayed for about two months that was a toucher. The ghost (I'm going to assume it was a man because I heard him repeat something I sang once as if he was standing next to me) used to love to pull the pins from my hair and send it falling, or touch my neck and shoulders, even when my husband was there. Only a few times at night do I remember feeling a hand on my leg that was not my husband. Another time there was a really bad feeling associated in my home. Things just all of a sudden would feel like something was about to happen that was bad, and then something scary would follow (blinds falling off the windows, a door slamming in the house, cabinets flying open). One night I had an arguement with my husband and fell asleep on the sofa. I had a dream that my uncle (passed away when I was 11) came into a bathroom that I was locked in with the lights out (with scissors in all of the drawers, it was a weird dream) and told me I had to get up and go back to bed with my husband because "this thing is dangerous that follows you". About a week later that one left. There was another one that came and would also open the cabinets, but quietly, so that we would be watching tv in the living room and go into the kitchen to find that all of the cabinets were open. These each have a span of a few months of each other and all seem very different in whats happening. The one that is here now is a little freaky though. It seems like it likes to play tricks and give goosebumps, this kind. My husband was going to bed the other night and hears the door close to our bedroom. He assumes I'm coming to bed but hears me pacing the floor next to the bed. He rolls over and doesn't see me, so he assumes I am in the closet. When he turns back over he hears me (in a perfect imitation of my voice) yell into his ear his name. My husband had only been laying down for a few minutes when this happened and came immediately into the living room to find me lying on the sofa with the laptop. I was afraid also, that's never happened (I hate creepy ones). I stay up for three more hours before I go to sleep. When my husband went back to bed I heard him shut the bedroom door, he hates to sleep with the door open. I get up to go to bed only after I hear a loud crash in the spare bedroom and our bedroom door open. I get up and our bedroom door is wide open.

I don't know exactly what these kind of experiences are called, but my husband now would like for me to find out (he has had too many experiences with me that has freaked him out to the point of telling me I should do this) what is going on. I've had these kinds of experiences for so long that they still give me goosebumps but no longer terrify me as they did when I was younger. But I would definitely like to know if there is a way to nicely stop the ghosts from scaring my family (so far, my sons have had no experiences with the exception of the lights turning on in their rooms at night).

Sorry this was so long but I wanted to be as detailed as I could.