Ghost Stories

Ravn ( Rewritten story my granpa told me)

This story may probably be several Norwegian Myths/Legends put together. I'm not sure. However my grandfather told me this Legend when I was a little boy. His version was a bit different I think, then I heard a similar story in my teen ages. Last weekend I heard it again, slightly different than the two other times I've heard it. But I descided to rewrite it and put it here, since it's one of my recently favourite stories, since I had forgotten all about it.

My grandfather of course told me a more glamorous version of it:D. Just to make sure that you don't think that I've been allways this "scarred" LMAO:D:D

Here goes:

The soul of Rage and Vengeance.

The story I am now about to tell you, took place over 500 years ago in Norway. Far, far up to the north it lies, often covered in snow and ice. This was the home to many a people, living in a rough climate. They lived in an uncertain world, below the light of a spiteful and vengeful god. This was their teaching, this was everybody's teaching around that time. They believed that in doing one mistake, you would be condemned. But in those time rules for life were even more strict than by their god. So afraid were they living in damnation, that execution was often the only way out of the misery.

It was in this time, in this reality that a young man and a woman lived their life. In a small peasant community. They were naive living to them in bliss in a world full of wonders. Their names are of no importance, but the man were called Ravn ( Raven) and the girl Rose (Rose).

This is by all means their story, in a savage world with no needs for different thinking individuals. A story about love, mischief, malice, desire and vengeance. Vengeance like in no other way you've seen. It is about the madness a small community can conjure. The hate and malcontent humans can bring up towards each other because of desire, seems to have no limits.

It was in the middle of this chaotic, harsh yet beautiful world these two individuals had found each other's company. The young man Ravn had grown up under reasonable conditions. Rose had grown up in much poorer conditions, with a strict a religious poisoned tyrant of a father. In the end they found each other, and the beginning of joyful times seemed to enter their lives. But fate seems to have it's own cruel twists. Slowly, not even visible in the beginning started malice to enter the young couples life. What was it that they had done? From the beginnings they seemed not to be of this worlds most favored children. But they were always smiling, always cheerful. And the beauty of Rose seemed unchallenged in the small peasant community. The young but healthy and strong Ravn was working on one of the local farmsteads. So that he could manage a marriage for himself and his love. Right after their joyful wedding, a series of malevolent incidents started to occur. The farm at which Ravn was working had all it's animals suddenly sick, and they all died. Even the food and the trade products started to rot and smell foul. The farmer who was a kind man, felt bad for his workers. An agreement was made to secure everybody work, even Ravn. Rose was working in the local church, helping the priest and his wife with every service possible.

In spite all of this community spirit, it was all to late. Vicious tongues that could not hold back their poison, spread rumors as fire spread in dry leaf. And as thirsty everybody were for scandals, a "small fire" was soon made into an "Inferno". Someone would have to pay for this, this wasn't any coincidence you know, or at least that was what the people started to think. Rumors passed about, and soon the friendly community was filed with mischief and suspicion. Was this simply coincidence, or was it God the Lord of the Earth that tried to tell them something. Perhaps there was an evildoer amidst them, a whore of the devil; a witch or maybe even the foul one himself. Everybody started to suspect each other. But now in all of a sudden a new wind started blowing, setting a new course. First it was the children, discovering that they got attention if they ever spoke of witchcraft, heresy and witches. Some of the children started in the small with telling lies. Shortly after one of the lusty men who had long glanced after Ravn's young wife. With the self esteem only a foul smelling and foul looking man can possess, he made an attempt into seducing her. He was of great importance you must know, as he was a wealthy landowner. Rose had given him a distinct no, swearing that she would remain loyal to her husband till death would separate them. Filled with anger and jealousy the man sealed her fate. In tears that night she told her beloved that a local man had made an attempt on her. With spiteful words behind a masque of promises, he had tempted her into sin. Ravn comforted his lovely wife, saying that in the morning everything would be all right. The problem would be solved... he was sure of it.

Unknown to the young couple the tempter had already spread his poison into the ears of his fellow citizen's, claiming that it was the young woman that had tried to tempt him into sin.

Listening to this, the local children also threw wood to the fire by saying that they had felt ill near this woman. As the poison started to flow through their veins, everybody had an accusation towards innocent Rose, who slept safely and unaware in the arms of her husband. People started to claim that they had even been kept from performing their prayers. Some claimed they had seen the devils eye in Rose's forehead. An ice cold net of accusations formed, and as the night slowly fell Rose's fate was decided. As she was the bride of the Dark One, she would have to answer for her evil doings to God. The local priest was informed about the dark accusations forming, and even he stated that he had had his suspicions.

Now almost every person in the small community had performed their accusations. From landowner, to local guardsmen, even the priest, and the women and children. The men often claimed that Rose had put a spell on them as well. Since they could not fell lust towards their wives, but only towards this girl ( The fact that the local townswomen was as beautiful as a rotten corpse had nothing to do with it).

All these accusations was treated as they were at those times, with great interest. These were all proofs on that young and beautiful Rose was none less than the wife of Satan and that young Ravn had wondered clueless into marriage with the foul witch.

The next morning Ravn was working indeed clueless of the malcontent hiding in the shadows, as he was working in the fields. Rose had went to the church in order to help the Priest. As Ravn finished earlier then expected, he hurried back to the marketplace in order to surprise Rose. Without knowledge of a terrible knowledge awaiting him. He went away in order to meet with his beloved. When Ravn came to the market place, he saw that there was something going on as people seemed excited.

Perhaps it was some sort of entertaining going on, or maybe even a fight. This all made him terribly curious. As Ravn went closer and closer to the center of the excitement, his heart trembled as he understood what he saw, his mind shattered. Before him stood the local Priest in front of a large set up of wood; a fire. In the middle of it was Rose tired to a wooden stake. He slowly heard the priest's words; accused for heresy and witchcraft. Not his Rose, it was impossible. He screamed as the local guards came towards Rose with fire lit torches. He felt in all of a sudden powerful hands holding him back. He was hindered from rescuing his beloved one. He could barely hear any words as the priest slowly spoke; ...into God's love, into God's goodness, the love of holiness for all eternity...... whore of ..... foul one..... forlorn and banished from God's love.

Ravn looked up on Rose who in fear and despair was crying to be spared. As Ravn could slowly see her beauty fade the moment the fires ate burn her skin. The last thing she said was; All I did was denying the one tempting me into lust.....

All that was to see was a thick black smoke who arose to the sky. All beauty was gone, in a world of mischief the last fragment of grace was gone.

Emptied, alone, shattered and full of rage and vengeance Ravn cried out in pain. As he got up from the dirt covered ground, he cried out in pain. They had taken away his light, his love, he was now an empty shell of a man, no that's not true. He was not empty, one thousand emotions raged through his battered mind. A voice swore something in the back of his head. It swore vengeance. In pure anger in front of the sanctimonious hypocritical gossipers, who in passion for gossip had caused the death of an innocent beauty. Surly even the angels would have to cry.

In front of the shocked mob, Ravn renounced his god. He spat towards the high heaven and towards the priest. He swore by the death of his wife to avenge her and other innocents like her. He swore not to rest before all doers of malcontent and judges of the innocent would pay. With each curse he threw out towards, apparent signs of darkness was spewed forth. The bible started burning, the crosses started to bleed and look like they were bunt as they also inverted. The white wooden church became in all of a sudden as black as night, as did the sky, the moon blood red. All that could be heard was Ravn's curses......

As the new dawn approached, and the sun shone upon the small community, it failed to reach the inhabitants that so wrongfully had condemned a young girl to death, and in doing so sealing their own fate by having her husband accept the Devil.

Nobody could be seen in this village, they had vanished from the earth. The wrath unleashed could have been prevented, but due to their own pride and sanctimonious hypocrisy they had tasted the sweet taste of revenge.
All that could be heard was a crying from the nearby woods, and another voice cursing the guilty ones. Still today it is feared some places in Norway for whether or not a person is sentenced on wrongful accusations, a person sentenced yet innocent. Still it is said that Ravn's battered, and vengeful soul, who welcomed heathen gods in order to strike down at the unjust and the guilty; still resides within the dark depths of Norway. All that he awaits is another excuse to strike down at the unjust. He is Ravn the rage and vengefulness of innocents in a country invaded by a depraved form for justice and truth.

If you once travel to Norway, and is surrounded by the weatherworn mountains that Norway is built upon, you might be able to hear Ravn uttering his curse, barely, like a whisper. And maybe if you listen more closely, you might be able to hear the cry for mercy from a frightened soul. The young and fair angel like beauty ? Rose.....