Ghost Stories

Richters Woods

I live in a small town in Minnesota. And a mile or so out of town is some woods called richters woods. Supposedly it is haunted, as I have been told by various people anyways. Well these peopl own the woods and you can have a picnic there or walk around ont he trails provided by the owners and look at the woods. Well I never used to belive that they were actually haunted until quite sometime ago.

My family and i went out in the afternoon to walk on the trails at richters woods. It seemed like a good idea for the afternoon since I had nothing planned anyways. When we got there I had this errie feeling and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. I brushed it off thinking that it was nothing really. I looked all around me at the woods, and they seemed kind of creepy to me, and then the same feeling came back.
Well we started to walk on one of the trails that takes you a ways into the woods, I walked a tad slower because I wanted to look at everything. So as my family was walking ahead of me it got really cold out of nowhere and I shivered I felt something touch my back, and it felt like a hand. I got freaked out and I spun around fast to look behind me but nothing was there. I began to walk faster to catch up with my dad and out of the corner of my eye I saw something that looked like a person, so naturally I turned to look and just as I did I caught a glimpse of what looked like a small child and then it disappeared. So me being really freaked out at this point ran to catch up with my family.

My dad asked me what was wrong but I said nothing. My little sister then came up to me and she looked really pale in the face. So I asked her "whats wrong are you okay?" She replied "I dunno, I jsut- got a really wierd feeling out of nowhere is all" so then I said that I too had had a weird feeling. She fumbled with the necklace she was wearing and then looked at me and said "do these people have kids?" and I looked at her oddly, which I knew they hadnt had any kids so I replied with a no they dont and a "why do you ask?" she said "are you sure? because I could have swore that I saw a little kid running around out here"

It then occured to me that we could possibly be not the only family out there. But then I thought about it and reliazed that we were the only ones there. I decided that I would tell her about how I felt something touch my back and then I too saw a child running around. She said she was glad she wasnt the only one. We began to walk to catch up with our parents and then we stopped dead in our tracks when we saw the same child as before. I swear my heart stopped beating I was so freaked out.
The child was looking right at us, just standing there, we got a better look at it and it was a girl. Again she disappeared and we ran to walk with our parents. we finally left and I was glad because I was freaked out.

Well a few weeks after I was driving down the dirt road that goes past Richters woods, because my boyfriends friend lives down that road. I looked over at the woods and got an eerie feeling, thinking of my last visit to those woods. Fog started to form around the trees and I thought that it was really weird. As I was looking at the trees I could have swore I saw a kid fall from one of the trees, which they are preety big trees and if you fall you got a long way down. There was a boulder beneath the tree and the kid hit it head first. I slammed on my brakes and put the car in park and got out to look, just incase. but when I got close enough to see there was nothing there. I got back in my car and began to drive away, as I did I saw the same child, standing in the woods. Then my car died out of nowhere and I couldnt get it to start back up. then it felt like I wasnt the only one in the car and it got ice cold I felt something touch me and then it felt as if I was going to black out but I didnt, after a few minutes it was over, I realized that my arms hurt and it felt like I had cuts on my legs. I checked my arms and i had bruises on them. ones I didnt have before and then I noticed I had a hand mark onmy right arm, that was slowly turning black and purple, th esize was small like a kids. I looked at my legs and I had scratches in various places. Since then I havent ever gone back there or even driven past those woods.