Ghost Stories

Reese's Peace

This is a true story taken from: Ghosts of The Northeast, by David J. Pitkin, and is being posted at Minerva's request.

Reese's Peace

In 1841 Mr. and Mrs. JIm Brown bought a house facing Route 40 near West Granville, NY.Eventualy, they took in a cousin's boy with the surname of Tyler, and a Tyler married a Chapin. Since that time the house has been owned by Chapins and their descendants. In 1994 Paul Barber, a Chapin descedant, and his bride, Reese, moved in and in addition to their professional jobs, began to restore the house.

"During that first winter, just as Paul and I finished watching a video, I glanced up to see a man's face at the window on our big front porch. I could clearly see his chalky complexion. He had a long face and a mustache with twirled ends. I directed Paul's attention at the man, who returned our gaze. We went out onto the porch to see who he was, but noboy was there. I thought, I know that face, but couldn't think who he was. Evelyn, my mother-in-law, had grwon up in the house and had photographs of former family members in a book. IN that book, we found him, annancestor who'd once lived there!

That old house had lots of familymemorabilia. We found another old=fashioned man's portrait in a closet, and hung it in our kitchen. His eyes seemd to look at you from whatever angle you viewed him. One day the picture was missing-11x16 inches and it simply disappeared!

Shortly after that the Bargbers began to hear knocks at the back door. Even the dogs heard it, and eagerly ran to the door to see who it was. But the doorstep was always empty.

In NOvember 1998, while Reese was away, Paul's brother and other family members came to visit. Volunteering to cook supper, the brother inadvertently started a small grease fire on the stove. Corey, a visiting cousin, ducked out and ran into the living room. After thr brothers extinguished the flames, Corey told them he'd jsut seen a man's face in the front window. This was the smae window where the ancestor appeared in 1994.

IN the winter of 1997-1998, Reese moved a cabinet beneath the "face window" and half seriously muttered to herself, "The ghost isn't going to like this." When he returned from work, Paul like dthe arrangement, but also wondered whether the ghost would approve. At that moment the top section of the "face Window" dropped with a crash. Simultaneously, there came a knock at the back door. Reese went to greet the visitor, but no one was there.

Near Christmas time, Paul's Grandma Mimi (who had once lived alone in the house and often sat near the "face window.") came to visit. She noted the rearranged furniture and Reese commented the ashe believed the ghost disapproved. One morning at breakfast Grandma Mimi confessed that she had seen a man's face in the window the previous night. Several years later, following Mimi's death, Paul's cousin remarked that Mimi had called her several times during the period when Mimi lived alone in the Chapin house. Each ocassion was a snowy night and Mimi reported seeing a man's face peering in the window. When the cousin came to comfort Mimi, she'd always checked for footprints in the snow outside the house, but never found any. Most relatives were inclined to think Mimi had imagined the spectre.

In 1998, when the Barbers replaced their refridgerator, they found the ancestor's missing portrait undereneath, and put it back on the wall. "None of this mysterious activity ever scared me," said Reese. "We all had our experiences. In wintertime, Paul and I worked different hours, During that winter Paul woke me up to tell me he'd heard the ghost knock again at the back door. He'd gone to check, but, as ususal, nobody was there. A few days later, when i was alone, the same thing happened to me. I called my sister, who advised me to talk with the ghost. I didn't, at the time, but the following winter, anfter another knocking, I said, "I know you live here, and that it was your home, but I don't want you scaring us!" ANd that marked the end. It seems he was just trying to let us know he was there. He hasn't been back since. The house is peaceful today."